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Where Will You Be Sitting?

March 29, 2013

By Jerry Hill
Baylor Bear Insider

While the opening of the new riverfront Baylor Stadium is roughly 17 months away, there is no better time than the present to “skip ahead in line” for your 2014 football season tickets.

If you haven’t already, you will be receiving a Bear Foundation renewal package in the mail this week that details how your 2013-14 membership will impact your seating priority for the first season in the new stadium.

“Our objective is to make sure everyone, including any non-season ticket-holders, is aware that if you want to skip ahead of the line,” said Doug McNamee, Assistant Athletic Director for Premium Sales and Services, “then join the foundation; and you’ll move ahead with that selection process.”

Doug Smith, Executive Director of the Bear Foundation, said the incentive plan tied in with your BBF renewal will hopefully “create a sense of loyalty to existing members.” The system will reward the current membership, as of Nov. 22, 2013, “before the person that jumps on the train late,” McNamee said.

“What we’re doing is allowing our members (to select their 2014 seating), before people come in next summer and for the first time want premium season tickets,” Smith said. “What we do want to do is create a sense of loyalty. One year may not sound like much, but it is.”

The Bear Foundation Priority Ranking System will be used to establish selection priority for the Baylor Stadium Seating Plan based on 2013-14 BBF donors as of Nov. 22, 2013. To improve your selection process, donors may increase their 2013-14 BBF contribution at any time until that date.

Additionally, season-ticket limits for 2014 will be based on your 2013 total. BBF members will be guaranteed the ability to purchase the same number of season tickets for the first year at the new Baylor Stadium. However, access to premium seats will be based on availability, and will require payment of the respective seat option minimums that will be announced later this year.

“In terms of action steps, they need to renew their foundation membership and purchase their season tickets,” McNamee said. “That gets them in line for this year and for next year. They need to purchase as many season tickets for this year as they want for next year. And they need to renew their membership at the highest level they are able, because that will dictate where they fall in line for selection.”

McNamee also explained that all of your season tickets do not have to be in the premium seating area for this season.

“We anticipate that we’ll sell out our premium seats again this year,” he said. “So, if somebody says, ‘OK, if I’ve got four tickets now, and I want to get six in the new stadium, I’m going to get six premium seats this year.’ Well, the reality is they’re probably not going to have access to get six premium seats this year. They’re going to have to keep the four they have, and they’ll just need to get two additional seats elsewhere in the stadium. And then next year when they select, they can do all six at the same time.”

As Smith put it, “As long as they have on their record six season tickets – anywhere – next year they can select all six seats together.”

The seat selection process for the 2014 football season at Baylor Stadium is expected to begin in February 2014, long before the seats are actually in place. “We’re going to seat 43,000 people in a stadium where you won’t even be able to get in yet,” Smith said.

As far as the BBF renewal process for 2013-14, the package also includes a personalized renewal form that you can sign and return by mail. Or you can renew online at But prior to receiving any season tickets, you must make a full payment or establish a payment plan for both your season tickets and BBF donation pledge.

Upcoming deadlines include May 29 for your 2013 football season ticket renewal and June 1 for making your Bear Foundation pledge to retain season tickets associated with the donation.

For information on the BBF Annual Fund Drive, contact Kevin Kyle at or 254-710-3135. If you need further info on the 2014 Baylor Stadium seating selection process, contact Doug McNamee at or 254-710-3271.

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