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Beginning a New Year
11:30 A.M. WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 21, 2011
Hello Baylor Bears,

These are frenetic days as Baylor's leadership team is doing a wonderful job in working to maintain the Big 12 Conference and serve the institution's interests during the recent wave of BCS conference realignment. However, I wanted to take a few minutes to answer a handful of your questions, so here goes:


Could Title IX be another argument against 4 super conferences? It seems that this move to 64 teams is not in the spirit of Title IX in giving women sports equal access. While "technically" Title IX can be met by universities adhering to a formula, is this really the intent?

I pray the Lord's wisdom & knowledge to be upon you as you lead Baylor.

David Graves
Tyler, Texas


There are many arguments against super-conferences including fan dissatisfaction as outlined in the recent polls conducted by Baylor University and ESPN. Super-conferences are not super if you are a student-athlete missing classes and enduring outrageous travel demands or a fan that needs to take fly across America to follow his favorite team.

Moreover, they are detrimental to traditional rivalries which are the very fabric of intercollegiate athletics. College athletics is at its apex in terms of student-athlete welfare, academic performance and popularity.

The last thing that we need is a super-conference movement that will raise anti-trust, Title IX and other legal issues that pose a serious risk to this sector of higher education.



When will we know something about Lache Seastrunk's status?

Bill Johnson
Plano, Texas


Our compliance staff has done a terrific job working with Lache Seastrunk and his case. His waiver has been filed with the NCAA and we expect to hear very soon.



Any chance we can get the David Crowder "Rise Up" song played at the football games again? It was such a great song to play last year when the bears took the field.

On another note, a big congratulations needs to go out to you and your marketing department. You guys have really raised the excitement surrounding Baylor sports since I graduated many, many years ago.

Great job!
Dallas Baylor Bear

Editor's Note: Similar comment also received from Stephen Koehn (Bellville, Texas)

Dallas Baylor Bear,

David Crowder's popular `Rise Up' anthem will be played as the team takes the field in the second half. The marketing staff has done a wonderful job and the tailgating experience and game day atmosphere has reached a new level.


Hi Mr. McCaw,

My wife and I are '02 Baylor grads and Waco residents. We have a suggestion and request for the game-day experience. Thankfully, our games should draw much larger crowds this year putting the strain on facilities. It takes longer for the restroom and much longer for concessions.

Can we please provide radio play-by-play audio or tv screens for below the bleachers? The on-field calls are not descriptive enough without seeing the plan.

Josh McCormick
Waco, Texas


Thank you for the suggestion. Hopefully, you noticed it at the SFA game if you left your seat during the game. As I mentioned above, we have been thrilled with the game day atmosphere and attendance (both games over 43,000) at the first two games.



Congratulations to you, your staff and coaches on a great athletic program. I cannot remember a time we were so competitive across the board as we are now. However, I have a very important question for you: Does Coach Briles have a nickname for you too?

George Vickrey
Spring Branch, Texas


Baylor is blessed to have a tremendous coaching staff. Moreover, we have outstanding people throughout our department. It is truly an honor to serve alongside each one. These are great days to be a Baylor Bear!

Coach Briles is gifted in coming up with nicknames. He has nicknamed me "Chief."



It seems we are committed to the Big 12 to what could be a very bitter end. Are there any contingency plans, when and if the Big 12 implodes? Are there any current conferences or alignment scenarios that would be in the best interest of Baylor athletics?

Ted Moorman
Waco, Texas


Baylor's administration is working tirelessly and continually on conference affiliation. The Big 12 is a great conference and its long-term stability and viability best serve Baylor University. With that, we are focused on preserving the Big 12 in the strongest form possible moving forward.

I have had a number of fans ask what they can do to help. The best thing that you can do is buy a ticket to the Rice game and support the #17/#19-ranked Baylor Bears. We need to fill the stands.



I walked into Walmart last night and was somewhat amazed at the HUGE Baylor section. I was reminded how much it used to bother me that you could go into Walmart (in Waco!)and find tons of Aggie and Longhorn gear, but almost zero BU stuff. I just wanted to give credit where credit is due. Thank you!

You've done a great job in so many areas and that is one area that is very obvious and goes a long way toward promoting BU. Thank you so much.

Rick Smith
Waco, Texas


The credit goes to Nick Joos, Baylor's licensing committee and LRG for the dramatic increase in merchandise in the marketplace. There has been a tremendous effort to increase distribution of apparel and fans have responding by purchasing Baylor gear.

Our licensing royalties have doubled in the first year of the LRG relationship and continue to grow.

Having successful athletics programs makes an important contribution to this effort as well.



I'm just curious if you have ever attended football games at various other locations around the country to sample the atmosphere and pre game activities? I live near Notre Dame and, as much as I hate to admit it, I think the game day atmosphere is phenomenal. It would be worth experiencing in hopes that Baylor could replicate it to some extent.

Obviously on on-campus stadium would help as well.

Mike Manis
Granger, Ind.


Our staff studies game operations and event management when we play Big 12 or non-conference road games to pick up ideas. Moreover, we often have staff attend other contests including professional sports to observe best practices.

We have made tremendous progress in recent years and continue to improve our fan experience each year. I agree that an on-campus football stadium would afford Baylor a unique opportunity to create an even better game day experience.


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