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Runnin' On Fumes
8:15 P.M. FRIDAY, MARCH 20, 2009

What's good everyone? Well I have some earth shattering news... We are on a bus again. Yep, that's right, six hour trip to Lubbock... And what a beautiful trip it is. We just got done eating at an Outback Steakhouse in Abilene where they were certainly not in any hurry... But hey, you can never complain about a meal from Australia.

Well conference play is set to open as the Lady Bears will face Texas Tech on Saturday and Sunday. It should be a lot of fun, since the women's basketball team will be in Lubbock as well. I am hearing that several fans and athletic dpartment officials will be in attendance for the games. If you are coming to watch the basketball Lady Bears, stop by the softball field and cheer on the softball team.

Well the preseason is done and now it's the real deal. This is where the hunt for the ring starts and I think this program is ready to go after it. They are coming back four-straight five inning games, putting away their opponents early with some lethal offense and potent pitching. I know you are going to say the opponents were inferior, and they were. But after the gauntlet this team had faced on the roadtrip, they earned a break. Now they are refreshed and ready to go.

This bus is so much more quiet without the likes of Brette Reagan yelling and constantly cracking jokes. She is back rehabbing her knee, and just can't afford to miss any of that valuable time if she is going to have a shot at returning to the lineup. As quiet as it is, I would love to hear her antics again very soon, which would mean she is back and ready to go.

Well I am not going to let my battery die on me this time. Tune in to as Derek Smith and I bring you all the action this weekend.

Until next time, Sic 'Em!

Well, Welcome To The South
9:40 A.M. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 11, 2009

What's good everyone? I apologize for this being my first blog in almost a week. This stuff is tougher than I thought. We have had many long days and late nights, and yours truly has just not found the time. But here I am now, so that's all that matters right?

Well I know there might be some of you out there ready to hit the panic button... Back away slowly and walk the other direction. There is no reason to right now. Let's look at who the Lady Bears have played. No.1 Washington, No. 1 Alabama (twice) and No. 11 Georgia (twice). Yeah, and they had to do it all in a row without three-time All-American, Brette Reagan, who is out with an injury. It was a tough tournament, but I think this team found out a lot about them and will be better for it come conference time.

Well once we wrapped up tournament play in Tuscaloosa, we headed to Hattiesburg for the night and hit up "The Big Easy" on Monday. I was extremely excited, as was the rest of the team, because I had never been. It was a great opportunity for us all to see the fifth ward and areas of the city devastated by Hurricane Katrina. You want to talk about counting your blessings? If you are reading this, please count yours.

We were all given an opportunity to split up into groups and head off into town for a few hours. Girls shopped and browsed... Do not worry; I made sure they did not head to Bourbon Street! But Mike Deal and I walked through it, and what an experience... I can't even imagine that place being busy. We also went through the French Quarter, and what a cool atmosphere that is. I tell you what; those folks know how to relax and just Take It Easy. I love that song and, of course, the Eagles too. Thanks mom and dad for having them play through the speakers of our house growing up. Anyway, back to softball...

We spent Tuesday in Hattiesburg and even got a chance to drive out and see Brette Favre's house... Well not exactly his house, but his fence and the house he built for his mother-in-law. He has a lot of land and a big gate out front with a big "F" on the front. We also saw someone mowing the grass with a tractor and we are told he mows his own grass, so I am telling people we saw him. The Golden Eagles' stadium was interesting, as it is currently under construction and all the seats were in left and right field only. Kind of makes for a bit of a stale atmosphere, but it was certainly a first for me. Well, the Lady Bears lost last night, but all Southern Miss' runs were unearned against Whitney Canion, and I think this team realizes they are getting everyone's best shot.

Well, I am currently sitting in Baton Rouge, La., waiting for college basketball to come on the tube. Tonight the Lady Bears will take on No. 20 LSU at 6:10 p.m. Note the first pitch time. I will bring you all the play-by-play beginning around 6:05, so tune in to for all the action.

That's all I have for you right now... Until next time, Sic 'Em!

Are We There Yet?
9:50 P.M. THURSDAY, MARCH 5, 2009

What's good everyone? Well I have some good news... We made it to Tuscaloosa! Yep, I am sitting in the Hampton Inn in the city of the Crimson Tide as I write this. It's been a fun trip so far, so let me give you the rundown...

We boarded the bus yesterday at 9 a.m. and headed for Shreveport. After eating at Jason's Deli, we showed up at the field that, shall we say, was not quite Getterman Stadium. Pitching was the name of the game in this one, as the Baylor hurlers were throwing "Cajun Fastballs" ... BAYOU! Get it? By you! I have to thank KWTX sports guru Adam Winkler for that tidbit. Speaking of Wink, he and Inside Baylor Sports' Lawrence Gilligan were in attendance. Ok, back to the game... The whole staff, yes all four threw, combined for 14 strikeouts, and held the Ladies to just one run.

