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Record-Setting Season
1:15 P.M. SATURDAY, APRIL 7, 2012
Hello Baylor Bears,

Has there ever been a better time to be a Baylor Bear? If so, I would be up for travelling through a time machine to try and find it!

Congratulations to Coach Mulkey, her staff and team on winning the 2012 National Championship! Baylor Nation could not be more proud of this team and its perfect year. Compiling a 40-0 record against the quality of competition that this team faced in non-conference play, the Big 12 and postseason is truly an extraordinary accomplishment.

Coach Drew and the Bears had a wonderful run through the NCAA Tournament reaching the Elite 8 for the second time in three seasons. The team's 30 wins set a school record and earned a final Top 10 national ranking.

The great seasons by the basketball programs coupled with football's 10-win season resulted in Baylor setting an all-time Division I record for total wins in these three sports with 80. UConn had the previous high mark with 78 victories in 2008-09. Baylor also moved up to 20th in the Learfield NACDA Director's Cup standings, its highest placing ever through the end of the winter sports season.

Baylor's spring teams are off to strong starts with every team being nationally ranked. This year has the makings of being the best-ever for Baylor Athletics.

Finally, the Bear Foundation fund drive is in full swing. We need all of Baylor Nation to come alongside our teams and student-athletes by joining the BBF and buying season tickets. If you have not already done so, please get involved today. There is more information available on

We have number of very good questions this week from our fans, so let's find out what people want to talk about:


I am a long time track & field fan and huge supporter of sports at Baylor and want to know how the plans for building a new Track Stadium on campus are coming together.

With the tremendous Tradition of Success and accomplished All-Americans for decades, I would feel the track program would be next to get a new facility on campus, where it could host schools from all over the country like Texas A&M has done with its indoor track!

Thank you for the GREAT work you are doing for the Baylor Sports World!

Victor Brook
Houston, Texas


Thank you for the question about the on-campus track. We have a lead gift for this project and are seeking others to contribute to this much needed facility. This project is the last remaining part of the Victory With Integrity campaign that has yet to be completed. We believe that this facility will make a huge impact on our track program and the experience of our student-athletes.



Pumped about the new stadium! When/where can we get donation information? Also, a menu of donation options would be helpful (e.g., give X amount of money, get your name on XYZ).

Kevin LaMarca
Dallas, Texas


We are in the process of meeting with our top donor prospects regarding the football stadium project and have received a strong and enthusiastic response. We are grateful for the generous lead gift from Drayton McLane and his family and are encouraged that others will come alongside them to support this project in a significant manner. We are in the process of developing a website that will be dedicated to the stadium project in order to provide fans with detailed information about the facility, donation opportunities and premium seating.



Just saw a preview of the neon green uniforms for postseason play. Would you please reconsider not using those?

David Perry
Sherwood, Ark.


The men's basketball adidas uniforms became a hot topic of discussion nationally throughout the Big 12 and NCAA Tournaments. The uniforms are very popular among Baylor student-athletes and recruits. While we realize that not all of our alumni favor these uniforms, they have made a big splash nationally and the team went undefeated in postseason play wearing the neon colored uniforms.



When will the non-conference football schedule be complete as far as TV? We have had openers moved to Sunday, Thursday and Friday in the past 6 years and am curious if the SMU game is set in stone as far as the date is concerned...need to get plane tickets to see the Bears!

Mark Johnson
Orlando, Fla.


Thank you for the question. Contractually, our television partners are not required to notify us of any date changes or non-traditional starting times until June 1. With that, I expect that the SMU game will be televised and it is possible that it could be moved into an exclusive, non-traditional window. We will let you know if and when any changes are confirmed.



Where will the spring football game be held this year? Has the time been set yet? If it's not at the stadium, please consider having it there. After last season, there should be more than enough interest to fill up quite a few seats.

Tom Darr
Austin, Texas


The spring football game will be a controlled scrimmage again this year and will be held on Saturday, April 14 at 1 p.m. The game will be held at the Highers Complex on campus and will be an exciting opportunity to get a look at the 2012 Baylor Bears.


Hi Ian,

Not trying to brown nose...just want to say that, when you look at the results, I think it would be difficult to vote anyone in America a better AD. Thank you so much!

Just curious about the new stadium plans... There are two things that I think are very important and I'm curious if either as been considered.

Is it the norm these days to build stadium in a stacked manner, where there are several levels with the higher seats remaining close the field vs. being farther and farther from the game? It sure helps the view.

I have to think it is very difficult to play, as a visiting team, in Stillwater because the fans are sooooooo close the field; leaving very little room for the visiting team between the wall and the sideline. Any chance that could be worked into the plans?

Thank you,

Rick Smith
Waco, Texas


Thank you for the kind e-mail. You raised two excellent questions about the new stadium. We are designing it in a "stacked manner" as you suggest where all of the seats will be much closer to the field than Floyd Casey.

Also, we want to create the best home field atmosphere possible to support Coach Briles and the team.


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