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Athletic Fundraising Projects Underway
Listing of expected costs for various athletic projects.

July 2, 2001

The following is a list of potential athletic department facility projects. If you are interested in a particular project's status or timetable, please contact Director of Athletics Tom Stanton at 254-710-1222 or Vice-President for University Development Richard Scott at 254-710-2561.

I. Floyd Casey Stadium ?
a. North End Zone Complex Locker Room/Weight Room Expansion $1,800,000
b. Grant Teaff Plaza $300,000
c. Student-Athlete Rehabilitation Center $500,000
d. Stadium Landscaping $250,000
e. Exterior Stadium Ornamental Fence $150,000
f. Concrete Walkway Around Stadium $250,000
g. Paved Parking Lots $1,500,000
h. Concession and Restroom Construction/Refurbishing $1,000,000
? ?
II. Tennis Complex ?
a. Outdoor Court Naming Opportunities $150,000
b. Indoor Facility (six courts) $150,000
c. Locker Room Naming Opportunities TBD
? ?
III. University Parks Baylor Waco Foundation Pavilion Remodeling $300,000
a. 40% Outdoor Batting Cage Rework ?
b. 60% Strength and Conditioning Area for adjacent facilities utilization ?
? ?
IV. Video/Graphic Boards $2,000,000
a. Football (new video board) ?
b. Basketball (new video board) ?
c. Baseball (current football graphics board to be moved to baseball) ?
d. Softball (new scoreboard with graphics board) ?
? ?
V. Golf Locker Facility $1,000,000
? ?
VI. Track and Field Upgrades ?
a. Locker Rooms $500,000
b. Indoor Workout Pavilion $750,000
? ?
VII. Furniture ?
a. Athletic Department Foyer $50,000
b. Golf Facility $25,000
c. Tennis Facility $50,000
d. Softball Offices $30,000
? ?
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