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The 2017 campaign marks the fourth season at McLane Stadium, Baylor's state-of-the-art home on the banks of the Brazos River. The 45,140-seat stadium welcomed Baylor University football and a variety of music, sports, family and lifestyle events in its inaugural season. BU provided the exclamation point on the debut season by winning a second-straight Big 12 title over Kansas State, 38-27. The Bears spent the previous 64 seasons at Floyd Casey Stadium, closing "The Case" out in style with a 30-10 victory over Texas that clinched Baylor's first-ever Big 12 Football Championship.


The Baylor Athletics Ticket Office is located at the Ferrell Center. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30a.m. - 5:00p.m. For ticket information, call 254-710-1000.

The Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Ticket Center is located on the east side of McLane Stadium - to the right of Gate C. It will open 4 hours prior to kickoff on game day.

Baylor Players, Trainers, Managers, Cheerleaders Pass List: Located to the left of Gate D
Baylor Recruit Pass List: Located to the right of Gate B
General Public: Located at the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Ticket Center
Texas High School Coaches: Located at the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Ticket Center
Visiting Team Pass List: Located to the left of Gate B

Ticket Resolution is located at the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Ticket Center. For lost or misplaced tickets, Baylor Athletics may re-issue ticket(s) to the original ticket purchaser on record, with photo identification.

Berm seating is located on the grassy area in front of the videoboard. The berm has its own entrance/exit, concessions and restroom facilities. Fans with berm tickets will not have access to the rest of McLane Stadium, and fans with reserved tickets will not have access into the Berm seating area.

Print-At-Home is an electronic delivery method by which your tickets are emailed directly to you immediately after you purchase them. You will receive two e-mails after your purchase - one will be your order confirmation e-mail and the other will be your Print-At-Home e-mail with your tickets attached. Your confirmation email will NOT include your tickets.

1. Order home game tickets online at BAYLORBEARS.COM/TICKETS.
2. Choose to print your tickets at home.
3. You will receive an email to print your tickets at home.
4. Print your tickets in color or black & white on standard 8.5x11 inch white paper on your home printer.
5. Bring your tickets to the game! All tickets to Baylor events are verified by scanning the barcode on each ticket.

• Avoid waiting in "Will Call" lines to pick up your tickets.
• Prevent your tickets from getting lost in the mail.
• You can reprint your tickets anytime prior to the event if they are misplaced.

Special Notes
• If you are using any spam filters and want to ensure that you receive the email containing your tickets add to your approved spam filter list. Each Print-At-Home ticket will arrive as an attachment in the email. Please set your email to accept attachments.
• Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4 or higher is required to use the Print-At-Home feature. A free copy of the software can be downloaded at

  DIRECTIONS/PARKING - Before you make your way to McLane Stadium this season, please plan your route and parking carefully as road and ramp closures will be enacted for Baylor football game days. Additionally, please do not use smartphone or other turn-by-turn navigation as gameday road closures will not be indicated and directions could be incorrect.

For specific driving directions and routing to the pre-paid lots please CLICK HERE to visit an interactive map.

This interactive parking website has been specifically designed to get you to your pre-purchased parking location in the most time efficient manner! This system takes into consideration I-35 construction, game day road closures and corridor capacity that are not available and/or used by other mapping websites or GPS systems. Do not use internet mapping applications; they may bring you into congestion.

Make sure to look at the parking hangtag for your pre-purchased parking location and locate the 2 to 4 letter parking lot identification code. From the search menu, enter your access corridor or zip code and pre-purchased parking location to get your customized access and egress routes. On game day, you will see signage with these parking codes to enforce the route that you've been provided.

Bring up this site on your mobile device! Also, use the 'Print' option to print your route with driving directions from home, or use the text option to send your route to your mobile device.


The following are pre-paid, season-long parking lots: Lot A, Lot B, Lot C, Lot D, Umphrey Law Center, Ferrell Center, Dutton Garage, Speight Garage & Baylor Research & Innovation Collaborative (BRIC). All parking passes have a perforated piece at the bottom of the pass that will be collected when entering the lot. The parking pass is invalid without this perforated piece. Re-entry will not be allowed once you leave your parking, tailgating or RV lot.

