Go Bears!
GO Bears!
Go Bears!
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Congratulate the Lady Bears!

Jordan Madden The Baylor Lady Bears are the 2012 NCAA women's basketball champions!! Baylor knocked off Notre Dame in the national title game in Denver to give the Lady Bears their second national championship and complete a perfect 40-0 season.

Send your congratulations to the Lady Bears now!

Please note that each submission will be reviewed before it is posted on this page.

Macomb, IL: So proud to be a Baylor Bear! Congratulations! Sic' Em Bears!

Brent McBurney, Alexandria, VA: Congrats, Lady Bears! Let's reload and do it again next year. Same team, only better! Sic 'em Bears.

Michael (Minn): Way to go Lady Bears! You prove what you can accomplish when you never give up.

Doug and Lynne Doe, Edmond, OK: Congratulations Lady Bears on an undefeated season and National Championship ... Sic 'em Bears!

Terrance Snell: I have to say, I am so very proud of the Lady Bears and Baylor Athletics this year! History has been made this whole year and I am so happy to have been associated with the school!(BaylorVision) I am very very proud of you ladies!

Lynnae Gropp (Bryan): As a Waco native.....Baylor is my home team. I'm so proud!! Congrats to Kim and the Lady Bears!!

Pittsburgh: Many congratulations! Baylor pride!

Stephanie Goodman, Buda, TX: Thanks for winning with such style and grace. You make us all proud to be Bears!

The Bell Family (Greenville, SC): What a game, what a team, what a season. Real talent with real class. Proud to be part of the Baylor Nation.

Crawford, TX: I am SO proud of my Lady Bears and so blessed to be a part of Baylor! Sic Em!

Lori Evers (Waco): Congratulations Lady Bears! You have made us so proud! Sic 'em Bears!!!

Jennifer (Itajai, Brasil): So proud to be a Baylor Bear. Congrats. I cheered for you all the way down in Brasil!

Corpus Christi: Congratulations from South Texas. Sic 'em!

Veronica Culbertson (Keller,Tx): Awesome Season! Hard work & preservance does pay off! Well earned and well deserved!

David, Dallas: Thank you so much. All of you are an inspiration to us all. Go Baylor Nation!

Layne (Austin): You made this Baylor Bear very very proud. You take on the fiery, courageous and resilient character of your Coach! Congrats on a Historic Season.

Houston: YAY!!!! WTG Ladies!!!!

Oso Mom/El Paso: We are so proud of all of you Lady Bears and Coach Mulkey and staff. Congratulations on a terrific year!

Dean Paret (Burleson): Finished Business! Congratulations Ladies! National Champions!

Danna Walton (Richmond, TX): Congrats! You are true champions! Sic 'em!!

Becky Mrozinski (WI): Congradulations Baylor on your undefeated season! Can't wait to watch you make another run for it next year!!

Darwin Harris (Waco): What a class act by a great "team". Lady Bears and staff, you deserved the victory. As a BU grad, this is one moment I will never forget. Congrats!!

Emily Lofquist (Fort Worth, TX): ABSOLUTE PERFECTION! I am so incredibly happy to be a Baylor Bear! Y'all are all absolutely amazing! WE ARE HISTORY! :)

The Berkley's, The Colony, TX: Such a great day to be a Baylor Bear!! Thanks to the Lady Bears for solidifying 2012 as the year of the BEAR! :)

Austin, TX: Congratulations, 40-0! Just WOW! Sic'em!

DLowe - San Antonio, TX: Job Well Done!

Riley Family: What a year to be a BAYLOR BEAR! Congrats Lady Bears!

Valverde Family - Corpus Christi: Way to Go!!! 40 - 0 - you did it with Grace and Style! Baylor Nation is proud of you!

Waco: I am so proud to be a Lady Bear and it's thanks to you!! Awesome job, ladies!!!

Jeannie Elliott (Temple, TX): Congratulations on a magical season. Y'all played your hearts out and gave it your all. Congrats!

Erryn in Houston, TX: INCREDIBLE!!! Sic Em Lady Bears!!! First ever 40-0 season!!

