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Join us Wednesday, July 23rd at 11:30 a.m. for a live chat session with Director of Athletics Ian McCaw. Ask your questions now and we'll answer the best ones live on BaylorBears.com
Ian McCaw: Thank you for joining us for today's chat. We have a lot of questions and I will try my best to get to as many as possible.

Trey (Dallas): Man, it is fun to be a Baylor fan. Its cool having the 5th best year in college sports. How you able to be so good without being a big money school.
Ian McCaw: Trey, these are special days to be a Baylor Bear and we can't take them for granted. We are blessed with an amazing group of people in the athletics department beginning with what I believe is the best coaching staff in the nation, a wonderful staff of close to 180 people and approximately 550 exceptional student-athletes. Baylor Athletics has tremendous momentum and people are working hard and focused on common goals - to get better in every area, each day. We have grown our resource base to a point that we are highly competitive and our staff does a great job strategically investing those funds and being good stewards. We face some strong competition in the Big 12 and nationally, and we look forward to our program continuing to be among the very best.

Joe Fry Clifton TX: With the success the Basketball programs continue to keep having, are there plans to replace the Ferrell center
Ian McCaw: Joe, Baylor's five year strategic plans calls for a major renovation of the Ferrell Center within that period. It is the next large scale project on the drawing board for the athletics department and we will need our donor base to support it in a significant way.

Jim in Waco: I havenít kept up on the new stadium real close. What are the biggest changes that Iíll see when I get to the game?
Ian McCaw: If you are comparing the McLane Stadium experience to Floyd Casey on game day, you will be astonished by what you see on August 31. The tailgating and sailgating experiences and pre-game pageantry will be at another level. The Stadium amenities such as the elevators, escalators, wide concourses, restrooms and concessions will be much more convenient. Finally, the game experience will include a state-of-the-art videoboard, ribbon boards, sound system and technology that will be among the best in the nation. Baylor Nation is going to be very impressed!

Carter (Denton): Can we expect any color-outs/things of that sort for this upcoming football season?
Ian McCaw: Carter, our marketing staff does have plans along these lines for a game later in the season. Baylor fans have done a great job responding to these special games.

Will (waco): With the largest class of freshman coming to Baylor this fall. How are you planning on students picking up their tickets for football games? Will the student ID system at the sub still be used?
Ian McCaw: Will, we are excited to welcome the largest freshman class in Baylor history to campus. We are working with the Student Life staff to allow students to obtain football tickets on-line for the first time. This will be convenient for students and we will be able to track use of tickets to provide incentives to students attending games and remove privileges if a student were to pick up a ticket and not attend the game.

Arnold in Addison: Hey Ian, When do you expect construction for the new athletic nutrition center and soccer facility to get started? Also do you think the alumni events stadium at McLane Stadium could be completed by the beginning of the 2015 season?
Ian McCaw: Arnold, thanks for the question. The BANC, or Beauchamp Athletics Nutrition Center, will be started this fall and completed next summer. The Williams Family Soccer and Olympic Sports Center has started with the relocation of the baseball pavillion. It will be completed by next spring. There isn't a timetable for the alumni events facility at this time.

Charles - Austin, TX: Buddy, keep up the good work Ö you guys are kicking butt. What are the main reasons why Baylor is recruiting so well, not just in football, but every sport it seems?
Ian McCaw: Thank you, Charles. For many prospective student-athletes, Baylor offers everything that you could possibly want in an intercollegiate athletics program. An ideal location in Central Texas; beautiful residential campus; excellent academic offerings in a private school setting; caring and family-friendly Christian environment; some of the finest athletics facilities in the nation; outstanding coaching and support staff; rapidly growing fan support; and, an opportunity to compete in one of the finest conferences in the nation, the Big 12. It isn't a surprise that the best and brightest in the nation are lining up to come to Baylor and be a part of one of the best athletics programs in America.

Jamie (Austin): Hi Ian, Thanks for all the hard work you and your staff do. It's noticed and appreciated by Baylor Nation. Can you shed some light on the thinking behind scheduling the non-conference Texas A&M Basketball game?
Ian McCaw: Jamie, I appreciate the kind words. After Texas A&M left the Big 12, our coaches were told that they could schedule the Aggies if they deemed it in the best interest of their program. Some teams have scheduled Texas A&M including the recently arranged series in men's basketball. This game will generate a lot of interest and we look forward to a great crowd at the Ferrell Center to support the Bears!

John (Austin): How many seats does the Big 12 make Baylor hold out for visiting fans at football games? I know you said most were returned and I was curious what the total number of those was.
Ian McCaw: John, thank you for the question. The Big 12 requires each school to hold 3,800 tickets for the visiting team. TCU took the full allotment, but each of the other visiting teams returned tickets that we will put on sale the week of August 4. They will be offered to Bear Foundation members first, and the remaining tickets will be made available to the general public. Also, berm seating will go on sale at the same time. These tickets will be in great demand and will not last the week, so be ready August 4.

