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Compliance Manual

Camps and Clinics

Institutional Camps and Clinics
All institutional camps and clinics must be approved by the Compliance Office through the submission of the Institutional Camp Approval form with accompanying brochures or advertisements used for the camp. The following documents must be turned in prior to the camp:

  • Institutional Camp Approval Form
  • Any camp brochures and/or advertisements
  • Camp Staff Compensation form
  • Camp List (must be submitted 5 days prior to start of camp)
The Compliance Office will communicate to the requesting coach either approval or denial with specific reasons for denial. If the camp is denied, the coach may correct the deficiencies and re-submit. After approval, coaches are permitted to send out the brochures and begin advertising their camps.

Within thirty (30) days of the completion of each camp, the camp director shall submit to the Compliance Office the following documents:

  • Camp Financial Report (with accompanying documentation)
  • Final Staff Compensation form
  • Final Camp List
  • Camp Refund form
  • Free or Reduced Admission form
The forms can be found on the Coaches Compliance Forms site previously provided.

Non-Institutional Camps
For sports other than basketball, any coach who desires to work at a Non-Institutional, Privately Owned Camp or Clinic must complete the Non-Institutional Camp Approval form. The top portion of the form must be completed by the coach and then forwarded to the director of the non-institutional camp. The director of the non-institutional camp shall then answer the questions on the lower half of the form and sign it. After the form is complete, it must be forwarded to the Compliance Office for review. The Compliance Office will review the form and communicate the approval or denial to the coach in writing.

The form can be found on the Coaches Compliance Forms site previously provided.

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