Kayla Hart (Boston, MA): I have NEVER been so proud to be a Baylor BEAR.... You girls were awesome this year and I pray that God continues to bless each one of you as we move into next year's season. :)

Heidi (Waco): So proud of you ladies! Many congrats and thanks for such a great season!!!

Ron B.: Way to go Bears, what a game. Enjoy your National Championship. You earned it.

Kristy, Houston: SIc 'em Bears! Congrats Lady Bears!!!

Rita Bass (Onalaska, Tx): Way to go Lady Bears!! The team and coaches are an inspiration to all!

Jerry (Waco): It's now finished....a job well done! Congratulations Lady Bears and to your wonderful coach.

dallas: Congrats!! So proud of you. You won with such class!

SandyM 'Hachie: Congratulations to all on a wonderful season. Your hard work and dedication has paid off!!! I'm already looking forward to next year.

Beth Corthell, Plain City, Ohio: Congrats, Lady Bears!! Wow....so impressive, and I enjoyed the game immensely! Kim....get some rest now, as you have earned it! Yay, Girls! :) :)

Jeanne Kittredge (Austin): Fantastic finish! Proud of the whole team and coaching staff! Praying for you Kim!

Dave (San Antonio): So proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for bringing the hardware back to Title Town Waco!

Marcy (Austin): We are so proud of the Lady Bears. What an 'unbelievably believable' great season you had! The historical significance of your winning season is absolutely phenomenal.

Gruver, Texas: Congratulations Lady Bears and Coach Mulkey and staff ! You've all shown such class through this season. Thanks for the memories!

Kevin and Amie Kelly (Waco): You have made us so proud all year. Congratulations, Lady Bears!!!

Anderson Family- Omaha, NE: Congratulations Lady Bears! A special team that showed all year that hard work and grace could only lead to success! We are so proud of you and happy for Baylor Nation! Sic 'em Bears!!

Menckens ( Waco): Awesome!!!

phil e: Phenomenal season... Congrats!

Benjamin (Austin): Man I love being a Bear! Great Job Ladies! We are so proud! Sic' Em!


Melanie (Austin): Way to go! Great season and great win! Couldn't be prouder!

John Roppolo, Dallas: This has been my golden anniversary of graduating from BU in 1961. This truly has been a golden year with RGIII, Brittney Griner and the Lady Bears. Congratulations.

C.D. Clark (Oklahoma City): Congratulations Lady Bears!!!! Thanks for all the amazing memories of this season!!! We are all so proud to be Baylor Bears!!!

Betty F (Lorena TX): Thanks for a wonderful year for your fans! Congratulations on your perfect season! You are great role models as Lady Bears!

Lisa (Lufkin, TX): What a season of a team who truly plays the game as a team! Congratulations for bringing the Baylor Nation such pride and excitement! Your team and coaches are obviously the best!!!!!

Veda Kull: We are really proud of all of the team members, the coaches, and all affiliated with the Lady Bears. I am glad to retire my old Championship shirt; already ordered my new one! Let's do it again next year!

Ray Elias, Bay City, TX: Amazing.

Kay Benkendorf: Thank you, Ladies! You are true champions & great representatives of Baylor!

The Berkley: Such a great day to be a Baylor Bear!! Thanks to the Lady Bears for their win today to solidify making 2012 the year of the BEAR!! :)

Ken & Debbie Cooper: Congratulations to the NATIONAL CHAMPION Lady Bears, the coaches, Kim Mulkey, & A/D. Ian McCaw. 40 wins - 0 losses !! Unbelievably Believable !!

Jane (Waco): Congratulations Lady Bears! We have loved watching every game you've played this year. We are proud of all of you!

Linda (Houston): What an unbelievably wonderful season. Thank you for bringing the championship to Baylor Nation.

Kay Benkendorf (Austin): Thank you, Ladies! You are true champions & great representatives of Baylor! Making plans for New Orleans!

a. King-Houston: SIC EM. 40-0. Thank you Lady Bears for bringing home the National Championship again. You all deserve it. Your dedication, hard work, and commitment!

