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 Director of Athletics Ian McCaw will stop by for a live chat Tuesday, Aug. 29, at 11 a.m. CDT.
Ian McCaw assumed the leadership of Baylor's 18-sport, Big 12 intercollegiate athletics program on Sept. 8, 2003.

Baylor has experienced unprecedented success under McCaw the past two years. This past academic year, the Bears experienced their most successful season on the gridiron since entering the Big 12 under head coach Guy Morriss.

In addition, the women's basketball team made its third straight Sweet 16, the men's and women's tennis teams both captured Big 12 titles and the baseball team made its 13th NCAA postseason appearance. The softball team made its third straight NCAA postseason appearance and the Bears' track and field teams crowned one NCAA champion, six individual All-Americans and three All-America relay teams.

During the 2004-05 academic year, the women's basketball team captured the program's first NCAA championship and three teams - women's basketball and men's and women's tennis - captured Big 12 regular season titles, the most in the history of the school.

Baylor enjoyed one of its most comprehensively successful years in 2003-04 including winning the first NCAA team championship in school history along with five NCAA individual titles. The men's tennis team captured the NCAA team championship, while Benjamin Becker won the NCAA men's singles title, Jeremy Wariner won the NCAA indoor and outdoor 400 meter titles and the 4x400-meter relay team captured the NCAA indoor and outdoor championships.

Baylor had 10 teams advance to 2003-04 NCAA postseason competition including women's cross country, men's and women's indoor and outdoor track and field, women's basketball, softball, men's and women's golf and men's tennis. An 11th Baylor program, women's tennis, had an individual participate in the national championships. In the final NACDA Cup rankings, Baylor finished 47th, and seven of its programs were ranked in the nation's top 25 at season's end.

A five-year strategic plan for intercollegiate athletics was developed and implemented inclusive of department goals and objectives. Issues relating to the student-athlete experience, enhanced program competitiveness, equity, diversity, rules compliance, sporting conduct, external support, facility improvements and long-term financial stability were addressed.

Ian McCaw: Thank you for joining us for this morning chat. This is a busy and exciting time for Baylor Athletics!

Trent(Waco): Can you fill us in on how many season tickets we have sold at this point versus last year. Also, could you give us an idea of how many fans you are expecting on sunday and what percentage of them are the good guys?
Ian McCaw: Trent, we have had a tremendous run on season ticket this year. We are sold out of premium season tickets and reserve seats are selling at a great clip. Last week, we surpassed the 2005 season ticket total. We are hopeful to increase our season ticket base by more than 1,000 by the TCU game. Season tickets are such a great value and most of our fans have recognized this fact. As far as the TCU game goes, we are expecting a huge crowd with over 80 percent being Baylor fans.

Karen Ritch (Longview): Tell us a little bit about the new equestrian program. What other Big 12 schools have one?
Ian McCaw: Karen, we are very proud of the development of our equestrian program under the leadership of Ellen White. We have 43 student-athletes on the team and they finished last year ranked in the Top 10 in English at the national championships. This year, we will host the national championships in here in Waco at the Heart of Texas fairgrounds. We are in the process of completing the Willis Family Equestrian Center which will provide our program a first class facility adjecent to campus. The other Big 12 schools that sponsor equestrian are Texas A&M, Oklahoma State and Kansas State. Two other Big 12 schools are studying adding the sport.

Tommy (Waco): I noticed that the free student parking lot near the practice field has been closed off by fences. Will this lot be opened back up on game day or will there be a new location for students to park?
Ian McCaw: Tommy, we will continue to have student parking and tailgating in the field adjacent to the practice field and we have added a new student parking area on Clay Street near Valley Mills.

Mark Wood (Austin): Ian - Very short question, green or gold to the game?
Ian McCaw: Mark, let's wear Gold! It stands out prominently in the stands.

Trent(Waco): What steps are being taken to make sure that there is a good student turnout to this game. I have also heard good things about this seasons Baylor Line. Several students I know have copmplained about there being no marketing directed at the student body.
Ian McCaw: Trent, to date we have had a record number of freshmen - more than 2,000 - purchase Baylor Line jerseys. There was a university-wide e-mail sent to all students yesterday providing them with information on tickets, parking, tailgating, etc. We are anticipating a very large student crowd for the TCU game and the rest of the season.

Kevin (Orlando, FL): When will the 2006-2007 men's basketball schedule be released?
Ian McCaw: Kevin, the games are set, but we are finalizing a couple of television issues. The men's basketball schedule will be released shortly.

Darren (Clear Lake): This is the most excited that I have ever been going into a football season. What are some of the promotions and activities that we can expect at the TCU game?
Ian McCaw: Darren, I share your enthusiasm for the season, we are looking forward to a great year. For the TCU game, Snickers Touchdown Alley will open three hours before the game. We have the new Creekside Tailgate area that will be open all day (fans may contact the athletics marketing department to reserve a tent). At halftime, we will introduce the former players honored with the heritage banners that are displayed around the Stadium. Fifteen of the 19 living Baylor greats are expected to be in attendance and recognized on the field at halftime. Lastly, the ticket office will open at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday, and will be open from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. as a convenience to fans.

