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Victory With Integrity Campaign Approved

Feb. 4, 2005

Baylor Athletics' Victory With Integrity Campaign On Way To Reaching Goal
Basketball Practice Facility Update
Grant Teaff Plaza To Be Completed In 2005
Artist Renderings of Proposed Facilities
Victory With Integrity Campaign Enjoys Successful Start - February 16, 2006
Artist Renderings of Proposed Facilities

In keeping with its high expectations for competitive success and integrity throughout its program, the Baylor athletic department has established a five-year development campaign to achieve the financial support necessary to accomplish the goals outlined in its five-year strategic plan, "Above and Beyond." The "Victory With Integrity" campaign, approved Feb. 4 by resolution of the school's Board of Regents, seeks to raise $90 million in private gift support for Baylor Athletics over the next five years.

"We are excited about the Board of Regent's vision and strong support of Baylor Athletics through the resolution to approve the Victory With Integrity campaign," second-year Director of Athletics Ian McCaw said. "This campaign is an outgrowth of our strategic plan and consistent with our goals of providing a high quality student-athlete experience and achieving competitive success in all sports."

Through strategic planning, the department has identified key actions which will heighten the spiritual, physical, competitive and social environment thereby enhancing the student-athlete experience and providing support for successful performances in the classroom and in competition. This campaign will advance Baylor toward a successful future by addressing needs in three critical areas: capital, endowment and annual. All gifts and pledges to Baylor Athletics during the campaign period will be included in the overall goal with the majority of funds raised being utilized for capital projects outlined in the department's strategic plan and to grow the athletic endowment.

While Baylor enjoys several high quality intercollegiate athletic facilities, several important projects were identified during the strategic planning process that would ensure the school remains competitive both within the Big 12 Conference and nationally. Those projects (in alphabetical order) include a basketball practice facility, an equestrian facility, Grant Teaff Plaza phase two and three completion, an indoor tennis and multi-purpose facility, an on-campus track facility and an on-campus football training facility. These enhancements will provide Baylor teams with nationally competitive, championship caliber facilities for years to come.

The current athletic endowment of $17 million provides a base level of athletic financial aid support for student-athlete scholarships. However, the annual return from these funds provides only a small fraction of the scholarship costs for Baylor's 18-sport intercollegiate athletic program. Recent analyses have determined that it would take approximately $50 million to endow the cash (non-tuition) portion of Baylor's athletic scholarships including room, board, books and fees for student-athletes. By securing additional endowment funding, the cash expenses related to student-athletes scholarship would be underwritten.

"Baylor Athletics is enjoying great momentum resulting from our outstanding coaching leadership and the accomplishments of our teams and student-athletes," McCaw said. "We look forward to this campaign drawing together the entire Baylor family in support of the athletic program and building a bright future of unprecedented success."

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