Amanda Gilson, c/o '05 (OKC): Way to finish business. You guys played with poise and determination all season long. This is a well deserved reward for all of your hard work. Thank you for representing Baylor University so well. Can't wait for next year!

Cindy Schibler, Iredell,Tx: Way to go Lady Bears! Loved attending the games this season. Congrats on a perfect season!! Sic 'em Bears!


Sonja (Grand Prairie): Congrats on your win ladies. We are very proud of you all.

Keith and Linda Miller (Center, TX): How proud we are of these young ladies who have made athletic history and how well they have represented our university both on and off the court..!!

Gerald Joiner (Norcross Ga): No matter how far away you are Baylor, you will always be near in my heart! Congrats Lady Bears and the entire Baylor sports program!!

Marguerette (Hendersonville, NC): I am so proud that the Lady Bears have people asking me "Where is Baylor?" You made me proud to be a Bear, but never prouder than today. Thank you for your class. I can hardly wait for next year.

Mary Ann (San Angelo): Thank you for the best birthday present...ever--a National Championship! Your hard work & dedication made this a memorable season for all of Baylor Nation. I can't wait until next year!

Chris Wilson in temple,TX.: One of the most well rounded basketball teams I've ever seen in the title game! Pounded the boards, pressure "D"! BU nation is proud of you! #1

Jan (Amarillo): Lady Bears, what joy you have brought to the Baylor Nation. National Champions and unbelievable athletes who are beautiful inside and out.

Jennifer Lawyer, Temple: Y'all are so awesome. Very proud of you and always proud to be a Bear. Your classy sportsmanship is inspiring. Sic 'em bears

Michael (Midwest City, Ok.): Congratulations, Lady Bears. We are so proud of you. What a special and magical season it has been. Just perfect: 40-0 perfect!!! Sic 'em, Bears!!!

Kevin (Overland Park, KS): So proud not only of how you played, but how you carried yourselves all season! You are the greatest women's team ever assembled!

Erin (Little River, TX): So proud of my Baylor Lady Bears! National Champions 2012 and 40-0...Finished Business!

Mark (Gig Harbor, WA): Sic 'Em Lady Bears! We're very proud of you here in the Pacific Northwest! So excited for you and all of Baylor Nation! National Champions! Sic 'Em!

Marquist (Waco): Great Job Lady Bears! You really took care of business tonight! Sic' em Bears!

Kansas City: What a fantastic end to the basketball season!!! Congrats to both the men and women!

bob and linda (waco): Wow!!! We were on our feet the whole game. Congrates to a classy group of young ladies and their coaches.

Bill: YES! This is so Cool! Y'all Deserve to be No.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reginald Tate (Waco): Ladies, thank you so much for another great season complete with a perfect 40-0 historical record and winning the program's second National Championship in school history. Baylor Nation loves and are proud of you. SIC 'EM BEARS!!!

Piers and Alethea (Waco): We are so proud of all of you. Enjoy every minute of the celebration. Waco celebrates with you and thanks you for an incredible season!

Deborah Key (Dallas, TX): Baylor alums are SO PROUD of you all! You've brought so much excitement to Baylor Nation this year. LOVED getting to see you play in person!

lynn raley: Sic em Bears! You made Baylor proud. You are great and so is Baylor.

Stefenie Garcia (Ft.Worth, TX) from Waco: Way to go girls!! So proud of you!! You made everyone in Waco,TX proud!!

Joel (Mcallen, TX): Enjoy your perfect season. Thanks for a great season and putting Baylor in the National spotlight. How sweet it is!!!!!

Turlington family, Texas: Congratulations Lady Bears! What a thrill to see y'all play,and we love you!

Lisa Rieger, BU Burleson Building: Congratulations Lady Bears and Baylor University!

Greg and Leslie G (Plano): A season to never forget for all of us and for all of you!! Thank you for taking Bear Nation along for the ride!

Julie (Frisco): Outstanding Job, Lady Bears!! Finished Business!!!! Thanks for an incredible season...