Matt (Waco): I moved to the Waco area about 6 years ago and I cannot believe the changes in this community. Baylor deserves a shutout for doing so much and Judge Starr has been a hero in this community. I just want to say thanks for what yíall are doing to make Waco and Central Texas a special place to live and raise a family.
Ian McCaw: Thank you for the email and question. We are living in a hidden jewel in the State of Texas, no doubt. The community is thriving and it is great to see Waco and Baylor partnering so closely. Judge Starr and the City's leadership have been catalysts in building this bond and together great days are ahead. Baylor Athletics attempts to do its part for the local economy as well as reflected in the recent economic impact study that suggests we make a $373.3M impact on Waco. The University has worked hard to ensure that the majority of the jobs and spending on the recent building projects have remained local and positively impacted Central Texas.

Steve (Temple): You and Coach Briles have stated your position on Baylor's non-conference schedule, and certainly, you both know more about it than fans do. I think we all agree an undefeated Big 12 team gets in the playoff; the question I have concerns a 1 loss team. My question is whether you foresee any result occurring with the Selection Committee's choices this first season that would necessitate a change in the scheduling strategy?
Ian McCaw: Steve, thanks for the question about non-conference football scheduling. We have a number in the queue along these lines. As you may know, football games and series are typically scheduled 6 to 10 years in advance of the date of competition. In fact, the 2014 non-conference games were scheduled before Coach Briles led Baylor to its first bowl game in 15 years. To answer your question, I believe that an undefeated or one loss Big 12 team is a virtual lock for the College Football Playoff. This year is going to be a learning experience for all of us associated with college football including the selection committee, and we will be watching closely to see how they handle this very important process.

Jay ... Frisco: Hey Ian, I was slow on the trigger and missed out on getting football tickets this year. &%#@. What do I need to do to get on 2015 waiting list?
Ian McCaw: First off, you could still be fortunate enough to purchase some of the single game tickets that were returned to us from visiting teams for this year's games. They will go on sale to Bear Foundation members and then the general public in early August. The Bear Foundation is also keeping a 2015 season ticket waiting list. It isn't too late to contact the Bear Foundation http://www.baylor.edu/bearfoundation and still be a part of Baylor Football in 2014, and get on the list for season tickets for next season.

David in Htown: I see a lot more BU gear in stores. What is happening to get more Nike on sale.
Ian McCaw: We are very pleased with the work of LRG our licensing vendor. They have worked hard to increase distribution of Baylor apparel in the marketplace and the licensing royalties, which have tripled in the last 5 years, reflect these efforts. The combination of increased distribution and program success has made Baylor the fast growing property in the market. There is an increased presence in Nike apparel is well and that is something that I expect to grow as we move forward.

Stevie - BU: Baylor students love us some Ian Mccaw!!! How many seats are you giving us at McLane?
Ian McCaw: Well thanks. We have 7,500 seats on the east side of the Stadium and 500 standing room spots held in the berm area. We are looking forward to tremendous support from Baylor students for the Big 12 champs this season. We are making plans to allow for some student overflow for the Baylor-SMU Stadium game as the opening of McLane Stadium will be a historic event and we want to accommodate as many students as possible.

Brian (Waco): I have been a voice for building BU sports for the long-term. The success now is superb, yet we need to consider our future. How is your department doing in growing an endowment fund?
Ian McCaw: That is a great comment and question. We are focused on getting better each day, and part of it is realizing our vision of becoming the nation's premiere Christian athletics program. We have been blessed with numerous very generous gifts to the Baylor Athletics endowment. These funds are used to support student-athlete scholarships both now and in the future. The athletics endowment has increased to $35 million and we are grateful to those who have established endowed scholarship funds and I encourage each of you to consider joining my wife and I in establishing an endowed scholarship for a Baylor team or the athletics program overall.

Cori: How do you balance a demanding job with spending time with your family?
Ian McCaw: That is an excellent question and constant challenge. I am blessed with a wonderful wife and four incredible children, and I enjoy being with them as much as possible. College athletics is a lifestyle and it affords some great opportunities to integrate your family into the athletics environment such as going to games together.

Chris (England): Hi Ian, Im English, Live in England and have never been to Texas (yet!) but have developed a great fondness for Baylor over the past 3 seasons, congratulations on the great work you are doing. Id like to ask, given the impressive student turnouts at the home games at Floyd Casey last year, do you regret lowering the initial capacity of McLane stadium and/or not increasing the expansion capacity? As a follow up question, Id also like to know how long any possible expansion would take?
Ian McCaw: Chris, you are evidence that the Baylor brand is growing rapidly - nationally and internationally! If we had to do it all over again, we would build McLane Stadium to the same capacity. We have created demand for tickets that hasn't existed in the past. We do have the ability to expand the Stadium by 10,000 seats when demand warrants, and the project could be completed during an off-season.
Ian McCaw: We had over 80 questions today, and I apologize that we couldn't get to all of them. Thank you for joining us today and cheer the Bears on to a great 2014-15 year!

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