Campus street closures will start 3 hours prior to kickoff. University Parks Drive will start 3 hours prior to kickoff and reopen when Law Enforcement believes it is safe.

• University Parks Drive (Law School/Dutton Garage to Bagby Avenue)
• 3rd Street (Dutton Avenue to Bagby Avenue)
• 4th Street (Dutton Avenue to Marrs McLean)
• The northbound exit on I-35 for 4th-5th St. exit will be closed
• The southbound exit on I-35 for Martin Luther King Blvd. will be closed

ADA parking spaces are available on a reserved, season-long & game-by-game basis - while spaces last - at the Baylor Research & Innovation Collaborative (BRIC). An ADA accessible shuttle will start at 8:00 a.m. and run continuously throughout the game with pick-up at the BRIC and drop-off near Gate C of McLane Stadium.

With 1,800 parking spaces within five blocks, fans may park for free in downtown Waco. A free 8 minute shuttle will be provided with pick-up @ 5th St. & Austin Ave. and drop-off on the south side of MLK & I-35. Fans may also choose to walk to McLane Stadium - which takes about 20 minutes along the river from the Suspension Bridge. For more information please visit Free Downtown Shuttles.

There will be shuttles available, for fans that choose not to walk from these locations, which will drop fans off on University Parks at the beginning of the "I Believe Walkway." These shuttles will begin 3 hours prior to kickoff & stop at the beginning of the 2nd quarter. Shuttles will resume at the start of the 4th quarter.

Baylor Athletics offers season-long, reserved motor home parking in two areas - 18 on-site spots & 24 spaces at the Ferrell Center. RVs must abide by the same policies set forward for the rest of the tailgaters. Reserved RV spots require a Baylor Bear Foundation donation & are sold out for the 2017 season. To be added to the wait list, please call athletic marketing at 254.710.8110 or email

For the most up-to-date information, please visit:


Policy: Animals must be kept on a leash of six-feet or shorter in all tailgating areas. Owners must remain in control of their animals at all times and are responsible for cleaning up any messes by their animal. Owners assume all financial responsibility for any damages to property or injury to individuals caused by the animal. Only service animals are allowed inside McLane Stadium.
Reason: This policy mirrors the Baylor University policy for animals on campus. A non-exhaustive list of prohibited animals includes: Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, any hybrid mixed with above breeds, non-domesticated animals & animals with a history of aggressive behavior.

Policy: Loud music, live bands and other live performances are not allowed in the tailgating areas. Music must be confined to your tailgating area and speakers must be directed into your tailgate area.
Reason: This policy is intended to protect the enjoyment of other fans. Musical tastes and tolerable noise levels vary greatly from tailgate party to tailgate party, and we ask everyone to respect their neighbors.

Policy: Fans may not erect or move barricades, barrels, fencing or any other traffic control devices. All signs and instructions must be obeyed.
Reason: Only University personnel are authorized to erect or remove fencing on campus.

Policy: Commercial activity and solicitations are not allowed on property. Companies may not issue sample products or display signage without proper approval from Baylor IMG College. Food, drink and other items may not be sold or given to the general public.
Reason: This is a matter of legal liability and institutional control. Baylor Athletics does not allow the sale or distribution of goods and services on the campus without proper credentials and insurance.

Policy: The person(s) purchasing the tailgating spot are responsible for the conduct of their guests.
Reason: The close configuration of tailgate areas requires that our guests be good neighbors and conduct themselves in a manner that provides for the comfort and enjoyment of all. Inappropriate behavior will result in the permanent loss of all tailgating privileges.

Policy: Charcoal must be disposed of in hot coal barrels and trash in trash/recycling receptacles throughout the tailgating areas. Grease, coals or other trash may not be disposed of on the ground or into the Brazos River. Please do not place charcoal or other flammables in trashcans, under trees or leave in the tailgating or parking areas.
Reason: Even items that appear to be extinguished may remain flammable and cause fires. Trash that is disposed of on the ground or into the Brazos River is degrading to the appearance of our beautiful campus.

Policy: Portable generators are permitted as long as they do not create excessive noise, emission hazards or other safety concerns.
Reason: Generators have a tendency to be loud and intrusive for other tailgaters. Please be respectful of tailgaters in surrounding spots.