Caroline Kazmierski (WashingtonDC): Congratulations Lady Bears!!! Your program continues to put Baylor on the map! So proud to be part of the Baylor family!!

jdr: Congratulations! You played great and made the other Big 12 teams proud. Nice kids and great athletes...from a Longhorn fan.

Bob and Sheila Boggess: You've got many fans at The Overlook just behind Baylor. Congrats, Lady Bears!!!!

Friendswood, TX: #1 from start to finish. Outstanding accomplishment and well deserved! Sic'em

Mary Goolsby (Baylor staff): Such class and poise! All the Lady Bears, their coaches and support team deserve a huge Sic' em from Baylor Nation. Business finished!

Rebecca Chatham (Waco): You guys are so AWESOME! Prayers for a safe return.

Angela (Waco): As always so impressed not only with your performance, but by the grace and class you exhibit on and off the court -- positive comments during interviews and helping opposing team members up off the floor. Congratulations! You earned it!

Pam Petersen Boise, ID: Thanks for an exciting season and representing Baylor so well!

Matt B., Friendswood, TX: SIC EM! Proud of yall - and proud to be a BEAR! Great job!

Lauren Dumosch (Indianapolis, IN): Way to go Lady bears! You ladies are all the talk at the water cooler today (and I'm the one who started it)! I'm so proud to wear my Green and Gold up here in Indy! Congrats on a great season! Enjoy the moment! Sic Em Bears!

Michele (Kempner): You ladies are awesome...We are so proud of you and all your accomplishments!!! Sic' em Bears!!!

Batang Riles: Job well done, Ladies! Proud to be a die-hard fan!

Paul W (Van Alstyne, TX): Sic'em. Way to go ladies. So Proud.

Glenda (Longview, TX): This is a dream come true for all the Baylor fans! What a wonderful year! What a wonderful group of young ladies! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Richardson, Texas: Your teamwork brought 40 victories and Kim Mulkey is the best coach in the nation. We are all so proud of you.

Castle Rock, CO: Congrats Lady Bears! Both our daughters and son-in-law graduated from BU. What a great season!

Chanell Branch (Houston, TX): Congratulations to the Lady Bears!!! I'm so proud to be a Baylor alum. Enjoy this moment, you all have earned it!

Tammy (Dallas): Congratulations Lady Bears! What a great season and a well deserved National title. So proud of all of you!!!!

RickO(College Station): Great job off and on the court. Congrats!

Yorkville, IL: Thank you LADY BEARS for a perfect season!! We love y'all!

Kenna and Brandon Archer (San Angelo): To say we're proud, happy alumni is an understatement, but there are no words. Congratulations on the championship & the undefeated season! Sic 'em!

The Edwards, Woodway, TX: Way to finish your business, Lady Bears!!!


Naomi Moncibaiz (Irving, TX): Congrats Lady Bears!!!!! We're proud of you!!! 40-0

Lisa (Flower Mound, TX): Congratulations Lady Bears!!! You all are something special. What an exciting end to the NCAA Tournament! I hope the world was watching. Just amazing...

katie(austin): Congratulations! Nice kids and great athletes. You made the Big 12 proud...from a Longhorn fan.

Sid Murphy, Rockwall, TX: Congratulations, Lady Bears, on a job well-done and done well - with character, class, and dignity! Proud of every one of you! Enjoy!

Waco: Thanks for all the great memories this year ladies! Your talent, heart, and teamwork continue to show Baylor in a positive light! Sic 'Em BU Women!

Raouf (Houston): Congratulations. Proud of you!

Ron-Plano TX: Congratulations on being the National Champions-you deserve it. Get well Coach Kim and let's do it again next year.

Waco: Katie's Frozen Custard congratulates Kim Mulkey and the Lady Bears for a remarkable season. You did it, your hard work paid off. You finished strong and took the prize, you stayed the course, we are proud of you.

Waco: Congratulations Lady Bears!

Pamela (Snyder)Houston, TX: It is great to be a Baylor Bear,especially after tonight's historic victory. Congratulations and thank you. Job well done.

