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Cease and Desist

Baylor Athletics has appreciated all of the great enthusiasm for the success of the football program and Robert Griffin III. However, please be advised that it is a violation of NCAA Bylaw for a company or any individual to use the name, likeness, image and/or autograph in any advertisement or in the sale of any product (e.g. t-shirts).

Furthermore, because Robert Griffin III has many recognizable nicknames, please be aware that the use of any of the nicknames on commercial products and/or advertisements is also in violation of NCAA Bylaw

  The name "Robert Griffin III" or "RG3/RGIII" accompanied by:
The number 10
Image of the individual
Likeness of the individual
Any distinguishing Baylor mark

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the Baylor Athletics Compliance office at 254-710-1234.

If you are currently using the name, image, likeness, autograph or any nickname of a Baylor student-athlete, please cease and desist immediately.

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