Policy: Glass containers are strongly discouraged for use during tailgating activities.
Reason: Broken glass can cause a safety hazard, not only for tailgaters, but also for students on campus during the week.

Policy: All grills & smokers must be attended at all times and may not obstruct sidewalks, drive lanes or pedestrian walkways. Grills and smokers on trailers are allowed into the on-site tailgating area and must fit within your designated space. Grills and smokers on trailers are not allowed into the Umphrey Law Center tailgating spots.
Reason: Umphrey Law Center tailgating spots don't have the necessary drive lanes to maneuver trailers without damaging the surrounding landscape. Grills and smokers may be carried or wheeled into spots at the Umphrey Law Center.

Policy: Use of ATV's, golf carts, gators, scooters, mopeds and other motorized recreational vehicles are prohibited. Only properly credentialed motorized vehicles are allowed on game day at Baylor University.
Reason: The use of motorized vehicles other than automobiles and motor homes can be a danger to pedestrians, especially children.

Policy: Re-entry will NOT be allowed once you leave your parking, tailgating or RV lot.
Reason: Demand for parking spaces near McLane Stadium is at a premium. In order to maximize the number of fans with access into our lots, Baylor Athletics needs an accurate way of credentialing parking, tailgating and RV spaces. This is done by collecting the perforated piece at the bottom of each pass. The parking pass then becomes invalid without the perforated piece.

Policy: Restrooms will be available at the Clyde Hart Track & Field Stadium. Portable restrooms will also be available throughout the tailgating and parking areas. Individuals may not arrange to have portable restrooms in their tailgating area.
Reason: Unless Baylor Athletics manages the activity of providing portable restrooms, these units can be left in areas unserviced, resulting in unsanitary conditions.

Policy: Reserved RV spots are located on-site and at the Ferrell Center. Access into these reserved spots is available from 5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. the day prior to game day and no earlier than 6:00 a.m. (for 11:00 a.m. kickoffs) & 8:00 a.m. (for all other kickoff times) on game day.
Reason: Reserved RV spots require a Baylor Bear Foundation donation & are sold out for the 2017 season. To be added to the wait list, please call athletic marketing at 254.710.8110 or email

Policy: All motor homes require exhaust extensions that reach the top of the motor home. For the safety of everyone, motor homes without an extension should not operate a generator. This also applies to generators used by fifth wheels.
Reason: Exhaust fumes are dangerous and annoying to other tailgaters.

Policy: It is the responsibility of each tailgate party to secure tailgating items prior to entering the stadium. All valuables should be locked and placed out of sight, all flames and fires extinguished and all barbecue pits, tents, tables and chairs secured. Please obey all posted safety signage & use extreme caution driving into or leaving tailgating areas.
Reason: Baylor Athletics is not responsible or liable for accidents, damage, loss or theft of materials, items or personal property left in the tailgating area. Any person damaging University property will be responsible for the cost of repair.

Policy: On-Site tailgating setup may begin no earlier than 5:00 p.m. on "set-up day" - the day immediately preceding a Baylor home football game. Sites must be vacated by 10:00 p.m. on set-up day - overnight occupancy is only allowed for RVs. Setup for on-site tailgating spots may begin no earlier than 6:00 a.m. (for 11:00 am kickoffs) & 8:00 a.m. (for all other kickoff times) on game day. With approval from Baylor Athletics, professionally installed & secured on-site tents may stay up for the duration of the 2017 football season.

There is no "set-up day" for tailgating spots at the Umphrey Law Center. Overnight occupancy is not allowed. Setup for tailgating spots at the Umphrey Law Center may begin no earlier than 6:00 a.m. (for 11:00 am kickoffs) & 8:00 a.m. (for all other kickoff times) on game day. Fans must have all items - including tents - cleared and cleaned by 5:00 p.m. the day after the game.

Tailgating is not allowed in the Dutton or Speight garages.

Reason: On game day, tailgaters will have access to their assigned spots as soon as parking lots open. If your tailgating spot is located on-site, and you are interested in keeping your on-site tailgating tent up for the entire 2017 football season, please contact This is not an option for tailgaters at the Umphrey Law Center - as it would interfere with campus activities during the week. Tailgating is not allowed in parking garages.

