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New Stadium Hot Topic of Conversation
8:40 P.M. TUESDAY, NOV. 8, 2011
Hello Baylor Bears,

I hope everyone had a Happy Homecoming!

It was a great weekend that included the annual B Association Hall of Fame that honored eight of Baylor's finest along with the 1980 football team; the Homecoming Parade; Pigskin and a great football victory over Missouri.

I enjoyed attending the women's soccer selection party on Monday afternoon. We have a special group of young women who have put together one of the best seasons in the history of Baylor soccer culminating with its first NCAA tournament bid since 1999. Baylor will host Texas State on Saturday at 6 p.m. at Betty Mays Field and we are expecting a great crowd of Baylor students, faculty/staff and the community to support the team.

Congratulations are in order for Robert Griffin III who was named to the All-State Good Works Team. Robert was one of 20 college football players in all Divisions to receive this honor for community service. Robert is a great ambassador for Baylor and Waco, and we are grateful for all that he does in the community.

We have a batch of questions this week from fans, so let's find out what people want to talk about:

Mr. McCaw,

Thanks again for your great leadership and service to BU. Not to get too far ahead of myself, but if we go back to 12 teams, it looks very likely that the "new" Big 12 is likely to include at least 3 teams from the northeastern US. Geographically speaking, that puts us back into a division with OU and UT and a significantly weaker and more balanced other division.

I strongly feel that having those two in the same division puts an undue amount of strength in one division. Are you able to push for a separation of those two, assuming we go back to two divisions?

Thank you!

Rick Smith
Waco, Texas


Thank you for the kind e-mail and words of encouragement.

At this time, the plans are for the Big 12 to remain at 10 members. Interim Commissioner Chuck Neinas, who is doing a splendid job, has indicated that we are not currently looking to expand beyond 10. However, as we have seen in recent months, conference realignment creates a great deal of uncertainty, so expansion to 12 in the future cannot be ruled out.

Personally, I favor a 10-team Big 12 so long as we can assure stability. The recent agreement on equal revenue sharing and a six-year grant of rights (through 2018) are positive steps in that direction.

In the event that the Big 12 grows to 12 in the future, it is likely that there will be divisional play and most likely based upon geography. With that, Baylor could end up in a division with schools from Texas and Oklahoma.



Our entire family enjoys the BU games. All the activities have improved. It is wonderful to attend a football game where there is prayer with no apology.

A couple of years ago the words to Texas Our Texas rolled down the screen. So many more people sing along when the words are on the screen!

Thank you!

Linda Trice
Waxahachie, Texas


Thank you for the e-mail. These are great days to be a Baylor Bear and enjoy the outstanding teams and student-athletes who represent the University.

Baylor has done a wonderful job over the years of maintaining our traditions and Christian heritage. As a result, pre-game and post-game prayers at games and signing Texas Our Texas are built into the event and I believe appreciated by our fans.

I appreciate your recommendation about the words being included and will pass that along to our BaylorVision team.



We are long-distance Baylor fans and are proud that our daughter is a freshman there this year. We are now official Bears fans and she enjoys being part of the Freshman Line. We are looking forward to attending the football game for Homecoming Weekend. I just want to say thank you for handling the recent Big 12 issues with such courage, determination, and a convincing win-win approach.

If the Baylor football team has the same character and focus that you do, we are sure to continue our success on and off the field. Your behind-the-scenes work was tireless and effective and we all benefit - thank you. I hope you can now lower your stress-o-meter a bit! :) Sic `em Bears!

Katherine Barton
Rancho Santa Fe, Calif.


Thank you for the kind e-mail. Baylor was blessed with great leadership from the Board of Regents, President Starr and the Executive Council as we navigated the most recent conference realignment episode. It is a privilege to work with such an outstanding group of individuals who are so deeply committed to Baylor's best interests.

I hope you had an enjoyable Homecoming and were able to get a sense of why the Baylor Family is so passionate about this wonderful University.



Now that we dodged another bullet in the conference re-alignment game, when will we officially commit to building a new stadium on campus?

John Berning
Sulphur Springs, Texas


Due to the strong interest expressed by Baylor Nation for an on-campus football facility during the University's strategic planning process, we decided to share a rendering of the stadium during Homecoming. This week, a fan survey will be send to season ticket holders and Bear Foundation members, and an online survey will be available for other fans at This information will be used to complete a feasibility study for an on-campus football stadium.

The preferred location for this facility is the Brazos River site adjacent to Interstate 35 (a rendering is available on This location will maximize the stadium's exposure given the more than 100,000 vehicles that travel the highway each day while providing Baylor with an extraordinary branding opportunity.

In my view, an on-campus, riverfront stadium would transform our football program, University and Waco community, while offering one of the most unique and desirable fan experiences in all of intercollegiate athletics. Moreover, this facility could lead to many exciting future development options for the Downtown/Brazos River corridor that would dramatically impact all of Central Texas.


Dear Mr. McCaw,

My family & I are just tickled pink at what the football team is doing right I know it's early but give pats on the back to Coach Briles & his staff on the way the team is doing.

Hopefully, RG3 continues to make all us fans proud to be Baylor Bears.

Keep up the tremendous job you're doing too, take care and Sic'em Bears!

Lloyd Vahrenkamp
Fort Worth, Texas


Thank you for the e-mail and I share your excitement. Coach Briles and his staff are doing an outstanding job with the football program, and our student-athletes are making us proud. We have a critical stretch of four regular season games remaining and we need Baylor Nation to do its part by filling the stands for the Oklahoma game (Nov. 19), Texas Tech game at Cowboys Stadium (Nov. 26) and Texas game (Dec. 3).

Baylor is 5-0 at home this season and having crowds of over 40,000 for four of these games has been a critical part of the success. Please contact the ticket office today to buy your tickets for these games and cheer on the Bears as they seek back-to-back bowl games for the first time since 1991-92.


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