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Welcome to the compliance page of! This website is designed to serve as a quick reference to the many NCAA rules which apply to the boosters, alumni, coaches, staff members, and current and prospective student-athletes of Baylor University. We invite you to explore the various areas of this page. It contains information tailored to each specific viewer. While it is impossible to cover every NCAA rule or different situation on this website, we hope you will garner a better understanding of the rules and recognize that everyone at Baylor has a role in compliance. As always, if after reviewing the information you have questions about NCAA rules, please contact the compliance staff.

Baylor Compliance Policy Statement

Baylor University is committed to the NCAA's principle of institutional control in the operation of its athletics program. The cornerstone of this principle is that the University is responsible for the actions of its staff members and for the actions of any other individual or organization engaged in activities promoting the athletics interests of the institution. As a result, the responsibility for compliance with NCAA rules is shared by everyone. Each individual associated with athletics, whether as a staff member or fan, is obligated to maintain competency in his/her knowledge of the rules; to act in full compliance with the letter and the spirit of the rules within his/her realm of responsibility; and to report any known or suspected violation of NCAA, conference or institutional rules.

The responsibility to operate the University's athletics program in accordance with the principle of institutional control is both an institutional and an individual obligation. Baylor Athletics is committed to exercising institutional control through:

  • Employing responsible and ethical administrators, coaches, and support staff personnel;
  • Educating coaches, staff, student-athletes, and boosters of their responsibilities under the rules;
  • Providing effective lines of communication between all Baylor constituencies; and
  • Developing compliance and monitoring systems that provide guidance on how to work within the rules, identify and report instances where compliance has not been achieved, institute appropriate corrective measures when necessary, and establish oversight responsibility outside of the Department of Athletics.

    Baylor is proud to have your loyal support and continued interest in its athletics programs; however it is important to understand that even inadvertent action on your part can put the University at risk and/or jeopardize the eligibility of a prospect or current student-athlete. As we strive for continued excellence, all of Baylor's coaches, staff, and fans must always seek the highest standard of ethical conduct. With your assistance and cooperation, we are certain to accomplish these goals.

    Reporting Suspected NCAA Rules Infractions

    Baylor University has selected EthicsPoint to provide the public with simple, risk-free ways to anonymously and confidentially report activities that may involve violations of NCAA regulations by Baylor's coaches, staff, student-athletes, or boosters. Reports may be filed through the EthicsPoint website link below or by calling EthicsPoint toll-free at 866-384-4277.

    Baylor University guarantees that reports submitted via EthicsPoint will be handled promptly and discreetly. No retaliatory action will be taken against anyone for reporting or inquiring in good faith about potential violations of NCAA regulations.

    EthicsPoint Link:

    Report Possible NCAA Infraction Here

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