Compliance Question of the Week


Is it permissible to hire an outside instructor or consultant to work with student-athletes?


It is not permissible to use an outside consultant to be involved in on- or off-field coaching activities (e.g., attending practices and meetings, formulating game plans, analyzing videotape) with student-athletes without counting the consultant in the coaching limitations in that sport. It is permissible for a sport skill instructor to serve as a temporary consultant to the Baylor coaching staff.

Examples outside consultants:
Sport Psychologists
A psychologist may engage in "mental imaging" with student-athletes. Keep in mind, time that a student-athlete is required to spend with a psychologist, must be included in the daily/weekly limits on countable athletically related activity.

Sport Skill Consultants (e.g., Pitching Coach, Shooting Coach)
Student-athletes may employ sport skill consultants to work with them individually provided:

The consultant is paid the going rate for such services, The consultations or workouts do not take place on campus, and Baylor coaches do not arrange or observe the activity.

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