Grant: I can't stress how thrilled I am with the fact that some of our games are now on Sirius Satellite Radio. Can you give us any more details about what we will be able to listen to and what we wont. I noticed the BU vs TCU game is on their show schedule but the BU vs Northwestern State does not. Does this mean only games against highly followed opponents will be broadcasted on Sirius?
Ian McCaw: Grant, we are very excited to have a partnership with Sirius for satellite radio coverage for Baylor football this season. All Baylor games will be on Channel 159. Home games will feature the Baylor broadcast and road games will be our opponents broadcast.

Oakley (Dallas): Congratulations on your marketing staff doing such great work promoting Baylor football. The Call of the Wild ads are really good. How many season tickets have been sold?
Ian McCaw: Oakley, I could not agree more that our marketing staff is doing a fabulous job and deserves a great deal of credit for the growth in season ticket sales and the overwhelming success of the football markeing campaign. The television spots and billboards have been very well received. As mentioned above, we anticipate an increase of about 1,000 football season tickets this year. Certainly, the progress made in the last three years by Coach Morriss, his staff and student-athletes has had a major impact on our season ticket fortunes.

Andy (San Antonio): Given Baylor's notable improvement across the board in athletics, I would imagine that a few other D1 schools have taken note of your talent and contributions to BU. Assuming the football program "kicks down the door" this year, you'll probably get a lot of offers from schools with huge academic budgets. What are your thoughts on moving back East and foregoing these cool Texas summers? (P.S. We hope you'll stay.)
Ian McCaw: Andy, thank you for the kind words. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Baylor and am strongly committed to the University, its mission and vision. Our family is very happy in Waco and we hope to be here a long time.

Tyler (Longview): I have seen the Stadium improvements on the computer and they look great. Thank you for making the Case look so much better.
Ian McCaw: Tyler, thank you for the positive comments about the heritage progam. I hope that you think it looks better in person. Nick Joos and Bill Chaves on our staff deserve a great deal of credit for this outstanding work. The appearance of Floyd Casey Stadium has improved dramatically over the past several years and many members of our staff have had a hand in it including Tom Hill, Jim Trego, Pete Rowe, Doug Smith, Todd Patulski and their respective staff members.

Mike (Waco): Will Baylor be relaxing their tailgate policy to allow alcohol to be consumed in any fashion?
Ian McCaw: Mike, Baylor policy calls for an alcohol-free environment, so that is the university's policy. We have made a great deal of progress in creating a fun and fan friendly tailgate area including the new Creekside Tailgate area. Our staff is service oriented and will do everything possible to help all fans enjoy their experience at games including the installation of tents and new spaces to tailgate. We have made it a point of emphasis with our security to ensure that fans have a positive experience in a fun fan friendly atmosphere at games.

Mike Price (El Paso): Are we working on any arrangements to get the Washington State vs. Baylor game televised?
Ian McCaw: Mike, there is a possibility of a delayed broadcast of the Baylor - Washington State game, but there will be no live television.

Baylor Bexar (San Antonio): I have to ask a question that is a huge controversy among the fans that you can finally put to rest: Why are the Keystone Cops always after my Keystone beer? What is the reasoning behind our alcohol policy on stadium grounds outside the stadium and the policy of overzealous enforcement of the rule that leads to ill will amongst fans and visitors alike to FCS?
Ian McCaw: Baylor, most of this has been answered above. Again, we are striving to create a fun fan friendly atmosphere for all of our fans. We want our staff and security to treat Baylor fans and visiting fans with courtesy and hospitality when they come to Floyd Casey Stadium.

Jonathan (Dallas): Will the new basketball practice facility be available for tours to alumni? I would love to see all the features and offices.
Ian McCaw: Jonathan, we are in the process of moving into the Lt. Jack Whetsel, Jr. Basketball Practice Facility. There will be a public dedication of the facility on September 8 beginning at 2:00 p.m. Tours of the facility will be available at that time. The project has exceeded my expectations and will be a huge positive impact for our basketball programs.

Desmond-Houston: What are Baylor's plans for building a on campus football practice facility?
Ian McCaw: Desmond, we are in the process of working with an architect to update the plans for the on-campus football practice facility and include an academic center and administrative offices. Once we have final plans and pricing, we will begin to meet with prospective major donors to this facility. We believe that the Baylor Athletics Center would be the crowning facility of our athletics physical plant and we look forward to advancing it as soon as possible.

JD (Austin): When will basketball season tickets go on sale?
Ian McCaw: JD, basketball renewal forms will go out in September and following that period we will begin to offer new season ticket sales. We are expecting a strong surge in sales for men's basketball and look forward to continued growth of our women's basketball fan base.

Mike (west): What is the Athletic Dept's prediction on the attendance for the tcu game?
Ian McCaw: Mike, it is difficult to predict because the walk-up on Sunday is an unknown as are the number of Baylor students that will attend. I anticipate that we will end up at least in the high 30's.

Fred Barber - Lubbock: Under what situation would you open up the south endzone for seating?
Ian McCaw: Fred, if we sell all of the tickets on the East and West sides, and the North End Zone, we will open up the South End Zone.

Steve (Dallas): Ian, when do the bowl tickets go on sale?
Ian McCaw: Steve, that is the kind of positive attitude that I really appreciate. We are looking forward to a bowl game in 2006!
Ian McCaw: I am sorry that I could not get to all of the questions today as I need to leave for a noon meeting. Thank you to all who participated in today's chat and I hope that you will join us at the TCU game on Sunday. Sic 'em Bears!


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