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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

What is SAAC??
The student-athlete advisory committee (SAAC) provides input to the athletic department and the NCAA about issues pertaining to student athletes. SAAC provides a voice for the interests and concerns of the student-athlete. The SAAC also offers insight on the rules, regulations, and policies that affect student-athletes' lives on NCAA member institution campuses.

Baylor's SAAC
Baylor University's SAAC serves as voice for the student-athletes and an opportunity for all student-athletes to get involved in campus life and the local community. We encourage and provide opportunities for community involvement, promoting a positive student-athlete image, and strive to enhance the student-athlete experience at Baylor University. We participate in annual community events such as the Food for Families Can Food Drive, Santa's Workshop, and Special Olympics. We also sponsor several events like our Study Break Game Night, Athletes Supporting Athletes, and our Student-Athlete Banquet for National Student-Athlete Day. Through these events, we strive to both unite student-athletes and spread our service to the community. Our meetings are held in the Simpson Highers building and are open to all student-athletes every other Wednesday at 6 pm. Come and join us!

Interested in becoming a SAAC member, please contact for an application.

For updates on our events, follow us on Facebook.

Matthew Parham
Cross Country

Katie Staiger

SAAC Board
Cion Hicks
Women's Track

SAAC Board
Gigi Mendoza
Acrobatics and Tumbling

SAAC Board
Jimmy Bendeck
Men's Tennis

SAAC Board
Rhiann Newborn
Women's Tennis

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