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Ask Ian

Sept. 4, 2009

Baylor Family,

The 2009-10 athletics year is off to a great start. Anywhere you go on campus or in Waco, people are talking about Baylor Athletics with pride and enthusiasm unlike anything that we have seen in many years. It is a great time to be a Baylor Bear!

Baylor soccer is off to a 2-0-2 start while the volleyball team is 5-0 through the first week of its season. Both teams appear to be vastly improved from a year ago, and are looking forward to strong seasons.

Baylor football will kick-off the 2009 season on Saturday afternoon at Wake Forest. The game will be televised on ABC beginning at 2:30 p.m. central. The game will be shown locally on KXXV (channel 25) in Waco and on ABC's DT stations in DFW, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and Tyler. The reason that this game is not available on the traditional ABC affiliates in Texas is that it is a part of the ACC package, not the Big 12 package (Oklahoma State - Georgia). This will be Baylor's first ABC appearance since 1997.

It is no surprise that we are experiencing a surge in both football season ticket and individual game sales. This is encouraging news and a reflection of the Baylor Family's commitment to support Coach Briles and the team in 2009. The demand for Baylor football tickets has changed, so don't wait too long and get shutout! Season tickets are still available by calling 254-710-1000, and some good seats still remain.

Single-game ticket sales are also going fast. We are projecting a sellout for the Texas game on November 14 at Floyd Casey Stadium, so buy your tickets today! Demand is also strong for the Baylor - Texas Tech game in Cowboys Stadium on November 28. Texas Tech has nearly sold out its allotment of tickets, and Baylor is not far behind. Some good tickets are still available and I encourage fans to purchase tickets from the Baylor ticket office today.

Hopefully, you saw the exciting announcement about the progress that has been made toward the Victory With Integrity campaign. We are on the cusp of reaching the five-year, $90 million goal in support for Baylor Athletics with nearly six months remaining in the campaign. Thanks to the generous donors who have made giving to Baylor Athletics a priority, we are fortunate to have incredible facility improvements, growth in the athletics endowment and record-setting annual fund gifts story).

The Baylor Spirit Program has been an enormous success as well. To date, more than 500 businesses in Waco and surrounding communities have joined the program and are displaying Baylor posters, schedule cards, banners and flags in their businesses. I want to thank Becky Lindsey and the BSP committee along with John Garrison and his staff for their hard work in reaching out to the local business community and building Baylor spirit throughout McLennan County.

We have two facilities projects that are underway. The Baylor Tennis Center renovation is weeks away from completion that will result in the addition of three outdoor courts and improvements made to the tennis building including enhanced locker rooms and coaches offices. The new softball training facility at Getterman Stadium project has begun and is expected to be completed during the spring.

We will hold a dedication and open house for the Jay and Jenny Allison Indoor Football Practice Facility on Saturday, September 26 beginning at 3:00 p.m. prior to the Baylor - Northwestern State football game. This facility was opened last month and has already had a major impact on the football program.

We have received several Ask Ian questions in the past several weeks.


Thanks for taking questions. Why does Baylor football keep changing uniforms? I have lived in Waco since 1996 (a season ticket holder since arriving in Waco; the cheap end zone seats, but still a season ticket holder) and cannot count the number of different uniforms worn thru the years. Now I see that Baylor has yet again made a uniform change. Why not adopt a single home and road uniform and stick with it?

Steve M Burton
Waco, Texas


Different programs approach uniform development with various perspectives. There are some programs that maintain a traditional look while others make changes through the years or favor a more contemporary style. Also, it is fairly common for a new coach to make changes to uniforms when they take over a program.

With that, I know that our football coaches and players are excited about the 2009 football uniforms, and if they are motivated, feel better about themselves and it leads to more success on the field, then all of us are going to be very pleased.



I have to admit I didn't think you would turn around the athletic program. I was dang wrong. Your fundraising is unbelievable. I wouldn't have believed that Baylor would have a facility like the Highers Complex in my lifetime, not to mention having these coaches and getting some of the best recruits around. This is like a dream come true. Keep up the great work and let's get a bowl win.

Tommy B.
Waco, Texas

Tommy B.,

Thank you for the kind e-mail and loyalty. We are blessed to have an incredible coaching, administrative and support staff at Baylor. It is a privilege to come to work every day with such outstanding people and professionals. Moreover, I am grateful to our loyal and supportive alumni who love Baylor Athletics and have been so instrumental in the transformation of the program through the Victory With Integrity campaign.

It is a treat to hear from Baylor fans like yourself who are so excited about the direction of the program and the success that is taking place. These are great times to be a Baylor Bear, and I am confident that our best days are ahead of us.



Who do I need to contact if I have a question about tailgating for this coming football season? My parents have a motor home and would like to bring it down for the games but, I'm not sure who to contact to reserve a spot or if motor homes are allowed at all?

Ryan Slack
Grand Prairie, Texas


We have made some changes in the tailgating at Floyd Casey Stadium. We have created a new tailgating area adjacent to Snickers Touchdown Alley in the South End Zone area. In addition, we have expanded the Creekside tailgating area on the west side that has become very popular with our fans.

However, if you have a motor home, you should contact John Garrison in athletics marketing at 254-710-3073 for information about securing a parking pass for the lot north of the stadium.



Is there any chance the south end zone might be opened this season? I know you have said that the attendance may be up around 10%....I really feel like things are really looking up.....Thank you for all your hard work, in making BU the best in the Big 12.....God Bless You.....

James Rhoads
Temple, Texas


Thank you for the kind comments and your support. We will consider opening the south end zone for the Texas game or any other home games that approach a sellout, and make available standing room tickets in this area. Let's hope that this becomes a regular occurrence at Floyd Casey Stadium this year!


Mr. McCaw,

You recently replied to one of my questions with a statement that it was difficult for us to compete with the public schools in some sports due to a lack of funding. Therefore, I do not understand why Baylor will add competitive cheering, especially when we're already one of the top Universities in the Big 12 in gender equity. Wouldn't it be better to use our limited resources to increase track scholarships for men and women?

David Perry
Sherwood, Ark.


Thanks for the question about competitive cheer. Baylor has a strong commitment to Title IX and affording athletics opportunities to both men and women.

Competitive cheer was selected as Baylor's next intercollegiate program for several reasons. In a recent interests and ability survey of female undergraduate students at Baylor, competitive cheer was the top choice. Moreover, more than one-half the states in the country offer competitive cheer championships at the high school level and it is one of the fastest growing sports in Texas and nationally.

Finally, please know that Baylor offers the full NCAA complement of scholarships in all of its sport programs.



No question, just a comment. You have done a great job of turning things around in Waco in both athletics and academics. We have all taken note of the progress. Your stables are full of good coaches. Keep up the good work. All of us bear fans say:


Paul Williams
Plano, Texas


Thank you for the words of encouragement and kind comments about our coaching staff. I appreciate you raising the academic success of our student-athletes as well. While last year was one of Baylor's best years competitively, we also had our best academic year in leading the Big 12 in graduation success rate and having the highest overall student-athlete grade point average on record at 3.04.


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