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Compliance Manual

Policy on Contact Between Athletics and Robinson Tower

It is the policy of Baylor University, specifically in response to previous findings of major violations on our campus by the NCAA, to place limits on the contact permitted between representatives of Athletics and administrators within Clifton Robinson Tower.

Specifically, this policy applies to contact with the following offices:

    • Registrar and Academic Records Office
    • Admissions Office
    • Financial Aid Office
    • Cashier's Office
Coaches and other administrators within Athletics are required to filter their contact with the aforementioned offices through the Athletics Compliance Office. The lone exception to this policy provides an avenue for staff members of the Student-Athlete Academic Services department to have contact with the Registrar and Academic Records Office for purposes of determining and managing the continuing eligibility of current student-athletes with NCAA and Big 12 regulations.

The staff members of the Compliance Office have the specific responsibility to be the contact point for all issues regarding admissions, financial aid and scholarships, initial eligibility and transfer eligibility.

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