Policy: Tents or canopies must be secured and may not utilize stakes that penetrate the ground more than 12 inches. Tailgating amenities - including tents, canopies, furniture, grills, generators, cables or satellite dishes - may not obstruct sidewalks, drive lanes or pedestrian walkways.
Reason: Stakes longer than 12 inches can damage utilities beneath the Baylor campus and can be dangerous to tailgaters. Sidewalks, drive lanes and pedestrian walkways are necessary routes for pedestrians to reach McLane Stadium. Please be courteous of other tailgaters.


Reserved boat slips are located in the Baylor Basin. These 18 slips require a Baylor Bear Foundation donation and are sold out for the 2017 season. Other gameday sailgating opportunities in the Baylor Basin are being explored. More information about these opportunities will be available prior to the season.

If you plan to sailgate on the Brazos River on game day, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the following documents from Texas Parks & Wildlife, as they will have a presence on the water and be enforcing these laws:

A Digest of the Texas Water Safety Act: A Summary of Boating Laws (2 page PDF)
Highlights include:

• Personal flotation devices
• Sound producing devices
• Lights
• Fire Extinguisher

Boating Safety Tips (1 page)

• "Slow, No Wake" zone between the Waco Drive Bridge and 200 yards from the low water dam
• Power water sports (ie. wakeboarding, water skiing, jetskis) are allowed upstream on the Brazos River, starting at Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd. Bridge.
• It is prohibited to create a wake or wash that is hazardous to other watercraft or person while on Lake Brazos.
• It is prohibited to operate watercraft at a rate of speed, which is greater that what is "reasonable and prudent" in order to operate safely for given conditions.


McLane Seating Map
Stadium Access Map
100 Level Concourse Map
200 Level Concourse Map


Berm seating is located on the grassy area in front of the videoboard. The berm has its own entrance/exit, concessions and restroom facilities. Fans with berm tickets will not have access to the rest of McLane Stadium, and fans with reserved tickets will not have access into the Berm seating area.

Gate A: Located on the southwest corner of McLane Stadium
Gate B: Located on the north end of McLane Stadium
Gate C: Located on the east side of McLane Stadium
Gate D: Located on the southeast corner of McLane Stadium.
Club Entrance: Located on the west side of McLane Stadium
Suite/Loge Entrance: Located on the west side of McLane Stadium
Founders' Suite Entrance: Located on the west side of McLane Stadium
President's Suite Entrance: Located on the southwest side of McLane Stadium
Media Entrance: Located on the northwest side of McLane Stadium
Grass Berm/Baylor Line Entrance: Located on the South end of McLane Stadium
Baylor Players, Trainers, Managers, Cheerleaders Pass List Entrance: Located on the southeast corner of the stadium
Baylor Recruit Pass List Entrance: Located on the north end of McLane Stadium
Visiting Team Pass List Entrance: Located on the north end of McLane Stadium

Recruit Pass List Entrance: Will open 2 hours prior to kickoff

Suite, Loge & Club Entrances: Will open 1 hour & 45 minutes prior to kickoff

All other gates entrances: Will open 1 hour & 30 minutes prior to kickoff.

All gates/entrances into McLane Stadium are ADA accessible except Gate A.

Public elevators are available at McLane Stadium near Gates B & C.

McLane Stadium has 2 escalators that run from the Club/Loge Lobby to the Club Seating area.

There are seven sets of stairs located throughout McLane Stadium to provide access between the 100 Level concourse and the 200 Level concourse. These are located behind sections 100, 104, 110, 115, 119, 126 & 131.

Code compliant ramps are available on the east side of McLane Stadium. The ramp to the 100 Level concourse starts at Gate D and travels up to the concourse where you may enter behind Section 124. If your seats are on the 200 Level concourse, the ramp will continue up on the east side of McLane Stadium where you will enter onto the concourse behind Section 220.

McLane Stadium provides wheelchair and companion seating with enhanced sight lines on every level. Fans purchasing/exchanging a ticket for an accessible seat may purchase/exchange up to three additional seats for their companions.

