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Compliance Manual

Official Visits

In order for a coach to obtain approval prior to an official visit taking place, they must complete the Official Visit Approval Form and submit it to Compliance with the appropriate documents as required based on the prospective student-athlete's status (i.e. High School, Junior College, 4-year Transfer).

Visits will not be approved without all of the mandatory documents being presented to Compliance and confirmation of all other NCAA requirements being met. Subsequent to Compliance approving the visit, a copy of the approved form will be issued to the coach as well as the business office, academic services and the sport supervisor. Again, the official visit must be approved by Compliance prior to the visit taking place.

If a current student-athlete is going to serve as a host during the official visit, that student-athlete must sign a Student Host Instruction form for each prospective student-athlete they will host prior to the beginning of the official visit. After the official visit has concluded, the student host must sign the bottom of the form stating that they complied with the instructions and standards they had originally agreed to abide by.

The Post Official Visit Documentation Form must be completed, including the prospect's signature, with receipts attached and returned to the Business Office and the Compliance Office within two (2) weeks of the conclusion of the official visit.

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