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Baylor Launches Ground-Breaking, Interactive Website

Sept. 5, 2009

WACO, Texas -- The Baylor University athletics department launched a new arm of its official website Saturday, when the Baylor Athletic Experience debuted as a branch of The site ( is a comprehensive vista of Baylor athletics that showcases the department's success and excellence through various sights, sounds, videos and links.

"The Baylor Athletic Experience is an innovative and exciting communication vehicle to share our program with the Baylor Family in a cost effective manner," Baylor Director of Athletics Ian McCaw said.

Baylor has decreased the scope of its publications during the 2009-10 academic year, and continues to shift much of its communication initiatives online. will continue to be the official home for Baylor athletics, with the Baylor Athletics Experience serving as a site to show off BU sports.

Baylor Coordinator of New Media Brad Sheffield said the move away from printed to digital communication is a natural progression in order to satisfy the growing need to increase the department's online presence and to tell the story of Baylor athletics using new technologies.

"We will continue to provide our fans and alumni with the most accessible and progressive means possible to follow Baylor sports through all available technologies," Sheffield said. "Whether that is our traditional website, the new Baylor Athletics Experience, or our various social networking mediums."

The Baylor Athletics Experience is a vast project highlighting the achievements -- on and off the field and court -- and successes of Baylor's overall athletics department, as well as comprehensive links and information on each of the school's 18 programs. The site includes more than 20 videos showcasing Baylor's individual sports programs, facilities, campus as well as the Waco community.

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