Should a season ticket holder require accessible seating for a particular game, accommodations may be made prior to that game subject to availability at the Baylor Athletics Ticket Office located at the Ferrell Center. The season ticket holder of record must contact the Ticket Office to arrange for relocation into wheelchair and companion seating. Please be advised advance notice is recommended to better service specific requests. All ADA ticket exchanges are based on a first come, first served basis. For more information, please contact the Ticket Office at (254) 710-1000 or by email at

Patrons who acquire tickets to a game via secondary markets, but who need to be relocated to a designated wheelchair/companion seating area, are required to exchange tickets day of game at Guest Services - located behind Sections 114 & 214. Please be advised that such exchanges and relocations are subject to wheelchair/companion seat availability and are accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Berm seating is located on the grassy area in front of the videoboard. The berm has its own entrance/exit, concessions and restroom facilities. Fans with berm tickets will not have access to the rest of McLane Stadium, and fans with reserved tickets will not have access into the Berm seating area.


Automated external defibrillators (AEDs) will be located on the 100 Level concourse & the 200 Level concourse behind sections 103, 114, 125, 211 & 228.

Assistive listening devices are available to hearing impaired fans. These devices are available at Guest Services located near sections 114 and 214. A government issued photo ID is required in order to check out the device.

ATMs are located throughout McLane Stadium on the concourse behind sections 110, 119, 125, 212, 218 & 224. Major credit cards and debit cards are accepted at concessions stands & bookstore locations throughout the stadium.

Six mobile device-charging stations will be available throughout McLane Stadium for fans needing a little extra battery life for their personal devices.

CHAR BQ: This concept will offer more authentic barbeque options and sides.
• Pulled Pork Sandwich Basket
• Chopped Beef Sandwich Basket
• Loaded Kettle Chips (Choice of Meat)
• Baked Beans
• Coleslaw
• Potato Salad

Fuel: This is our standard fare concept and will highlight our highest selling items at 10 Locations.
• Hot Dogs
• Chili Dogs
• Nachos
• Chili Cheese Nachos
• Pretzels
• Candy
• Chips
• Popcorn
• Peanuts

Eat Street: This is our hot food concept. Providing a variety of hot foods for our customers at 5 Locations.
• Game day Burger (This menu item changes every game and is developed providing flavors around the visiting team each game.)
• Cheeseburger
• Chicken Tenders
• Hot Dog
• Pretzel
• Popcorn
• Fries
• Nachos

Creoles/Bistro: Will change into a full Specialty Burger stand, name to be determined. This concept will offer numerous 1/2lb burger options for our customers.
• The Bruin (Standard 1/2lb burger with vegetables)
• Chili Cheese Burger
• Bacon Cheddar Burger
As well as burgers rotating throughout the season, such as:
• Texan Burger (Cheeseburger topped with Bacon, Jalapenos, Spicy BBQ, and Onion Haystack)
• Bear Pound (1lb Burger Topped with Cheese, Bacon & Vegetables)

Wraps and Salads: Will be our fresh concept providing a variety of wraps and salads to our customers.
• Chicken Wrap
• Turkey Wrap
• Tuna Salad Wrap
• Garden Salad
• Caesar
• Chicken Salad

Dog Shack: Will be a new concept to take place of the t-shirt location at 210. This menu will feature a variety of Hot Dogs including many fan favorites.
• Chili Cheese
• New York
• Texan Dog (Bacon Wrapped Dog Topped with Brisket, Nacho Cheese & Jalapenos)
• Classic

Through IMG College Seating, fans can reserve a Baylor Bear Chair prior to the season and have it installed for the entire year for $50. IMG College Seating will have locations throughout McLane Stadium behind sections 100, 124 & 215a for customer service & single-game rentals. For information on the Baylor Bear Chairs, go online at or call 1-844-359-2293.

For the safety of fans in McLane Stadium, first aid stations are located on the concourse near sections 102, 125, 210 & 228. If you need assistance or you are with someone who does, contact the nearest event staff team member, aid station or law enforcement officer.

Guest Services locations are on the concourse near Sections 114 & 214.

All fans looking to claim or report lost items should visit Guest Services on the concourse near Section 114. Fans inquiring about a lost item during non-game hours should email:

The Shops @ McLane Stadium includes five unique locations throughout McLane Stadium.