Round Rock, Texas: We can't imagine the amount of hard work that went into this season. Congratulations and thank you Lady Bears for giving us 40 great games to watch!

Tyler: Thank you for all your hard work and perseverence to get here! How proud you make us all to be Baylor Bears! Congratulations on earning the recognition you deserve!

Linda Carol Trotter, '81 Franklin,TN: Awesome job, Lady Bears! So proud of all you've done for our great university! Sic 'em!

Shannon (Canyon Lake, TX): Congratulations to Coach Mulkey & the Lady Bears!! It was an amazing season and we are all SO PROUD of your accomplishments!!

Marci Jobson BU: So proud of you ladies! Congrats.

Devers, TX: What a ride! Thank you for allowing me to go along! Wonderful, wonderful work, young ladies! Cannot imagine the feeling. Congratulations to all!!!

Adin Brown Family, El Paso, TX: Way to go Lady Bears! You've made BU proud all year long...#1!

Sharlene Schlesinger: Congratulations Lady Bears!!! We are so excited and proud of you. Thank you for an awesome season!

Mike and Nina Middendorf (Atlanta, GA): You make me even more proud to be a Baylor bear. You are an incredible team of talented and unselfish individuals. Enjoy some rest and then lets do it again next year. Brittney, thank you for coming back to Baylor next year. Don't let the haters get to you- they're just jealous!

Meagan and Mark (Waco/NYC): So proud of you girls!!! Congrats on a tremendous season!

Linda & Bill Taylor: Oh, how we love our Lady Bears...We are so proud of you....God bless you all. Praying for Kim and her girls. God is good.

Susan Thorne: All I can say is Awesome. The Baylor Nation is so very proud of you. Never a doubt!

Tommy & Jean Steel (Corpus Christi): Sic em Bears! Thanks for all you guys have done for Baylor University. Coach Mulkey our prayers are with you. Get well soon!

Grace (Austin,Tx_: I'm proud to be a Baylor bear!!! Congrats you guys!

Yolanda Lopez (San Antonio, TX): What a team! What a game! Congratulations on a tremendous season!!

Rick in Houston: Perfect feels good. Congrats!!!

Roy & Ann Evans, Royse City,Tx: Congrats on a fantastic season ladies. Can't wait to see what's in store for 2013!!!!

John (Houston): Proud to be a Baylor Bear! Congratulations Lady Bears on a Historic Season. Your hard work and dedication paid off!!

Linda (Arlington,TX): Thanks for the Season! Enjoy and God Bless!

Allan Cook (Cincinnati): Now that's how to play BASKETBALL! CONGRATUATIONS and THANKS from proud BAYLOR GRADUATES, FANS and LETTERMEN arouond the country! NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!! WOO HOO!

Jane Nash: Your perfection is awesome! I am so proud to be a Bear. I am so proud that your love and concern for your teammates and others is so obvious. Congratulations Lady Bears!!

Mrs. Eller's 4th Grade Class (NC): Congratulations - you're #1! We're glad you won and remained undefeated! We're proud of our Lady Bears! Sic' Em Bears!


San Antonio: Waco native but bleed Burnt Orange. Congrats on your National Championship. Super accomplishment.

Jeff: The Year of the Bear continues! Congratulations! It's great to be a bear!

Gene/Margaret (Nacogdoches): Never have we been more pleased and proud of Baylor! What a victory!

Joseph Hawkins (Cairo, Egypt): Wow, great game and awesome season. I wish there were cable here in Egypt so I could have watched the game, but I shouldn't be too greedy. I mean, we won! Great job ladies.

Beta Lambda Omega alumni: Sic 'em Bears! We are so proud of our Lady Bears and their history-making season. Thanks for a fun season and see you next year in New Orleans!

Jesse Sanford: Congrats Ladies!! Well earned. Great coaching, great playing equals 40-0! Now let's go Lady Bears in women's tennis. Lets stack Waco with Nat'l titles

Jesse Sanford (Diamond Bar, Ca: Awesome!! Just Awesome. Very proud of all of you!! Big parade in Waco! Just wait until Thursday when I get to Waco!!

