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Ian Answers Your Questions

Aug. 17, 2004

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    Ian: There's a rumor going around that despite numerous assurances to the fans that it would be done, the beige doughnut has still not been painted green. You've done a great job for BU so far Ian, and I think I speak for all Baylor fans when I say I hope you're not going back on your commitment to fix this problem. Bill
    Austin, Texas
    Bill, Thanks for your question about the "beige" apron around the field at Floyd Casey Stadium. When the new synthetic surface was installed last spring, we were able to shave about five feet off the apron on each side making a noticeable difference in the appearance of the field. Unfortunately, any further removal of this area would have damaged our existing drainage system. Since then, we have looked at several different treatment options in order to improve the aesthetic appearance around the field. We considered both solid color options as well as adding graphics. I originally asked our facilities staff to paint the area a solid green consistent with the lower fence around the base of the stadium. However, they expressed concern about the appearance given the uneven surface and natural fading that would occur. Moreover, there was also a concern expressed about using a dark color that would present an added heat concern for our student-athletes and staff. Bottom line: After reviewing all of the very best options, we have painted the surface a light gold that blends in well with the stadium, and added four graphics that we believe will be focal points. There will be two interlocking BU logos on the sides (along with the Dr Pepper logos) and large Baylor/Big 12 logos in the end zone. Attached is a link to recent photographs our media relations staff has taken. I hope that you and all Baylor fans like the new look. Ian
    Ian: Just like to let you know I, personally, am very excited with the things you've done already with the Baylor Athletic program and that my continued prayers go with you! I read in previous questions that we would be unveiling a new logo "sometime late in the summer". I was wondering if I could possibly squeeze a date or, at the least, a more specific period of time, from you? As a recently-born alumni and current graduate student at Baylor, this is of grave importance to me! I'm losing sleep. Once again, congratulations on all the success you've had. We know it's only the tip of the iceberg! Most Sincerely, Neil Golemo
    Hamilton, Ill.
    Neil, Thanks for the e-mail. I certainly don't want to be accused of depriving any Baylor fan of sleep and in fact believed that all sleep deprivation was reserved for athletic directors and coaches! We are in the late stages of logo development and will be hosting several focus groups next week to review and provide feedback on a handful of illustrations. In fact, Nick Joos, our Associate Athletic Director for Media Relations will be offering a personal invitation to fans to sit in on this process and offer their opinions. The focus group for our fans is scheduled for Wednesday, Aug. 18, at 7 p.m. in the Galloway Suite at Floyd Casey Stadium. In addition to alumni and fans input, we will also be including university staff, students, coaches and student-athletes in this process. I expect that after the focus groups review and modifications are completed, we will have the new logo ready to roll out in early September. We'll keep you posted. Ian
    Ian: Are there any plans to broadcast the non-televised football games over the Internet through the Baylor website? I have seen similar Internet broadcasts of the Baylor Homecoming parade. I have season tickets, so this question is not primarily for my benefit, but many of my colleagues in Houston and Dallas who are unable to come to Waco for the games would enjoy watching them over the Internet. Keep up the good work! Matt Morrison
    Waco, Texas
    Matt, As you may recall, last year we started streaming select men's basketball, women's basketball and baseball games. We will again be offering most, if not all, of the home non-televised games in those sports as well as select road games. In addition, we are hoping to have a same-day replay of our home games available on www.baylorbears.com as part of our premium video package. While the final details are still being worked out, fans will have the option to purchase games per contest, per month, per season or for the entire year. We hope to offer between 75 and 100 events for our fans via web streaming this year, and anticipate offering some type of free trial period early in the football season for fans to check out what we are doing in this area. We will also continue to offer live, free audio of our football, men's basketball, women's basketball, baseball and select softball games on our web site. Many of our fans have asked that we include all pre-game coverage, so our football audio casts will include the popular Countdown to Kickoff and Fifth-Quarter programs, as well as the weekly Guy Talk and Baylor Hour programs. Thanks for the great question. Ian
    Ian: In an article in the Trib, your marketing director said he was "toying with" free student parking. Why not have a "student tailgating" lot? Students who come by themselves have to pay the regular amount (I don't know; I was in BUGWB), but student vehicles with 4 or more in them get free parking in a designated lot. You could invite the Greeks and other groups to "Bearavan" en mass to the "student tailgating" section. The plus is, people will have to hit up their friends to go to a game; they won't be able to leave until the driver wants to go, and they're more likely to buy more concessions. Also, try to set up and publicize an alumni/adult tailgating section. Offer to sell season lots or tents or even have a section close to midfield where the day's tailgating winners get to come down midway through the first quarter. Put it on the big screen and have a cameraman take footage of the pre-game tailgating. Someone on BaylorFans mentioned that Grant Teaff took the coaching staff on a Central Texas bus tour, meeting and greeting anyone and anywhere he could. I highly suggest more outreach and media work. Brian Allison
    Mobile, Ala.