Bruiser's Locker Room: Located on the service level adjacent to Gate C - this shop is also accessible from outside the stadium from 9:00a.m. (for a 6:30p.m. kickoff) until gates open
1845: Located on the 100 Level concourse behind section 106
BU Sideline Shop: Located on the 100 Level concourse behind section 123
Goal Line Shop: Located on the 200 Level concourse behind section 220

The Mom & Baby Room is a private space where moms can nurse, pump and spend some quiet time with their little ones. This air-conditioned room is located behind Section 114 - next to Guest Services - and is equipped with comfortable seating, electrical outlets & a changing table.

Programs will be available to fans outside the stadium in the south plaza between Gates A & D. There will also be roaming program sellers inside McLane Stadium near Gates A, B, C & D that will have programs available for $10.

Restrooms of all shapes & sizes are available near the following sections:
100 Level Concourse
• Women's: 102, 107, 112, 113, 117, 118, 120, 121, 127, 129, 130
• Men's: 101, 111, 112, 116, 117, 119, 120, 130
• Family Restroom: 103, 114, 116, 127
• Family Lounge: 110, 120
200 Level Concourse
• Women's: 201, 211, 213, 214, 217, 219, 221, 224, 228, 230
• Men's: 202, 211, 213, 216, 218, 223, 226, 228
• Family Restroom: 202, 212, 219
• Family Lounge: 210, 221

Baylor Athletics provides a simple text message code that will permit fans to send questions, concerns or requests via their mobile phones to McLane Stadium officials. For stadium assistance or to report an issue, text the word MCLANE, followed by your message and location to 69050. Standard text messaging rates apply.

Water fountains are available near the following sections:
100 Level Concourse: 101, 104, 107, 108, 112, 114, 117, 119, 120, 125, 128, 130
200 Level Concourse: 202, 210, 213, 214, 216, 218, 219, 221, 226, 228

Wireless Internet Service is available within McLane Stadium using a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Fans may connect by selecting the "MCLANE-WIFI" WiFi network on their mobile device and following the instructions on your web browser.

If you need assistance, please see the WiFi coaches available near guest services areas at McLane Stadium.


Policy: Public address announcements are restricted to emergency situations only.
Reason: Many in-stadium announcements are requested, but only emergency situations can be addressed through PA announcements in McLane Stadium. To properly address these situations, Baylor Police are responsible for determining the level of importance of any requested emergency announcement.

Policy: Service animals are welcome in McLane Stadium. All other animals will not be allowed to enter.
Reason: A service animal is trained to perform tasks for an individual with a disability.

Policy: Big 12 Conference rules do not permit artificial noisemakers to be brought into or used in McLane Stadium.
Reason: The Big 12 implemented this rule in order to prevent the distraction of the participants and officials in the game.

Policy: Backpacks are not allowed in McLane Stadium. Bags and purses 12" x 6" x 12" or smaller will be allowed in McLane Stadium.
Reason: National and local security officials have designated backpacks and large bags as security risks. Unattended bags create a security threat. Bags may not be left at the gates and will be confiscated, removed and discarded immediately.

Policy: Banners may not be hung and poles may not be brought into McLane Stadium unless approved by Baylor Athletics.
Reason: Banners or poles in McLane Stadium can be a nuisance to other fans by obstructing their view of the game, and can create safety concerns for those in the area.

Policy: Cameras with lenses 4" or smaller are permitted in McLane Stadium. Tripods & monopods are not allowed into McLane Stadium.
Reason: Large lens cameras, tripods and monopods interfere with the game and others' enjoyment of the game.

Policy: Portable chairbacks and seat cushions will not be allowed in McLane Stadium, however, fans may rent chairs from IMG College Seating for the season at or on gameday at locations throughout the stadium.
Reason: Wide chairback seats overlap into the seat of the fan next to you & many encroach into the legroom of the fan behind you. The chairbacks and cushions available from IMG College Seating are customized for the benches at McLane Stadium.

Policy: Drones and other Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) may not be flown or operated from or over Baylor property.
Reason: Drones and UAS may cause a safety hazard and violate the temporary flight restriction that covers McLane Stadium

Policy: Access to the field shall be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly credentialed individuals at all times.
Reason: For the safety of participants and spectators alike, at no time before, during or after a contest shall spectators be permitted onto the field.