The Park Family - Austin: Congratulations! You all worked so hard and deserve this Championship. Thanks for keeping Baylor Proud! We love 'ya!

Janet Bird (Savannah, Ga): Congrats to the Lady Baylor Bears. What a great team of players and coaching staff!! Great Season! Way To Go :)

Sheliah (Maryland): Congratulations to the Lady Bears for a fantastic finish to a perfect season!! So proud of all of you!!!

Angel Paula (Houston): Not only is this championship great for the school but also it's a blessing to have such good moral players on the court. We love every single one of you in this team.

stephanie Ashley (Henderson, Tx): Way to go ladies!!! You did a fantastic job representing our fine university. So proud of you, Baylor Nation rejoices!!!

MO (Chicago): Congratulations on your perfect season and national championship! Brittney -- you're an inspiration!

Karen Talley (Lubbock, TX): What a fabulous season!! Thank you, ladies, for taking us all on the ride. I wear my green and gold proudly here in Lubbock!

Ramirez - Weslaco, TX: Finished Business! Congratulations on this fine accomplishment.

Sachse: Molly Connally: Congratulations on a fabulous season! So proud of you!! Enjoy the success!

Joe Hammond (Salem, AR): Congratulations Lady Bears!!!!! I, too, am proud to be a Baylor Bear! Best wishes to all!

Steve (Fort Worth): Unbelievably believable. Sic 'em bears. Pefection sounds pretty good.

Johnny & Sharon Ferrill (Elm Mott, TX): You FINISHED BUSINESS! We are so proud of you all for not only bringing a Championship to Baylor Nation and Waco but for being the wonderful individuals that you all are. Coach Mulkey you are BEAR-TI-FUL and my grandson has a crush on you!

Maddie: You guys did great!!!!! Sic'em Bears!!!! unfinished Buisness=finished

Brett Cody (Newton Grove, NC): Awesome! I am speechless and so proud to be a Baylor Bear!

Adam Campos Hercules,CA: CONGRATS!! Great season all you girls had and the players of the years for the team are Oddessy Sims and Brittney Griner. 40-0!!!

Baylor Dad (Chicago): Congratualions Ladies! Thanks to all involved in Baylor athletics for representing the school in such a positive manner.

Brad (Leon Springs, Tx): Congratulations! Your hard work and dedication paid off. Thank you for doing such a great job of representing Baylor and Central Texas. So proud of you!!!

Tracey (Ohio): Got to see you play at Bowling Green which was awesome. Congrats on a fantastic season!!

Shreveport, La.: Congratulations, Ladies....I have followed ALL season and am proud to be a Baylor Alumni. What a year!! Sic em Bears!!!

David Wilson(Belton Texas): Congratulations Lady Bears on being Natioanl Cahmpions!!! I an proud of you!!

Ellicott City, Maryland: Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations and thanks for every minute of this spectacular year! You are A-1 ambassadors for Baylor University.

Benton Harbor, Michigan: What a season! Congrats to the Lady Bears. We are so proud of our very own Destiny Williams and the entire team. Ron and Carol Momany

sandra dye chapman: Congratulations on comporting yourselves with poise and dignity.I was thrilled to be at both games in Des Moines with Anne,my daughter. Love from Iowa.

Scottsville, VA: As a transplanted Texan, I can't tell you how proud I am of you and of my hometown, Waco. You all were just great, composed, professional - just perfect. Love to you all.

William and Janet Shockley: Congratulations ladies. You deserve all the accolades which you have received. We are very proud of you. This is a great day for Baylor Nation.

Danny and Annette Ball, Tampa: We're proud of you gals. You have shown Baylor at its very best throughout the season, on and off the court. Next year in N.O. Sic 'em Bears!

Jerry Haney: What a great effort by a great coaching staff and a wonderful group of Baylor Bears. We love you all!!! Sic'em Bears!

Minneapolis: Congrats Lady Bears! What a show...

Grant (Magnolia) ARKANSAS: Congratulations to all of you. Coach Mulkey I remember when you played at La.Tech. I am so proud of you.

