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Kenya Sports Ministry Team Needs Our Help
1:25 P.M., TUESDAY, April 27, 2010

"We've all seen the `Feed the Children' commercials and stuff like that. But until you're actually confronted with it . . . There's just so much that your mind can't wrap itself around - the need and the suffering that goes on there. But right along with it is the joy that's found in Christ."
- Bryan Swindoll, Baylor football player, on 2009 trip to Nairobi, Kenya

For the second consecutive year, Baylor Athletics Chaplain Wes Yeary is leading a Baylor Sports Ministry team on a two-week trip to Nairobi, Kenya.

As football player Bryan Swindoll said, last year's trip was an eye-opening experience for the 16-member ministry team that served last year. They were able to help local Pastor Boniface Mwalimu feed the street children in Nairobi; visited orphanages and child care centers; conducted basketball and soccer clinics; and spent a work day fixing up Boniface's Omega Kids Home, a rehab house for the street ministry.

This year's 28-member team includes seven football players, five from volleyball, three each from soccer and women's basketball and one each from men's basketball, equestrian and track.

"When Mama said, `He is more than a conqueror,' she wasn't pulling my leg," said junior running back Terrance Ganaway from the football team. "God has given me a chance to proclaim and spread my faith in another country! I am very excited to share my Father's wealth in a country that is so hungry for His word! I am more grateful that He has chosen to do so."

Yeary said the students on the trip have raised over $60,000. But with a funding deadline of next Tuesday, May 4, fast approaching, they need to bring in another $30,000 in the next week.

On the surface, that sounds like a lot of money. But look at it this way, we have right at 3,000 members in the Baylor Bear Foundation alone. If each one of them put in just $10, that would make up the difference in a matter of minutes.

"For me, it's such a joy to see the excitement in our athletes as they prepare to go," Yeary said. "The ones returning have such a fire. And the new ones that are just about to burst they're so excited. That fuels my desire to go and join in that, knowing how blessed we will be."

If you are interested in supporting the Baylor Sports Ministry team or any of Baylor University Missions teams, you can make online donations ONLINE HERE or send donations by check to:

    Baylor University
    Gift Office/University Development
    One Bear Place #97026
    Waco, Texas 76798
There is also a donation link on the team's blog site at

You can also pray for them as they make their trip May 16-30. In addition to Yeary, Kim Scott and Ben Maddox are serving as leaders. Student-athletes are Terrance Ganaway, Andrew Judy, Jarred Salubi, Lanear Sampson, Andrew Sumpter, Phil Taylor, Bryan Swindoll and graduate student Jordan Beard from football; Melissa Jones, Lindsay Palmer, Mariah Chandler, former player Haylee Abbe and manager Jordin Westbrook from women's basketball; Ashlie Christenson, Elizabeth Graham, Jordan Rice, Bri Tolbert and Kate Harris from volleyball; Allie Moran, Staz Salinas, Rachel Stepp and former player Jessica Loyd from soccer; Ben Allen from track and cross country; Brooke Biddle from equestrian; and Fred Ellis from men's basketball.

Sorry, Robert, You Just Have to Wait
4:20 P.M., THURSDAY, April 1, 2010

You really can't fault Robert Griffin for trying.

After missing the last 9 ½ games of the season with a knee injury, Baylor's sophomore quarterback wants desperately to make up for lost time. If he had his way, he would probably take every snap this spring, just to make up for all those precious snaps he missed in the fall.

"I just want to get out there and do more stuff with the team," said Griffin, who's limited to non-contact work during the spring training drills that will end next Saturday, April 10, with a controlled scrimmage that will be broadcast by Time Warner Cable.

But coach Art Briles is not about to budge.

"He's itching to try to go team," Briles said of Griffin, "but we're being intelligent and not letting him go. He's doing everything except the team activities. You can look around and see that there's not a scoreboard. So what we're doing is just working on getting better and understanding how to react as a team right now."

One thing that Griffin has been encouraged by is a massive offensive line that has 6-foot-4, 310-pound senior Danny Watkins and 6-3, 300-pound sophomore Ivory Wade at the tackles, 6-4, 300-pound sophomore Cameron Kaufhold and 6-6, 335-pound junior Robert T. Griffin at the guards and 6-3, 305-pouond junior Philip Blake at center.

"I know I haven't been in college very long, but it's the biggest offensive line I've had, ever," said Robert Griffin the quarterback. "They're huge.

That's a big thing for us is being able to get on the goal line and push some people around rather than just finessing everybody. We've just got to get the learning curve up and get those guys playing as a unit. But they definitely have impressed everybody thus far. They're doing better than everyone expected."

Briles said "Big Robert," who will undergo shoulder surgery on Friday and miss the rest of the spring, is an impressive physical specimen.

"If I need a place to stand out of the sun, I know where to go," Briles said. "He looks the part. When we walk off the bus, the yawns need to turn to gasps. And that's where we're going to get to. We've got Big 12 South players now. And when you play in the best division in college football, you've got to have the best people. Because there's not eight first-round draft picks coming out of our division just because it happens to be that way."

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