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Ian Answers Your Questions

Jan. 12, 2004

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    Editor's Note:
    We appreciate the overwhelming response we have received to our new feature, Ask Ian, and encourage Baylor fans to continue forwarding their questions and comments. Because of time constraints and the heavy volume of feedback, Ian is not in a position to answer every email. Your ideas are important, though, and all questions submitted are read by Ian. He then selects the questions he wishes to answer in a given week, and prepares his responses which are then posted at BaylorBears.com.

    Dear Ian:

    When will the 2004 football schedule be released?

    Waco, Texas


    We have just completed the 2004 schedule and will announce it very shortly. It will be a demanding schedule that features seven games against bowl teams from this year. We are back to an 11-game schedule and we will have six games at Floyd Casey Stadium. It will be a great year for Baylor Football and season tickets will go on sale in April.


    Dear Ian:

    First off I'd like to say thanks for taking over our program and bringing a new light and energy to it. I've been in D.C. for a few years now and every year I eagerly anticipate the release of team schedules to see if Baylor might play anywhere close enough to go watch in person.

    Alas, with very few exceptions, there is little travel done by Baylor teams to the East coast. What are the chances of Baylor coaches expanding their travel to this part of the country? I'm sure BU has a lot of alumni in the east coast who would love to cheer and support the Bears in person. Sic'em Bears!!!

    Carlos Orr
    Washington, D.C.


    As Baylor University's national reputation continues to grow, it does make great sense for our teams to play games around the country. We expect to recruit from a broader base and to expose the University and our athletics programs throughout the nation will further both institutional and athletic department goals.

    We have upcoming games scheduled on the East Coast in a number of sports including football, men's and women's basketball.

    We appreciate your strong support of Baylor Athletics!



    I was wondering if there is a chance any of the non-conference football games being moved to Thursday next year? This way Baylor could get a little more exposure on TV which would be great for fans and for future recruits to see Baylor play. My understanding is that Baylor is trying to schedule Texas State for TBA game. Any chance we could add a fourth non-conference game to help balance the schedule? Maybe that game could be on a Thursday, this added game could also really help our chances of making a bowl game next year.

    Fahad Amin
    Austin, Texas


    This is a terrific question. We are always willing to consider moving a football game for television. It affords us an opportunity to expose our program to a regional or national audience and is a tremendous asset in recruiting.

    Television appearances for next year have yet to be determined, however, we have already approached a television partner about the possibility of moving one game to a non-traditional date if television is available.


    Dear Ian:

    Just wanted to see what the possibility of setting aside part of the parking lot for tailgaters would be. I know that many colleges and almost all the NFL teams set aside part of the parking lot so that folks can have the room and a secure area to tailgate. You could charge a minimal fee but if this would happen it could help boost interest in tailgating and produce a much better game day atmosphere around the stadium for the fans and players.

    Thanks, Bill Whitmire
    Cameron, Texas


    We strongly encourage tailgating at Baylor football games. In fact, we have a core group of fans who regularly tailgate in the main parking areas at Floyd Casey Stadium along with the areas adjacent to Dutton Avenue.

    Also, the Snickers Touchdown Alley area has been a highly successful addition to our game day festivities. It affords fans an opportunity to enjoy food and refreshments, music, games and other activities in a carnival-like atmosphere before home games.

    I appreciate your support of Baylor Athletics!



    Thanks again for taking the time to answer questions! The question I want to ask is in regards to soccer. I am aware of the women's soccer program, and what Coach Van Linder is doing with the program. I think he is doing a great job! My question is, whether or not there are plans to add a men's soccer program to Baylor? There are many schools around the area that have great soccer talent. I love soccer and would love to root a Baylor men's and women's soccer team! Thanks!

    Kevin Barrera
    Waco, Texas


    Coach Van Linder and his staff are doing a terrific job with our women's soccer program and this program has a very bright future at Baylor. At this time, we do not have any plans to add a men's soccer program at the intercollegiate level. However, with the tremendous growth of the sport, a club men's soccer program would make great sense. Club programs fall under the campus recreation area and information is available by calling 710-7542.


    Dear Ian:

    I currently purchase tickets for football and basketball through Bear Force One and have so from the start. I have always wondered why we can't do something for baseball and softball. I think something could be done involving just general admission. I appreciate your time.

    Brad Strickland
    Lorena, Texas

    Dear Brad:

    The Bear Force One is an excellent program that broadens the Baylor fan base and exposes our programs to fans whom otherwise would not be likely to attend games. DeAnn Smith and our committee do an outstanding job with this outreach program.

    We have experienced considerable success working with football along with both basketball programs. In addition, you are not alone in expressing interest in expanding the program into baseball and softball. We will continue to look at ways to expand this successful program.


    Dear Ian:

    What (where) is the website address that most accurately provides the latest recruiting status for the Baylor Football Program? The Austin paper offers very little information, especially current, for Baylor, thanks.

    Donald O. Atkins
    Austin, Texas

    Dear Donald:

    As you know, Baylor cannot announce any official information regarding football recruiting until the national signing date on February 4 when prospective student-athletes are eligible to sign a national letter of intent.

    In order to obtain unofficial information about Baylor recruiting many fans utilize internet sites. A popular site among Baylor fans is appropriately named BaylorFans.com. In addition, a national recruiting site that is often referenced is Rivals.com, and the Waco Tribune does an excellent job of covering recruiting, too.

    Thank you for your interest and support of Baylor Athletics!


    Dear Ian:

    I know it was a hot topic when you first arrived, but do you have any updates on where we are with providing an on-campus practice facility for the football team?

    Johnny Galyean
    McKinney, Texas


    There continues to be a strong expression of interest on the part of many individuals regarding the development of an on-campus football practice facility. We continue to study to physical aspects of this project and identify individuals who want to support the development of this facility.

    On a broader scale, we are in the process of developing an athletic master plan that includes all of the facilities projects that we have identified for Baylor Athletics in the foreseeable future.

    Thank you for the excellent questions this week.