Compliance Manual

Medical Hardship Waivers

At the conclusion of each team's competitive season, the head coach must identify to the Compliance Office any student-athlete who they believe qualifies for a medical hardship waiver. In order to qualify for a medical hardship waiver, a student-athlete must meet the following NCAA criteria:

    1. The student-athlete must have incurred a season-ending injury;
    2. The injury must have occurred during the first half of their team's season; and
    3. The student-athlete may not have competed in more than 30% of the scheduled or completed contests or dates of competition.

The compliance staff shall compile the necessary documentation and submit a medical hardship waiver request to the Big 12 Conference office for consideration. The conference office can either staff approve/deny the waiver request or forward it to the Faculty Athletics Representative Committee (FARC) for review. In any instance, once a decision is rendered and communicated back to the compliance staff, the head coach and the student-athlete shall be immediately informed of the decision. Please note that failure to request a medical hardship waiver in the academic year of the actual injury could result in a forfeiture of the waiver.

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