Bobby (Waco,Tx): Congrats ladies!! Awesome job!! Thanks for representing Baylor Nation!!

Sherri (Green Bay, WI): Congrats on your awesome season and National Title win!! I have followed and cheered on the Baylor Lady Bears for the last 3 seasons. I am so happy for all of you.

Sherri (Memphis, TN): I'm so proud to be a Baylor Bear! Lady Bears rock!

chris, london, england: I watched the final in england and its the first time I watched the women's game. You guys played wicked!! It was great to watch. Well done everyone!

CW4 Tom Hazelrigg, (Sinai, Egypt): Congratulations, loved following the games even if I did have to watch at 3am. Thanks for a great season!

Tom & Yvonne Johanson, Kansas City area: Fantastic year and program! Have loved following the team for many years.

mae cleveland, ohio: Words cannot express my joy in watching the ladies win the National Championship! I knew you would get it done. Congratulations!! Sic Em you did in grand fashion! Looking forward to next year.

Waxahachie: So proud of every player & coach on the team. Coach Kim, we are praying for a total Recovery! Go Bears!

Audrey Lewis Benton Harbor, MI: Congrats Ladies! For a job well done! Destiny we love you! Your Auntie & Grandma

Pam Ford Robinett (Winston-Salem) NC: Congratulations! You are great representatives of Baylor and its godly heritage of excellence! Thank you from a Bear in the Tar Heel state.

Jerre Moore Las Vegas NV: Awesome job! I am so proud of you. Sic'em Bears

Dempsky family(Plano, TX): Wow!!! What an awesome year. Loved being in Denver to cheer at both games. Next year motto: Back2Back!!!

Joe Davis (Carthage, Texas): Super Season! Watched every second of every game. Thank you for a perfect year. Just ordered my tickets for New Orleans! Sic'em Bears!

Jim & Carole Baber Waco: Congrats, Lady Bears, Coach Kim and staff! You all must have read Kim's book, "Won't Back Down". As Baylor Alum we are now even more proud to be a part of Baylor Nation!

Tim (Mineola, Tx): What a team! Sic Em! I grew up next door to the campus. Looking forward to next years undefeated season too!

The Howard, Carrollton, TX: Sic'em Bears! Awesome job, Lady Bears! Thank you for continuing the historical year at Baylor Nation...not only finished business but with perfection!

Colleen Reed '71: I am so proud to be a Baylor Bear!! Congratulations, Lady Bears--you showed the world how it's done--with style and grace!! Sic 'sm!!

Virgie (Killeen): Congratulaion ladies, outstanding job. Sic Em Lady Bears

Claire Baney (Fishers, IN): CONGRATS!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!!40-0!!!!!NATIONAL CHAMPS!! I wanna go to Baylor when I go to college and play for Kim Mulkey!!! Woooohoooo!

Tim Farlow (CT): CONGRATULATIONS. Your hard work, discipline, and focus have paid off! You are a very high quality team with a very high quality coach!

Louisville, CO: Congratulations from the land of the CU Buffs! Great job & team. Loved seeing you dominate in Denver. Sic 'em! Baylor Bear Parents in Colorado

Gay - Wichita, KS: Congratulations on a great season. I was there in person to witness history in the making. Thank you so much for everything. Baylor is proud of you

Diana (Fairhope, AL): I lived in Waco for two years before moving back to Alabama a year ago. I fell in love with Baylor athletics & Baylor basketball. I will always bleed Baylor green & gold! Congrats Lady Bears! So proud of you!

Akita & Trina Graves (Mansfield, Tx): Congrats Lady Bears. We are proud of you. Way to go!

Silver City, NM: So proud to be a Baylor Bear! Once a Bear.... Thanks for showing what Baylor Nation is made of!!!

Ohio fans: Congratulations! What an amazing team! My 13 yr old daughter has been playing basketball for the past 6 years and what an inspiration all of you are. She has faithfully watched your team and was rooting for you all the way. Again, congratulations!!


