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Compliance Manual

NCAA Special Assistance Fund

Each academic year current student-athletes will be given the opportunity to qualify for money from the NCAA Special Assistance Fund. In order to be eligible for funds, a student-athlete must meet the qualifications for Federal need via the FAFSA program. At the beginning of the fall semester, the Compliance Office will send out a reminder to all student-athletes with the deadline by which they must complete their FAFSA in order to be considered. At the deadline, the Compliance Office will provide a list to the Financial Aid Office for review for eligibility. The Financial Aid Office will determine the eligibility of each student-athlete and will inform the Compliance Office who is eligible for funds. At that time, the Compliance Office will email the approved student-athletes and inform them that they need to sign the Special Assistance Fund form. After the approved student-athletes have signed the form, the allotted funds will be distributed to the student-athletes by way of their student account.

The student-athletes will be provided a deadline (generally at the end of February) in which they must submit the Special Assistance Fund Receipt Form and their actual receipts for each of their purchases. The Compliance Office will review each student-athlete's form and receipts to ensure that the funds were used permissibly.

The form can be found on the Current Bears portion of the Baylor Compliance website.

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