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Lady Bears in the Bahamas: Day 1
4:55 P.M., SUNDAY, Dec. 19, 2010

Brooklyn Pope is prepped and ready to go snorkeling.

Greetings from Nassau, Lady Bear fans.

We arrived last night after dark so we couldn't see any of the area going from the airport to the hotel, plus it was raining but the weather, other than that, was pleasant. It was really nice to see the terrain this morning; this place is gorgeous.

Once we got settled in our rooms, it was time to eat dinner - a buffet in the hotel. The food was not what I was expecting; I was ready for some seafood (mainly crab legs), and that didn't happen, maybe tonight. I guess I got spoiled last year when we went to Las Vegas. There was seafood galore at the buffet in the hotel. I pigged out on crab legs at both dinner and breakfast the next morning. Guess that's not going to happen here. After dinner many of the Lady Bears headed for the pools and the hot tub.

This morning the Lady Bears went to practice in the gymnasium where they will play the games. It was probably about 10 minutes from the hotel. They had a really good practice. We then returned to the hotel and were on our own until we were going snorkeling. During their free time, two hearty souls, MJ and Lindsay, put on an oceanic water ballet show. The water was a little chilly and they were the only people in the water.

Snorkeling - since the wind was blowing today the water was pretty choppy but that didn't deter most of the team. We all boarded the dive boat, got fitted with flippers, mask and life vests then headed out to the open ocean. On snorkeling trips in previous years, several of the players stayed on the boat. I am proud to report that nearly everyone got in the water this time. We went to two different dive sites and saw clown fish, yellow fish, moray eels, lots of coral and some starfish and sand dollars. Next time you see Odyssey and Brooklyn, just ask them how they enjoyed it. However, make sure you have plenty of time, they're pretty enthusiastic about the experience.

We're back in our rooms now and have a couple of hours before dinner, then film, etc. Tomorrow it's down to business as we take on Clemson and then No. 24 Syracuse.

Make sure you watch our website, as Inside Baylor Sports' Ashley Farrell is preparing some video packages to post so you can enjoy the trip with us. She was on hand for practice, the water ballet and snorkeling.

Sic 'em,

Lady Bears Overseas: Jhasmin Player
11:15 A.M. MONDAY, Dec. 6, 2010

Editor's Note: Six Lady Bears are or will be playing overseas this year including Rachel Allison, Jhasmin Player, Angela Tisdale, Abiola Wabara, Bernice Mosby and Sophia Young. In this blog we catch up with up with Jhasmin, but check back often as we will talk with all of the former Lady Bears over the coming weeks.

Jhasmin Player
Team name - Universaterio De Ferrol
City and country - Ferrol, Spain

What made you want to play overseas? LOVE for the game, I just wanted to continue to play and God brought me here.

How long have you played overseas? This is my second year.

What other countries have you lived in playing basketball? Last year I played in Coimbra, Portugal.

How long will you be abroad? I will be here until April. I HOPE to play ball for about four or five more years, or however long God wants me to.

What are you looking forward to most? I'm looking forward to playing at the HIGHEST level possible for ME. Just LOVE the game & enjoying it.

What differences are there playing basketball overseas? The physicality and style of play are two major differences.

What will you miss most from the United States? Of course I miss my family the most and my BU family as well!!! Oh, and can't forget the FOOD!!!

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