    Brian, We have spent a great deal of time and energy on assessing ways to improve student attendance at Baylor games. We have made a number of improvements for football based upon feedback directly from students. They offered us a number of ideas on how to make going to Baylor football more desirable for them. We have created a new student parking and tailgate area on Dutton Avenue across from the George's tent. This will provide students with easy access, desirable parking and an area to congregate prior to games. In addition, we will have a barbecue area and will be providing complimentary food to students. Also, we will be running a campus shuttle bus to carry students back and forth from the University to Floyd Casey Stadium on game days, a service that wasn't provided a year ago. This service will make Baylor football easily accessible for all students. For alumni and fans, we have expanded the Snickers Touchdown Alley, a popular feature last year, to provide even more entertainment and tailgating opportunities. Please be sure to stop by this area just beyond the south end zone and take in all of the festivities. We are looking forward to providing a great Game Day experience for all Baylor fans! Ian
    Ian: XM Satellite Radio has announced that they will begin airing ACC and Pac-10 football and men's and women's basketball starting with the 2004 football season. Any chance that the Big 12 will be doing this as well? Have there been talks with XM and Sirius Satellite Radio to include the broadcast of these sports to their packages? Thanks. Mark Johnson
    Oviedo, Fla.
    Mark, This is another excellent question. You are correct that a couple of other conferences have recently negotiated contracts with satellite radio providers. We have been exploring satellite radio through the Big 12 Conference as well as on our own directly with XM. At this time, there is nothing that I am able to report, however, it appears that satellite radio makes great sense for college athletics as we attempt to reach increasingly national and international audiences with our programming. Ian
    Ian: Thanks again for all you are doing. I was able to hear Coach Morris speak in Dallas and left feeling good about the direction he has the team going. As you finish up the strategic plan, can you outline the goals on the website dividing it up into priorities and offering individual naming opportunities? Steve Mackenzie
    Dallas, Texas
    Steve, We had a great turnout, about 500 strong, to hear Coach Morriss in Dallas last week. This enthusiastic response certainly reflects the excitement that our fans are feeling about the direction of Baylor football under his leadership! We are in the final stages of completing the strategic plan and we plan on sharing the core elements of the plan with the public through www.BaylorBears.com. We believe that clear statements about our core values, goals, mission and objectives are important information for Baylor alumni and fans to understand and be able to articulate. Ian
    Ian: Thank you for helping build such excitement about Baylor Athletics. I am very excited about the upcoming year. For those of us with small children, most of the football games are not at the greatest time of day. Can you bring a motor home to the stadium, possibly even the night before, to make life easier on all of us? I would hope this would foster more of a Baylor frenzy as well. If so, do you know of any restrictions? Thanks, Keith Hopkins
    Caddo Mills, Texas
    Keith, Thank you for the enthusiastic e-mail and your support. We provide parking for fans who want to bring trailers and RV homes across the road from Floyd Casey Stadium in the track complex parking lot on Clay Street beginning Thursday nights before home games. There is signage within the track complex parking lot to designate which areas may be used for RVs. This parking area provides fans with a great area to tailgate and congregate before games and no doubt makes it easier when you are traveling with a large group. We will look forward to seeing you at the stadium Sept. 11 for the home opener against Texas State. Ian
    Ian, Mr. McCaw, first of all congratulations on an exceptional job so far! I'm looking forward to the upcoming sporting events as much as you are. I will be a freshman at Baylor and was curious if there are any jobs available on campus within the athletic department for students. I would personally love the opportunity and I'm sure others would too. I'd sure love more information. Even as far as marketing and sales go toward the Baylor Bears! I appreciate your time and am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Baylor tradition. Shea Reyenga
    Highland Village, Texas
    Shea, I appreciate your e-mail. We can always use help in the athletic department and offer student employment opportunities in a number of areas including the ticket office, athletic training, manager positions as well as a variety of administrative duties. It sounds as though you have a specific interest in the marketing area, so please stop by the administrative offices at Floyd Casey Stadium during business hours and ask to meet with our marketing staff. Ian