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A student-athlete may request a tutor free of charge at any time during the semester and may schedule tutor meetings as often as necessary. To request a tutor, please follow the necessary steps:

    1. Please contact your Academic Advisor and/or Jill Fischer at with all tutor requests. She will respond to all tutor requests within forty-eight hours through Baylor e-mail Complete the Tutor Request Form. The Study Hall Supervisor usually responds to all tutor requests within 48 hours through Baylor e-mail

    2. Contact your assigned tutor and schedule an appointment. All tutor appointments must be conducted in the SASH unless approved by the Study Hall Supervisor

    3. Cancellations and changes to all scheduled appointments should be made at least 24 hours in advance. Excessive cancellations and NO SHOWS could result in a removal of tutor privileges

    4. Student-athletes should arrive promptly for tutor appointments with all necessary academic supplies (class notes, textbooks, course syllabus, etc) and prepared with specific questions related to course assignments

    5. The NCAA Rules for Tutorial Services and Baylor's "Code of Academic Integrity" govern the type of assistance a tutor may provide.

    6. Student-athletes should contact the Study Hall Supervisor with all problems related to tutor assistance or to request a change in a tutor assignment

If you would like to become a tutor, click here for an application form.

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