Go Bears!
GO Bears!
Go Bears!
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Let's Go
9:40 P.M., SUNDAY, AUGUST 27, 2012

I'm not so sure there's a sporting event I like more than the Little League World Series; the raw emotion, the close ups of delirious parents, the attempt at professional broadcasting from former big league ballplayers and ESPN regulars. It's an August staple that I simply cannot get enough of. It also serves as America's last decompression before the emotions of fall return.

Soon enough, no more weekends will be spent flipping the dial, trolling around home improvement stores or checking off things on the honey do list.

Instead, we welcome Fall Saturday's like a diabetic welcomes a chocolate fountain.

College football is back and all is well in the world again.

Year number five of Cutting In Line begins this week as students wrap up their first week of class in Waco, Americans everywhere eagerly await lowered electric bills and I count down the days till St Louis officially welcomes Robert Griffin to town by letting him trounce the Rams.

As I've said here before, it's good to be back.

This forum, tracking every move our football and men's basketball team will make from now until Easter, returns amidst never-before-reached heights of success, exposure, optimism and energy. Just think, the class of 2016 wrapped up Welcome Week at Baylor and somewhere freshman were told that he or she will probably witness several bowl games, NCAA tournament appearances and, with a little luck, maybe even a national championship.

Ah, how things have changed from my first days on campus.

Today, the spirit and hope are undoubtedly impalpable. On the gridiron, BU is coming off a legendary, out of this world, unbelievable believable campaign that netted 10 wins, a national ranking and a Heisman winner.

However, RG3 has turned pro, have you heard?

On the hardwood, the men have to answer the program's first 30 win season and another run to the Elite Eight. They will face their unquestionably hardest non-conference schedule in a generation.

Oh, and they sent a trio of players to the NBA in June.

Believe it or not, despite Baylor's newfound glory, success and respect, Baylor Athletics will still be considered a dark horse of sorts in the Big 12 this year.

Baylor football has plenty of questions to answer and doubts to relieve. They'll be slept on because the media believes that Griffin's greatness was so other worldly that the Bears can't possibly maintain any traction. Never mind the fact that BU is one of only a trio of teams in the Big 12 that will start a quarterback with any experience, that the team not receiving any love in preseason rankings is nothing new and that the defense promises to be vastly improved under second year defensive coordinator Phil Bennett.

The hoopsters, as mentioned, have to replace Perry Jones III, Quincy Miller and beloved fan-favorite Quincy Acy. They will welcome a bevy of new talent to the court this year, but they surely will not be picked to win the conference, much less make a run at the national championship so long as Kansas still plans on fielding a team.

And so it goes for Baylor as we await the start of the 2012-13 season. While BU fans cling to the memories, triumphs and strides that both programs made last year, plenty of hope abounds for the future.

Nearly simultaneous with the start of the season will be the ground breaking at Baylor football's soon-to-be home. The stadium was originally designed to invigorate and inspire a student body, community and alumni base when the school's stability within the Big 12 was altered.

Two years later, Baylor has solidified itself in Texas, in the conference and nationwide as the athletic program's prowess has been redefined. Baylor fans don't need to wait till next month, the ground breaking is already underway.

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