Marcus Venus (Killeen,TX): Congrats!! I knew from the beginning of the that this would happen when I seen the determination and focus on each player/coach. Sic'Em

Dot Graham, Waco: Congrats to all the players!! So very proud of you!! I had no doubt that y'all were bringing the trophy to Waco!! You girls rock!! Congrats also to the coaching staff, and everyone involved with this wonderful team of ladies. You are the best, and I have enjoyed backing you the past several seasons. And I am planning a vacation in New Orleans with y'all next year!!!

Theresa Helgren (Carrollton, TX): Congratulations Baylor Lady Bears! What an amazing group of young women! We are SO proud of you! 40-0 Undefeated National Champions...Sic 'Em!!!!!!!!!!!

CC (Tyler): I just watched the welcome home celebration online. Thank you for letting us participate that way. Lady Bears - thank you for last summer, for your committment to that team chemistry that took your skills together as one to the top!

Pat from Louisiana: Congrats to Coach Mulkey and the Lady Bears. Glad to say I will be in New Orleans in 2013 for the next championship!!!

Claire Baney (Fishers, IN): CONGRATS!!!! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!!!! 40-0!!!!! NATIONAL CHAMPS!! I wanna go to Baylor when I go to college and play for Kim Mulkey!!! Woooohoooo!

Bob Greenspan, JD 69 CALIF: I am not a basketball fan. Never watched a basketball game in my life until you ladies got into the final four. I'm now a fan. Congratulations

Heather Humphrey (Austin): Great job lady bears! What a season! The ride was awesome all year long!

Shari (Houston, TX): How appropriate that the Lady Bears are 40-0 during the 40th anny year of Title IX for Women's Athletics! Nice job ladies, Coach Mulkey, & Staff!

Austin: Congratulations on a wonderful season, and thank you for representing Baylor Nation so well!

Idalia- Holland, Texas: Congratulations Baylor!!!! You did an awesome job. :-)

Jana Riggins, Pflugerville, TX: I've ALWAYS been proud to be a Baylor Bear but your 40-0 natl championship has made it even sweeter! Thanks for unforgettable memories of this season!

Los Angelels, CA: As a proud alumna, I want to say that you have showed the world how the Bears dominate. Congrats and walk humbly in your victory!! Class of 99

Doug Cofer (Waco): Congrats to Kim and all the coaches, Britney, Odyssey, Destiny, Nae Nae, Jordan, Brooklyn, Terran and all the players and support staff! 40-0! Sic'em!

Katie Crum(Redding, CA): Congrats Lady Bears on a perfect season!

Bob Pearson (Las Vegas): Thanks for such a great season - 40-0! Wow! You make me Baylor Proud- Sic'em Bears

Jenn (Houston, TX): You ladies have proven yourselves again and again all season. From doubters to haters you all handled it like ladies. I am SO proud to be a Baylor Bear! Sic em ladies-you made history!!

John (Katy, TX): What an incredible season! Thanks, Lady Bears for all of the great memories and for "Finishing" the business!!

Barbara (San Antonio, Tx): Graduated over 40 years ago, and I've always been proud to say I'm from Baylor, but never more proud than this year! Way to go girls!

Sally Jett and Terry Jackson: We are sooooo proud of the entire team, all of whom have made this possible. We're cherishing this perfect moment and re-upping for next year.

Chicago, IL: I have watched y'all all season. You're truly a great team with an amazing coach!!!!!

Garrison/Kolbek (Fort Worth): You added a whole new dimension to the Baylor Nation! We will never forget and forever be grateful!

Crockers (Austin): Great Congratulations, Lady Bears! We have been thrilled for you and with you all year. We even got to see one of your games in Waco; what a treat. You are truly a class act.

Sachse Tx: Job Well Done! Thanks for the incredible season. Enjoyed every minute.

Dee, Plano Texas: Congrats Lady Bears!! You deserve to be number 1. Let's do it again next year. So Proud!!

Madeline (Arlington,TX): Great game Lady Bears! We are all SO proud of y'all! Thank you to Coach Mulkey, Brittney, Odessy,Na na, Pope, and all the other amazing Baylor Bears!!
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