In conjunction with the Big 12 Conference & for the safety of our guests & employees, the following are prohibited:

Artificial Noisemakers
Bags & Purses Larger than 12" x 6" x 12"
Banners & Poles
Camera Lenses Larger than 4", Tripods & Monopods
Chairbacks & Cushions
Outside Food & Beverage*
Scooters, Strollers, Bicycles, Roller skates & Skateboards
Video Cameras
Weapons, Firearms & Fireworks

Abusive, Foul or Disruptive Behavior
Actions Deemed Dangerous or Inappropriate
Smoking - Traditional & Non-Traditional
Throwing Objects
Trespassing, Soliciting, Peddling & Loitering

*Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs

Policy: McLane Stadium has a no re-entry policy. Exceptions to the no re-entry policy will be made for medical situations. If a need for re-entry arises due to a medical need, please visit a gate supervisor at any of the entry gates.
Reason: Safety. To ensure a safe and more secure environment for everyone at McLane Stadium, re-entry will not be allowed once you have left the stadium. Keeping our fans, coaches, student-athletes and officials safe and secure on gameday is of the highest priority.

Policy: Smoking (both traditional & non-traditional) and any form of tobacco will not be permitted at McLane Stadium.
Reason: Baylor University is a tobacco-free, smoke-free campus. For more information, please visit:

Policy: Umbrellas are not allowed in McLane Stadium. Umbrellas left at the gate/entrance will be confiscated and discarded during security sweeps.
Reason:Umbrellas are a sight obstruction for other fans, and can be a safety hazard. Fans should bring appropriate rain gear in case of inclement weather.

Policy: All persons (ages 2 & up) must present a ticket for admission to McLane Stadium.
Reason: This policy is for the convenience and safety of all ticket holders. Even the smallest of Baylor fans sitting on their parents' lap can be an inconvenience to the fan sitting in the next seat and a safety risk for the child.

Policy: Video cameras are not permitted in McLane Stadium.
Reason: Baylor Athletics is obligated to protect the television and digital rights granted by the Big 12 Conference to television networks and other media. By prohibiting video cameras except for use by credentialed working media, Baylor Athletics can best manage that obligation.

Policy: Fans may bring clear, empty water bottles into McLane Stadium to fill at water fountains located around the 100 & 200 level concourses. Limit one per person & bottles may not exceed 1L in size. Glass containers and backpack-style hydration systems are not allowed.
Reason: It's hot in Texas! Baylor Athletics wants all fans coming to McLane Stadium to drink plenty of water & stay hydrated on gameday.





Join the "Voice of the Bears," John Morris, and Derek Smith, as they host the TAILGATE show beginning two hours prior to kickoff on the stage near the Baylor Alumni Network tent just outside Touchdown Alley. Listen to live play-by-play radio broadcasts of all football games on the Baylor IMG Sports Network, with pregame coverage beginning 30 minutes prior to kick off with the Countdown to Kickoff.

A live pre-game show broadcasted prior to each home football game from Touchdown Alley at McLane Stadium, "Baylor Game Day," will be hosted by KWTX personalities Dan Ingham, Sean Giggy, Brian Kaufman and Julie Hays with special live reports from Jeremy Stein. The show will feature exclusive interviews, analysis and special features from Baylor and the KWTX team.

This application will provide stadium information and live stats along with video replays - where fans can choose from multiple angles to watch plays over and over. For more information or to download the app visit: BAYLORBEARS.COM/STADIUMAPP.

Fans can welcome the Bears to McLane Stadium 2.5 hours prior to kickoff. Meet near Touchdown Alley and fill the path toward the Baylor Basin bridge leading to McLane Stadium to cheer on the team as it enters the stadium.

The official pre-game area of Baylor Football is located just across the Basin Bridge on the old Floyd Casey Stadium turf for all fans to come early and enjoy! Touchdown Alley opens three hours prior to game time and closes 30 minutes prior to kickoff. This area includes activities for the entire family and is FREE of charge except for food or drinks.


That Good old Baylor Line

That Good old Baylor Line

We'll march forever down the years

As long as stars shall shine

We'll fling our Green and Gold afar

To light the ways of time

And guide us as we onward go

That good old Baylor Line.

