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The Department of Student-Athlete Center for Excellence has overall responsibility for the academic welfare of all student-athletes, both scholarship and non-scholarship.


• Monitors:

            • Academic progress

            • Class attendance

            • Class scheduling


• Has responsibility for:

            • Study hall attendance

            • Tutors

            • Academic counseling

            • Writing Center for Student-Athletes

            • A computer lab with 25 computers

            • Issue of textbooks to scholarship student-athletes on textbook scholarship


• Operates the Student-Athlete Learning Center 73 hours per week specifically for student-athletes to study, get tutor assistance and work on their assignments in the computer lab.


• Conducts the NCAA sponsored Challenging Athletic Minds for Personal Success (CHAMPS)/Life Skills program, which assist student-athletes in adjusting to college and subsequently to life after sports.


• Monitors NCAA rules to insure student-athletes are academically eligible to participate each semester.


• Works daily with the student-athletes, coaches, faculty, and senior university administration


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