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Join us Tuesday June 11th at 11 a.m. for a live chat session with Director of Ahletics Ian McCaw. Ask your questions now and we'll answer the best ones live on BaylorBears.com
Ian McCaw: Good morning and thank you for joining us for today's live chat.

Susie from Houston BU '11: Mr. McCaw, I am a recent grad and first time donor and season ticket holder! I am sooooo excited for the season. How is the fundraising going for the Stadium?
Ian McCaw: Susie, thank you for joining the Bear Foundation and purchasing football season tickets for the first time. I share your enthusiasm for the upcoming season. The athletics development team has done a remarkable job this year and the support from Baylor Nation has never been stronger. The Bear Foundation had another record year raising approximately $9M in support for student-athlete scholarships while the capital fundraising for Baylor Stadium has exceeded $135M. In addition, there were several other major gifts towards capital projects and athletics endowments. I am grateful to Doug Smith, Greg Davis, Greg Meyer, Doug McNamee, Rob Kennedy, Kevin Kyle, Cheryl Ervi, Aaron Furman, Gina French, Jerry Hill and our newest member Nick Florence for their outstanding work. Speaking of fundraising success, Baylor Athletics has raised well over $300M over the last 10 years which is an extraordinary accomplishment and a credit to Baylor Nation, our development team and the outstanding efforts of our coaches, staff and student-athletes.

floyd farnsworth(austin,texas): what will be the least expensive ticket to get into a 2014 football game?
Ian McCaw: Floyd, thank you for the question. We have not set our football 2014 ticket prices at this time, but we anticipate that season tickets and single game prices will be similar to 2013. We have 45,000 seats to fill and we will have tickets available for fans in every price range.

Phil (Waco): Mr. Ian: How are football season ticket sales?
Ian McCaw: The success of Baylor football under Coach Briles has created demand unlike we have seen during the Big 12 era. Football season ticket sales are ahead of record pace and will surpass 20,000 for the first time. These figures do not include student tickets which will push this number to approximately 30,000 per game. While we have made remarkable progress, we need to keep pushing forward to fill Floyd Casey this year and sellout Baylor Stadium in 2014.

Billy (Gatesville): Sir will the pedestrian bridge at the new stadium have tram service on game days? Sic'em
Ian McCaw: Billy, thank you for the question. We don't have tram service in the budget at this point, but I like your creativity. Our goal is for Baylor Stadium to provide the best fan and student-athlete experience in college football.

Gary in Dallas: Thank you for doing such an amazing job leading Baylor Athletics. It can’t be an easy job, but you do it very well. My question is when will we find out about the new Big 12 bowl line-up?
Ian McCaw: Gary, thank you for the kind comments and question. The Big 12 and SEC have cemented an agreement to have their respective champions play in the Sugar Bowl as part of the College Football Playoff. We anticipate that we will regularly have a second team play among the six games that make up the playoff system as well. The remaining bowl destinations will likely include San Antonio, Houston, Orlando, Memphis, Phoenix and the Metroplex. The final details are still being worked out and I expect that they will be finalized over the summer. The Big 12 will continue to have strong bowl partner relationships in attractive destinations for our fans.

Lexington, NC: What is likely to happen to Floyd Casey Stadium and the current track stadium when the new facilities open?
Ian McCaw: This is one of the most frequent questions that we are asked. We have tasked the stadium architect, Populous, to help us identify uses for these facilities and the adjacent land. To date, we have not identified a future purpose for the facilities, however, several entities have expressed interest in the land.

Aaron (Dallas): Is there anyway possible that Baylor could sell a kids football helmet an uniform set? I know many schools have a set that is made by Franklin or a similar company. I'd love to be able to buy these and would think our fan base interest is large enough to create and sell this product. At the very least, will there be some kid size football jerseys for sale on the athletic store site soon?
Ian McCaw: Aaron, thank you for the suggestion. I will pass it along to Follett who operates the Baylor Bookstore. We have enjoyed a huge surge in merchandise sales in recent years and it is great to see Baylor Nation purchasing and wearing so much BU apparel.