Bear down you Bears of Old Baylor U We're all for you!
We're gonna show dear old Baylor spirit through and through!
Come on and fight them with all your might you bruins bold
And win all our victories for the Green and Gold!
Come on and fight them with all your might bruins bold
And win all our victories for the Green and Gold!


Bear Foundation Game Day Concierge:
Bear Foundation members with time-sensitive game day questions such as lost parking passes, ticket issues, etc., may call 254-640-5054 starting 6 hours prior to kickoff for immediate assistance. This Bear Foundation off-site concierge service will be conveniently located near McLane Stadium at Hotel Indigo in downtown Waco (211 Clay Avenue). BBF members may also utilize this concierge service to leave tickets or parking for friends and family. As a reminder, 3rd party ticket will call at McLane Stadium is prohibited.

All Bear Foundation reserved parking lots for game days have been allocated. There are four lots found directly on the stadium grounds (A-Lot, B-Lot, C-Lot and D-Lot). The A and B Lots are assigned reserved spaces and the C and D Lots are non-reserved first-come, first-served parking. Bear Foundation parking is also found at the Ferrell Center, Dutton Parking Garage and Umphrey Law School. To prevent any lot from being oversold, lost parking passes will not be replaced. For the most current information on direction and parking guidelines, please visit BAYLORBEARS.COM/PARKING.

Premium Areas:
McLane Stadium will feature four premium areas: Founders Suites, Premium Suites, Loge Boxes and Bear Heights Club Seating. Access to these areas is limited to ticket holders only. Ticket possession will grant access to these respective areas and the applicable amenities they carry. Entrance into these areas does not require a Baylor Club (ClubCorp) membership on game days and members of the Baylor Club who do not hold tickets to one of these areas will not have access to these premium areas on game days.

A Bear Foundation representative will be located at a courtesy table inside the Club/Loge entrance to assist with game day needs for Suite, Loge and Club seat holders.


Bear Heights Club Food Service:
All club seat ticket holders will receive a complimentary meal voucher affixed to their game ticket that will entitle them to one of 4 meal packages offered. Each package will include an entrée, side, snack and dessert. Free fountain beverages will be available throughout the game. In addition, concession style stations with a variety of options will be open in the Club for a la carte purchase throughout the game.

Loge Box Food Service:
Each game will include the choice of four menus to be offered to the loge box owner in advance of game day and dropped off at the box prior to the loge box owners' arrival. The refrigerators in each loge will be stocked with a variety of sodas and waters, and roaming servers will be available to attend to any loge box owner needs. ClubCorp will work directly with the loge box holder to accommodate menu preferences and special needs.

Premium Suite Food Service:
Each game, Baylor University suite holders and their guests will enjoy a variety of delicious seasonal menu items on our Chef's Table, located in the Suite Lounge. A family-style dessert bar will also be available in the Suite Lounge during halftime for a sweet moment during the game. In addition to the offerings in the Suite Lounge, suite holders are able to customize their game day experience with their purchase of a la carte items from the Baylor Club's game day menus, creating a personalized culinary experience that is delivered in-suite.

Founders' Food Service:
McLane Stadium Founders Suite owners are able to customize their game menu from a vast array of culinary offerings, including seafood, salads, platters and more. A chef attendant will be on call to answer questions and discuss the dishes. Founders Suite owners and their guests will also enjoy a delicious dessert bar in the Founders Lounge at halftime.

McLane Stadium Season Tickets:
Thanks to overwhelming support from Baylor Nation, season tickets at McLane Stadium are sold out for 2017. Those wishing to purchase new or additional tickets for the first time in 2017 are encouraged to visit to join the wait list. There is no cost to join the wait list; however, a 2017-18 Bear Foundation membership may be required at the time tickets are offered to purchase the seats.

Future Alumni Events Center:
Fundraising continues for the proposed Baylor Alumni Events Center to be located directly adjacent to McLane Stadium on the east side of the facility. While there is no equivalent to the Bear Zone or Galloway Suites at McLane Stadium currently, a Bear Foundation pre-and in-game meeting area is planned as part of this future Event Center.


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