Go Bears!
GO Bears!
Go Bears!
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Are You Baylor Bold?


Baylor Athletics would like to challenge the entire Baylor Nation to not only be Baylor fans, but Baylor Bold fans. What does it mean to be Baylor Bold?

Baylor Bold: (adjective) `bay-lor bold'

    1. Creating the best home field advantage for all Baylor athletes.
    2. Arriving early and staying late to all Baylor Athletic events.
    3. Wearing your green & gold colors often, not just when attending athletic events.
    4. Staying spirited and cheering loudly throughout the entirety of all events.
    5. Showing your Baylor pride in your hometown.
    6. Interacting with Baylor Athletics' official social media accounts.
    7. Supporting all Baylor sports programs.
Every different Baylor sport provides a unique platform for fans to show how they are Baylor Bold. Check back right here in the future to hear what other Baylor coaches think it means to be Baylor Bold.


As part of our department-wide Baylor Bold initiative, Baylor Athletics would like to reward all fans for their support by giving them prizes! Earn points by interacting with the official Baylor Athletics Facebook page and Twitter account. It's a quick and easy sign-up process and we encourage all fans to participate.

Here is how it works:

Be Bold. Be BaylorBold. Play Baylor Bold Rewards.

We are all proud to be a part of Baylor Nation and now it's time to be Baylor Bold!