The `B' Line . . . January 16, 2003

Jan. 16, 2003

This is another "B" Line column, a periodic collection of news items of particular interest to members of the Baylor "B" Association. Contribute news about you or your teammates via e-mail to Lee Harrington (, Dutch Schroeder (, Reba Cooper ( or Jack Loftis ( The mailing address is Baylor "B" Association, P. O. Box 8120, Waco, TX 76714

PICK AN EXCUSE - Holidays, vacations, technical difficulties, laziness on the writer's end? For one or more of these reasons no "B" Line column has been posted since Dec. 22. So, before we get too far into 2003, perhaps a quick glimpse back at "B" Association events during the past year might be an appropriate way of catching up. Reunions were big - the 1951 Orange Bowl and 1957 Sugar Bowl teams, the 1977 and 1978 College Baseball World Series Bears, former track and field athletes in town for dedication of the Winston Wolfe T&F Complex . . . Honors Bestowed: 2001 honoree Micheal Williams belatedly, but officially inducted into the BU Athletic Hall of Fame, to be followed in the fall by Ron Burns, Dennis Gentry, Natalie Nalpea, Raymond Pierre, Ray Vickrey and Mike Welch . . . Congressional Medal of Honor winners Jack Lummus and John Kane enshrined on the Wall of Honor . . . Dedication of the Dutch Schroeder Plaza . . . First ever Schroeder- (Bunk) Bradley Service Awards to Dr. Jerry Marcontell and Ken Dunlap . . . National League Rookie of the Year honors for the Colorado Rockies' Jason Jennings . . . Dr. Sandy Bahm inducted as an honorary member of Southwest Athletic Trainers Association . . . Congratulations to all - and apologies to all whose big moments have been inadvertently left out . . .

PARTY TIMES - Good times were experienced in 2002 by those attending Jim Pate's annual holiday bash in Dallas and Don Riddle's Tired Bears function at Marble Falls . . . Graying football players in the Dallas-Fort Worth area met regularly and pretended the Good Old Days were back. (By the end of football season Oscars should have been presented to all.) . . . The Bears' baseball season got off to a cool start at frigid Enron Field in Houston, but the players and coaches were warmed by the hospitality demonstrated toward them at a luncheon hosted by the "B" Association and some of its individual members . . . Good Quotes Department: Former Red Sox outfielder Jerry Mallett's memories at the time of Ted Williams' death . . . Al Witcher's recall of being one of the first Houston Oilers and his confession of now being a Titan fan, even as the Houston Texans suited up for the first time . . . Gale Galloway's poignant words about the Baylor Bears who 50 years earlier represented their school in Miami's Orange Bowl . . . Houston Rockets GM Carroll Dawson's entertaining description of going to China in pursuit of 7-foot-what Yao Ming (a journey that paid off faster than anyone remotely connected with the National Basketball League ever thought possible . . . Changing of the Guards: "B" Association President Knox Pittard presented his Green & Gold Gavel to 2003 bossman Ronnie Goodwin and Executive Vice President Emeritus Dutch Schroeder turned over day-to-day operations of the "B" Association to Executive Vice President Lee Harrington . . .

OTHER PASSINGS - Also during the past year the "B" Association acknowledged the deaths of the following: Alvin Adelman, Waco, (fencing 1940-41); Marvin Block, Leawood, Ks. (football 1983-84); Harold Bolger, Waco (baseball 1937-39); Jerry Don Bolin, McKinney (football 1965); Charles M. Bradshaw, Richardson (football 1956-57); T. C. (Tom) Chandler, Bryan (baseball (1946-48); Bobby Lee Crenshaw, Grand Prairie (football 1961-63); Guayford O. (Red) Donaldson, Waco (football 1951-52, track 1952-54); Tom H. Fatheree Jr., address unknown (track 1956-57); Gordon Hollon, Boerne (basketball 1943, football 1942, 1946-47);

William S. Kemp, Arlington (track 1961-63); Dr. Ray V. Mayfield, Houston (football 1949); Troy Winston Moody, Kemp (track 1956); Gene K. Perry Jr., Parker County (track 1975); Samuel David Quay, Dallas (track manager 1950); Lonnie E. Quillen Jr., Conroe, (basketball 1951); Cris E. Quinn, Beaumont (football 1974-76); Odis Richardson, Houston (baseball 1940-41); W. Clyde Robinson, Waco (baseball 1949-51); Harmon Rowe, address unknown (basketball 1943); William A. Srack, Conroe (basketball 1947-50, tennis 1950); Troy Stallings, Conroe (baseball 1925-27); Grover C. Willcox Jr., Waco (baseball 1940-41); Dr. W. J. Wimpee, Waco (football 1937-39, track 1940), Ronald E. Woodward, San Antonio (football 1967-68) . . . Among the deaths, none was more tragic than the murder of Cris Quinn in his Beaumont law office on June 13. On Jan. 9 of this year 80-year-old Richard Gerzine of Vidor was sentenced to life in prison for the crime. Jefferson County prosecutors said Gerzine pulled a shotgun from a cardboard box and shot Quinn, 47, twice because his law firm refused to represent Gerzine in an asbestos case . . .


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