Nelson (Waco): With the SEC and Big 12 becoming partners to meet in the Sugar Bowl, When can we see Baylor schedule a team like Vanderbilt, Texas a&m or even Missouri? I feel it might create more excitement for Baylor football and increase our fan base.
Ian McCaw: Nelson, we have completed our non-conference football schedules through 2020, and don't have any games against SEC opponents. Of course with the bowl relationships that I referenced above, we anticipate that there will be several opportunities for Baylor to match up against SEC teams in the post-season including many locations that are convenient for our fans.

Steve (Burlington, ON): Any thoughts on adding a men's soccer or Lacrosse team?
Ian McCaw: Professor, it is great to hear from you. Baylor is in compliance with Title IX and has achieved substantial proportionality meaning that our student-athlete population mirrors the student body. With that, we do not anticipate adding any new men's or women's sport programs. We want to continue to invest in the teams that are in place and achieve excellence.

Clem in Abbott: I never had so much fun being a Baylor fan. Can you promise that you and them coaches will stay forever?
Ian McCaw: Clem, we are blessed to have a very talented staff and our people are regularly afforded opportunities to consider other positions. Fortunately, we have been successful in retaining our best people and recruiting outstanding people to work alongside them. Baylor Athletics has become a destination point for outstanding Christian coaches and staff. While no one gets to stay forever, we have people in our department who are excited to serve at Baylor and committed to what we are doing.

Plano: great job Ian. Keep it up. when will we hear about tailgating in the new stadium, where? priority for spots?
Ian McCaw: Plano, thanks for the question. As you can tell, we are systematically selling Founder's Suites, Premium Suites, Loge Boxes and now Club Seats to Baylor Nation. We will then begin to sell season tickets and provide information regarding reserved tailgate locations at Baylor Stadium. We are also working with the City of Waco regarding the opportunity for fans to come to games by boat. We anticipate providing detailed information about tailgating following the 2013 football season.

Wayne (Allen): We are excited to be new football season ticket holders this fall as our son enters Baylor as a freshman. Any thought on how the transition of season ticket holders to the new stadium will work?
Ian McCaw: Wayne, transitioning more than 20,000 season ticket holders into Baylor Stadium will be a huge process for the Bear Foundation and ticket office. It will be similar to the re-seating processes that we have engaged in at the Ferrell Center and Floyd Casey Stadium only on a much larger scale. The great news is that every seat in Baylor Stadium will be outstanding and the amenties will be the best in college football.

Arthur in Carrollton: Thank you for your leadership of BU sports over the last 10 years. They have been the best times that I have had as a BU fan. My favorite memory is the pass from Griffin to Williams to beat OU. What are your best memories and accomplishments from your time at Baylor?
Ian McCaw: Arthur, the good news is that I need to pause and think through quite a few great moments to select the best one. Winning bowl games and championships are some of the thoughts that immediately come to mind. Over the last decade, Baylor teams have won 4 national championships and 41 Big 12 championships. Certainly, the dramatic transformation of Baylor's football and men's basketball programs has been central to the success that we have experienced and cause for great celebration throughout Baylor Nation. In addition, the athletics facilities expansion and fundraising success has been very gratifying. One of the most rewarding areas of progress in our department has been the development and growth of the sports ministry program led by Wes Yeary as it will have the most lasting impact of anything that we have done at Baylor.

Mike George (Dayton): With realignment issues in the rear view mirror what do you see as the biggest challenge facing Baylor athletics as it moves forward?
Ian McCaw: Mike, competing successfully in the Big 12 is a huge challenge that our coaches, staff and student-athletes prepare for each day. The Big 12 is one of the best conferences in America and every institution is fully committed and investing enormous resources. To remain competitive, we need to grow support of the Bear Foundation and increase season ticket sales. Moreover, we need to Stay Humble and Stay Hungry!

Warren - Waco: We’ve lost some good players to graduation. How do you think we’ll be next year?
Ian McCaw: I believe that we are poised for another great year in 2013-14 across our entire athletics program. We have several teams showing up in early pre-season Top 25 polls and the combination of coaching continuity and a strong nucleus of outstanding student-athletes is reason to be excited about next year.
Ian McCaw: Thank you for joining us for today's chat and the support that you provide Baylor Athletics. Have a great summer and Sic 'em Bears!

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