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Compliance Manual

Recruiting Visits Policy

1. Purpose
The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for conducting athletically-related recruiting visits, both official and unofficial, to Baylor University and to specify the activities that are prohibited during such visits.

2. Persons Affected
This policy covers all University employees and members of the employee's family, student hosts, prospective student-athletes, friends and family members accompanying the prospective student-athlete on the recruiting visit.

3. Policy and Philosophy
Baylor University recognizes the importance of recruiting to the Athletics Department. Recruiting prospective student-athletes to Baylor University must be conducted with the highest level of integrity and commitment to compliance with all NCAA, Big 12 Conference, and University rules and regulations. The purpose of recruiting visits is to acquaint prospective student-athletes and members of their family with the University's mission and athletics, academic, and social opportunities at Baylor University and the greater Waco community. While it is important to show prospects the best of both Baylor and Waco, it should be done in a manner that reflects the normal and everyday athletic, academic, and social life of a student-athlete at Baylor University.

Student hosts are ambassadors of the University during all recruiting visits. Their role is to serve as University representatives, tour guides, and advisers during the visit. All actions, behavior and discussions by a student host should reflect the mission of the University. Only student-athletes or representatives from the University's Host's office that serve as hosts for all prospective students may serve as student hosts for prospective student-athletes for both official and unofficial visits.

The use of alcohol or drugs by prospective student-athletes or their family members, student hosts, or University employees or members of the employee's family during a recruiting visit is prohibited. Further, the use of sexually illicit materials or videos, attendance at a sexually illicit club (i.e. gentlemen's club, strip club, etc), or arranged sexual interaction during a recruiting visit is prohibited. Finally, any type of gambling, gaming activities, or any other action contrary to the Student Code of Conduct during a recruiting visit is also prohibited. Standard vehicles must be used for all ground and local transportation and such vehicles may not contain special décor or be modified with televisions. All air travel for official visits must be by commercial transporter at coach-class fare. Prospects and members of their family making an official visit must be housed in standard lodging without special accessories. No personalized recruiting aides (such as jerseys or scoreboard presentations) or game day simulations may be used during a campus visit. Prospects may visit the locker room before or after a game or stand on the sidelines during pre-game activities. All entertainment of a prospective student-athlete during an official visit must take place within a 30-mile radius of the University's campus and may not be excessive in nature. Selected entertainment should convey to the prospective student-athlete the typical social life of a Baylor student-athlete. Meals on official visits may be eaten off-campus, but should not be excessive in nature. Meals should reflect the types and amounts of food that a normal student-athlete consumes at a training-table meal or an away-from-home contest. In order to acquaint prospective student-athletes with the academic opportunities and challenges of Baylor University, a meeting with staff from Student-Athlete Academic Services should be included as part of the official visit itinerary. If possible, a meeting with faculty members from the academic area of interest of the prospect should also be scheduled. Meetings with staff from the Office of Access and Learning Accommodations should be scheduled for any prospect with a disability.

4. Procedures and Responsibilities
Coaches are required to communicate the University's philosophy on recruiting visits and expectations of behavior to a prospective student-athlete and any family member/legal guardian accompanying the prospect when they are making arrangements for the visit. In addition, coaches shall provide written correspondence to each prospect outlining the philosophy and the expectations of behavior for the prospect prior to the prospect making the visit. Coaches shall be required to attach a copy of such written correspondence to the Official Visit Request Form and provide such to the Compliance Office prior to the recruiting visit being approved. Coaches shall be required to document actual meals and entertainment by completing and signing the Post Official Visit Documentation Form and turning in that form with all relevant receipts to the Business Office and Compliance Office.

Prior to the student host receiving any entertainment money, he/she must acknowledge that they have read and agreed to abide by the University's policies on recruiting visits by initialing and signing the Student Host Instruction Form. After the visit, student hosts shall be required to verify in writing that they have acted in accordance with the University's policies on recruiting visits by again signing the Student Host Instruction Form.

Finally, the prospective student-athlete must sign the Post Official Visit Documentation Form verifying that to the best of the prospect's knowledge, everyone involved with the official visit acted in accordance with the University's policies on recruiting visits.

The Compliance Office shall report any violations of the University's policies on recruiting visits to the Big 12 Conference in accordance with procedures for reporting other secondary violations of NCAA rules. Such reports are distributed to the Athletics Director, involved coach, and are signed by the Faculty Athletics Representative. Appropriate sanctions shall be levied in accordance with NCAA guidelines.

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