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Bear Texas Bowl Bound
9:10 A.M. MONDAY, Dec. 6, 2010
Hello Baylor Family,

Last night was the beginning of a great season of celebration for the Baylor Family as we accepted an invitation to participate in the 2010 Texas Bowl. As we know, this is the first bowl appearance for the Bears since 1994 and a huge accomplishment for our football program and institution.

I am proud of the tremendous work that Coach Briles and his staff have done to elevate the program over the past three years. Our student-athletes and especially the seniors have brought great pride and distinction to Baylor and we are grateful for their hard work.

Of course, this success would not be possible without the strong support of Baylor's Board of Regents, President Starr, University administration and our loyal alumni, friends and students. I am grateful to everyone who has helped bring about the renaissance of Baylor Football in 2010!

Also, I want to thank Heather Houston, the Texas Bowl committee, Houston Texans and ESPN for this special opportunity. We are excited about playing close to home in Houston and look forward to Baylor Nation Rising Up to fill the stands at Reliant Stadium.

Tickets for the Texas Bowl are on sale today and I encourage fans to contact the Baylor Athletic Ticket Office at 1-254-710-1000 or on-line at to purchase tickets as soon as possible. Baylor has a ticket allotment of just over 12,000 that must be sold and fans are strongly encouraged to purchase tickets through the Baylor Ticket Office to support the football program and athletics department. This year, we know the perfect Christmas gift for every Baylor Bear and I hope they find it in their stocking on Christmas morning!

Baylor's sale of tickets and fan support will be closely monitored and impact the football program's postseason opportunities for years to come. With that, it is imperative that we have a strong showing at the box office just as we did on the field. We are calling on Baylor Nation to Rise Up and support the Bears. Coach Briles and the team have come through with a bowl game for the fans, and now it is time for our fans to show their support for this football team by coming to Houston to cheer the Bears on to victory.

Before we play in the Texas Bowl, there will be some exciting basketball action for both the 10th-ranked Bears and No. 2-ranked Lady Bears. The highlights of the December schedule are the Lady Bears hosting Tennessee on Dec. 14 at the Ferrell Center, and the Bears playing Gonzaga at American Airlines Arena in Dallas on Dec. 18. Tickets are going fast for both games and we are looking for Baylor fans to again fill the stands. It is very special to have two basketball teams ranked in the nation's top 10 out of 340 schools that participate in Division I basketball.

We have received several Ask Ian questions in the past few weeks.


WOW, WOW, WOW, Mr. McCaw, this has really been a magical season so far and it just keeps getting better & better.

From the bottom of my heart & a very long suffering BU fan I just want to say how wonderful it has been seeing the Bears doing so very well. If you could just do one thing for me & just tell Coach Briles how proud we are from all my family for the job he has done, it has just been fantastic & to keep up the good work, I know it hasn't easy so if you could just pass the words over to him.

Take care, Sic'Em Bears!!!!

Lloyd Vahrenkamp
Fort Worth, Texas


Thank you for the kind e-mail. 2010 has been a special year from men's basketball's historic run to the Elite 8 to the Lady Bears final four appearance to the football team's first bowl game in 16 years and just about everything in between. We are blessed to have outstanding coaches, staff and student-athletes at Baylor. I believe that we can continue to build upon this success with increased involvement and support from our alumni and friends.



I was at the Baylor/UT game in Austin and could NOT believe the official's ruling on the 2Q punt to UT that ended up as a touchback for UT. Can you please explain that ruling?

Go Bears,
Randall Hawkins
San Antonio, Texas


Thank you for the question. The play that you are referencing involved a Texas punt returner gaining possession of the football in the end zone and subsequently being tackled on the goal line. The Big 12 reviewed this video clip and informed us that they believe that the play was correctly called a touchback as possession of the ball remained in the end zone during the play.



Recently I have seen some articles which reference the possibility of a new football stadium being built on campus. Is there any validity to that? And what would the timeframe be for such an undertaking?

Greg Plett
Broken Arrow, Okla.


Thank you for the e-mail and question. There is a considerable amount of discussion taking place about whether Baylor should develop an on-campus football stadium. There is also some discussion about whether the University is better served to renovate Floyd Casey Stadium.

In my view, this is an important issue to resolve in short order so that future investments in Baylor football can be made in a manner that exhibits the best stewardship of the institution's resources.



Not a question but a comment. I wanted to thank you for the great job you are doing. I do not know of any school in the country that has the overall quality of coaches that we have at Baylor. Not just as coaches but as people of honor and integrity.

William M Allen
Waco, Texas


Your e-mail is very kind and I appreciate your support. It is a honor to be a servant leader at Baylor and work with such an incredible group of coaches, staff and student-athletes. We are blessed with great people and Baylor Athletics has a very bright future.



No, this is not a question @ all .This is a Texas size Way to go to the entire Baylor football program. What a great hire Coach Art was. He put together a great staff. I'm so very proud of all the things that have happened @ Baylor in the past few years. Now looking to the future with basketball coming up (Sic 'Em Bears) both men's & women's teams. This is gonna be a great Christmas. That was what I wanted.

Now Baylor should be saying (can't touch this)! Thank you, Mr. McCaw. Keep it up.

Stephen L Wright


Coach Briles has done a marvelous job in rebuilding the football program. He is a tremendous coach, recruiter and ambassador for the program. This year's successful season will help immeasurably in recruiting and further developing this football program. I share your enthusiasm about basketball season as well. Both the Bears and Lady Bears are poised for great success.



I think you should contact the promotions department or whoever deals with school/athletic t-shirts such as homecoming t shirts, etc. to make a Bowl game shirt for this football season. Congrats on the successful year! It's not even over yet!

Patrick Frey
Waco, Texas


Thank you for the e-mail and ideas. Bowl shirts are on the way now that we have learned that Baylor will play in the Texas Bowl. I expect that this will be a strong selling item once it arrives.

I hope to see thousands of them on December 29th in Houston!


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