The game lasted only 1:29, but I can tell you the seventh inning got interesting. With two outs, Nicole Wesley hit a ball towards second, only two see the second baseman make a great diving catch, but wait, the ball popped out when she landed, causing Wesley to be safe. With Megan Turk at the plate, Wesley attempted to steal second and was tagged out, or was she? The shortstop dove to make the tag, and after making it, bobbled the ball, allowing Wesley to be safe. Turk then singled to second, allowing Wesley to reach third. Meagan Weldon then stepped up and hit a ball up the middle that was snagged by the shortstop, but instead of going to first, she tried to tag Turk. The ball came out of her glove, allowing Wesley to score, and giving the Lady Bears a 2-1 lead. Jenny Isham came in to strikeout the side, picking up her first save... Catch your breath... Yeah, it was wild.

So we boarded the bus at 9:30 a.m. bright eyed and bushy tailed, and headed from Monroe (shout out to Lace "Cheap Seats" Dunn) to Tuscaloosa. Along the way, we stopped off at Clarkdale High School in Meridian, Mississippi, for practice. What a nice facility, and a big thanks to them for their hospitality.

We arrived in the land of the Bear... I know, this is the only place where a Bear is not a reference to an animal. After a delicious and tasty steak at Outback, I am now full and watching Burn Notice with two other huge fans of the show... Brittany Turner and Courtney Oberg have officially moved up the cool chart.

Can you believe it? Mike Deal and I are still alive. The girls have not started to drive us insane... Yet... Log on to tomorrow as Baylor takes on No. 1 Washington and No. 11 Georgia at 1 and 3, respectively. I will be doing play-by-play for my first time... please bear with me. I will also be running gametracker, so feel free to log on to both and feel like you are there!!! Until then, Sic 'Em!

And The Show Goes On
2:10 P.M. MONDAY, MARCH 2, 2009

What's good everyone? That's right, a little Bruce Hornsby & The Range in the title for you today. Well the "The Show" is going on in the form of Baylor Softball, and it's nice to see it back where it belongs... Or did it ever really leave? Talk amongst yourselves. All I know is this... The team is playing extremely well and the chemistry is as good as it has been in quite some time. This is a squad who gets the total concept of the word TEAM and is using every single player on the 18 person roster to be successful. The Lady Bears went 7-0 this past week and put on a clinic of solid softball at the QTI Invitational over the weekend.

"Hey "K" Corner, I did not make it out to see them this weekend, who was particularly good?"

Shame on you for not making it out to Getterman, but you will be forgiven just this once. Let me give you a few names... Brette Reagan, Whitney Canion, Alex Colyer, Kayce Walker, Tiffany Wesley, Bree Hanafin, Brittany Turner... Wait, I am going to name the whole team here. Like I just got done saying, this is a team effort going on right now, and it's really exciting. This is a team who jumps out on opponents and can also answer right back after being punched in the mouth. You score one, we score two. You tie it up? We take the lead right back. That's what good and great teams do...

Well the team sits at 17-3 heading into the next portion of the schedule, and man is it a doozy. Did I just use the word doozy? Yeah, you can pretty much take away five gold stars for that one... Anyway, we are about to embark on a 10-game, nine-day road trip... Whoa, are you ok? I saw you fell out of your chair. Ok, bring your eyes back to the screen and here me out. It's going to be a lot of fun... Just ask Athletic Trainer, Michael Deal, who wrote a great email last night, which I will paste part of here...

"I would just like to thank Baylor Softball for putting me on a bus for 31 hours, that's 1 day and 7 hours for those of you that can't do the conversion..."

Yep, 31 hours of actual travel. A minor league baseball style road trip. But what great softball we will get to see. We leave Wednesday morning (March 4) for Shreveport to play Centenary, and then on to one of the most talked about tournaments in the softball world. The Easton SEC/Pac-10/Big 12 Challenge, featuring No. 24 Baylor, No. 15 Georgia, No. 1 ( Washington and No. 1 (NFCA) Alabama, the host. So after three days in Tuscaloosa, we venture to Hattiesburg (Southern Miss), then Baton Rouge (LSU) and on to Natchitoches (Northwestern State) before coming back to Waco very early in the morning on the 13th. And you can be with us every step of the way... Well most steps. The "K" Corner will be keeping you up-to-date on all the behind the scenes action... No, I promise to update my blog at least six or seven times during the trip.

Finally, you may be wondering if you can watch or listen to any games. Well, every game will be available through gametracker or some form of live stats that will be linked on our website of I believe LSU has a video feed that you can pay for, so if you would like to pay and watch that game, you can. Otherwise, I have some bad news... You will have to listen to me for six games on I will bring you play-by-play for the five games in Tuscaloosa as well as the tussle in Baton Rouge. Centenary also offers a radio broadcast, which you can listen to for a small fee on Wednesday... just check out their website for that info. The rest of the games will be available on gametracker only, due to facilities. But hey, that's a pretty good ratio. I beg your forgiveness for my radio (lack of) ability... I am just a lowly SID trying to be Derek Smith. But I will promise that the broadcasts will not be short on fun and entertainment.

Wow, this has been a very lengthy blog, but there was a lot to get to. Well, send your prayers to Deal and me as we embark on this bus trip with these 18 wild and crazy girls. Check back in as we go to hear all about it!

As always,
Sic 'Em

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