Fifty Freshmen Honored by Big 12 for Academic Work

June 19, 2014

WACO, Texas – The Big 12 office announced Thursday its first ever Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team, and Baylor was among four league schools that had at least 40 honorees for the 2013-14 school year.

A total of 455 student-athletes were named to the 2013-14 Academic All-Big 12 Rookie Team, which honors conference competitors who are new, incoming freshmen at their respective institution.

Baylor’s 50 qualifiers marked the third most among Big 12 schools, behind Texas’ 71 and Oklahoma’s 69. Oklahoma State joined the former three schools as institutions with at least 40 selected.

In addition, 35 Big 12 student-athletes compiled 4.0 grade averages in the academic year, and Baylor had three. The overall qualifications for the award required a 3.0 GPA with at least 24 hours of credit. Each student-athlete named to the academic rookie team had to compete in at least one competition and must have been a member of their respective team for their sport’s entire NCAA Championship segment.

Baylor’s Alicia Gasser (Equestrian), Blair Shankle (Women’s Tennis), and Lindsey Smith (Women’s Track & Field) achieved 4.0 GPAs in their first academic year with the school.

The breakdown for Baylor’s honorees by sport are as follows: Acrobatics & Tumbling (5), Baseball (5), Men’s Basketball (1), Equestrian (6), Football (1), Women’s Golf (2), Soccer (5), Softball (3), Men’s Tennis (1), Women’s Tennis (1), Men’s Track & Field (4), Women’s Track & Field (13), and Volleyball (3).

Kaelyn Cowan, Baylor                                Acrobatics & Tumbling              
Alexa Crumpton, Baylor                             Acrobatics & Tumbling              
Hannah Henke, Baylor                               Acrobatics & Tumbling              
Kiara Nowlin, Baylor                                   Acrobatics & Tumbling
Allie Williams, Baylor                                  Acrobatics & Tumbling
Aaron Dodson, Baylor                                Baseball
Daniel Castano, Baylor                                 Baseball
Nick Lewis, Baylor                                      Baseball
Kyle Ott, Baylor                                          Baseball
Darryn Sheppard, Baylor                           Baseball
Ishmail Wainright, Baylor                           Basketball                           
Ginger Chant, Baylor                                  Equestrian    
Alicia Gasser, Baylor*                                 Equestrian 
Jessica Leach, Baylor                                Equestrian       
Erika Rodenski, Baylor                               Equestrian           
Elizabeth Shank, Baylor                             Equestrian         
Claire Uhlman, Baylor                                Equestrian           
Peni Tagive, Baylor                                     Football  
Margaret Byers, Baylor                               Golf     
Hadas Libman, Baylor                               Golf      
Lindsay Burns, Baylor                                Soccer          
Emory Cason, Baylor                                 Soccer      
Bridget Hamway, Baylor                            Soccer 
Sara Martinson, Baylor                               Soccer                                          
Ashley York, Baylor                                     Soccer                                          
Riley Browder, Baylor                                 Softball    
Lindsey Cargill, Baylor                               Softball 
Arianna Hawkins, Baylor                           Softball             
Blair Shankle, Baylor*                                Tennis         
Greg Bostick, Baylor                                   Track & Field 
Catherine Cochran, Baylor                        Track & Field  
Keenan Gibson, Baylor                              Track & Field   
Carly Grandcolas, Baylor                           Track & Field
Katie Grovatt, Baylor                                   Track & Field       
Cion Hicks, Baylor                                       Track & Field 
Taylor Houston, Baylor                               Track & Field        
Chase Hood, Baylor                                   Track & Field  
Maggie Montoya, Baylor                            Track & Field        
Sofia Pitouli, Baylor                                    Track & Field    
Jessica Purtell, Baylor                                Track & Field     
Annie Rhodes, Baylor                                 Track & Field    
Lindsey Smith, Baylor*                               Track & Field         
Sheridan Stokes, Baylor                            Track & Field         
Peyton Thomas, Baylor                              Track & Field        
Jordan West, Baylor                                    Track & Field          
Madie Zimmerman, Baylor                       Track & Field       
Tola Itiola, Baylor                                         Volleyball             
Katie Staiger, Baylor                                   Volleyball             
Morgan Reed, Baylor                                  Volleyball          

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