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Spring a Successful Time of Year for Baylor Athletics
5:40 P.M. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5, 2011
Hello Baylor Bears,

Baylor Athletics' spring sports programs are the envy of many institutions throughout the Big 12 and nationally as a result of our consistent success. Our spring teams are regularly nationally ranked and have claimed numerous Big 12 championships. This year is no exception in terms of national rankings with many of these teams poised for deep postseason runs. If you have not already done so, I would encourage all members of Baylor Nation to show your support for these outstanding teams and student-athletes.

We anticipate some very exciting news this spring regarding the results of the Big 12 Conference's television negotiations. The Big 12 property is extremely attractive to television partners and we are looking forward to solidifying a relationship that will afford widespread visibility, revenue enhancement and in turn, long-term conference stability. At this time, there is nothing that can formally be announced, however, we are encouraged by the direction of the discussions that are taking place.

Baylor's appearance in a bowl game last year coupled with a winning season in football have made the football program more attractive than ever to our television partners. As a result, Baylor is being considered for some of the conference's most desirable television windows. With that, we anticipate the announcement of two date changes to our 2011 football schedule within the coming days that will afford our football program national television broadcasts.

In addition, we have made several changes in our future football schedules due to the Big 12 moving to a nine-game conference schedule. We believe that these changes will position Baylor football for success and provide exciting non-conference games for our fans.

This is an important time of year for the Baylor Bear Foundation as the annual fund drive has reached the halfway point. The BBF has registered six consecutive record years including last year when more than $6.5 million was raised for student-athlete scholarships. The annual cost of scholarships has increased to more than $12 million for the athletics department, so we need to continue to grow the base and increase giving levels of our generous donors to meet this need.

Also, I want to encourage each of you to consider supporting the President's Scholarship Initiative. The athletics scholarship endowment stands at approximately $20 million. With its continued growth, there will be additional resources available on an annual basis for funding student-athlete scholarships.

We have received several Ask Ian questions in the past few weeks.


My question is about football schedule...when will it be finalized and is the TCU game going to be on a Saturday or moved to another date for TV? Are there any other changes to the schedule that are being discussed?

Finally, I noticed that the Navy series has been dropped from future schedules...please discuss that.


Mark Johnson
Orlando, Fla.


Thank you for the kind e-mail. It appears as though the TCU game may be moved to a different day of the week to accommodate a request from television. Stay tuned to for the upcoming announcement. As mentioned above, there is another date change that we anticipate making in the coming days, too.

We did need to cancel and move several future non-conference football games due to the Big 12 moving from an eight to nine-game schedule beginning in 2011. We will keep updated as these changes are finalized.



We saw the 2011 men's basketball team's dreams crushed when the NCAA handed down its ruling on Perry Jones III .When the brackets for the NCAA came out, we saw no mention of Baylor, which didn't surprise me, however, when the NIT bracket came out, the Bears were left out of that tournament, too.

Rick Rapson
Waco, Texas


We were disappointed that the men's basketball team did not receive an NIT bid based upon its 7th place finish in the Big 12 and body of work this season. Moreover, we do believe that the status of Perry Jones was a consideration, along with the fact that 12 teams received automatic qualification into the NIT by virtue of winning a conference regular season championship, but failing to win its conference tournament.


Dear Ian;

This is not a question, but a thank you to Coach Kim & her staff & mostly to the Lady Bears. And, also to you and your staff for keeping quality coaches at Baylor. Although I live in Utah, I never miss a game where it be by TV or on the net with Lori Fogelman & Rick May. They also do a great job. And also to Baylor athletics for blogging in=game at times. The Lady Bears and coaching staff are a pure Class Act.

Stephen Lynn Wright
West Valley City, Utah


Thank you for the kind note of support for our women's basketball program. Coach Mulkey and the Lady Bears had a terrific season and it was exciting to see the continued growth of the fan base for this program. The Lady Bears attracted record crowds to the Ferrell Center, and we were especially pleased with the turnout for the NCAA first and second round games hosted in Waco along with the attendance at the NCAA Regional in Dallas.



Has there ever been any discussion with student activities in potentially pushing Sing back to April so that it does not conflict with the most critical time of the NCAA basketball season?

It is embarrassing that Baylor has Sing scheduled at the same time as one of the most pivotal games of the men's basketball season.

Houston, Texas


There have been some discussions about the conflicts involving athletics contests and other campus events including Sing. College campuses are busy places with a high volume of events, activities and programming, so it is difficult to postpone all activities for every athletics contest.

However, we recognize that these conflicts place a burden on students who desire to attend games, and we will continue to make efforts to avoid these conflicts whenever possible. It is a balancing act between facility availability, requests from our Big 12 Conference TV partners and campus, but we are aware of it and work hard to avoid conflicts if possible.



I would like to take this opportunity to commend the highly professional and outstanding radio broadcasts of the Lady Bears basketball games by Rick May and Lori Fogleman. Rick's play by play reminds me of the broadcasts by the great Frank Fallon.

Gregory Shumpert
Terrell, Texas


Baylor is blessed to have such outstanding radio broadcasts across all of our sports programs. Rick and Lori do a wonderful job of bringing the exciting action of Lady Bear basketball to our fans across the State and worldwide on the website.


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