What They're Saying About Baylor Athletic Director Ian McCaw

Sept. 8, 2003

"Ian McCaw is the perfect choice for Baylor as AD. He is the complete package. He is a great leader, with impeccable character and integrity. He has strong Christian values and is tops in his field as an athletic administrator. He is exceptionally bright and has achieved competitive success in every program he has directed. This is a real coup for Baylor. He's a superstar."

Kevin White
Athletic Director
University of Notre Dame

"Ian McCaw is an excellent choice for Baylor. He has high integrity and actively walks the walk of a fine Christian man. He was instrumental in recruiting me as head football coach at Tulane. He understands what it takes to build a strong, competitive team, both on and off the field. The coaches at Baylor will like him. He is a winner."

Tommy Bowden
Head Football Coach
Clemson University

"This is a great choice for the Baylor Bears. Everyone likes and respects Ian McCaw. He is the consummate professional, always organized and prepared and not a micro-manager. He has a great wife and family and is known for his character and integrity. He is a great ally to his coaches and will be a great addition to the Big 12. "

Buddy Teevens
Head Football Coach
Stanford University

"Phenomenal! Baylor athletics has just hired a tremendous leader. I've known Ian for 10+ years and have found him to be a great listener, bright, high-energy, and an excellent problem-solver. He makes friends easily, and he and his family will be a great fit for the university and Waco."

Kirk Ferentz
Head Football Coach
University of Iowa

"I've known Ian since 1987. He is well respected by his fellow athletic directors and is known as one of the top athletic administrators in the country. He does things the right way. He has high integrity, great interpersonal skills, is organized, is loyal, and is hard-working and a great human being. He's the type of person you trust. Baylor athletics is in good hands with Ian McCaw."

Jim Sterk
Athletic Director
Washington State University

"I have known Ian McCaw for a long, long time and found him to be a wonderful person and a real Christian family man. He is a terrific administrator and has the ability to get along with people from all walks of life. I think that Ian is a perfect marriage for the role at Baylor and they are fortunate to have him as their director of athletics."

Gene DeFilippo
Athletic Director
Boston College

"I have known Ian McCaw for a long time and hold him in very high regard. He has done extremely well at every institution he's served, and he will continue to do an outstanding job in this new role at Baylor."

Mike Slive
Southeastern Conference

"Ian McCaw has one of the strongest reputations of up-and-coming athletic directors. He is highly respected in the academic world and the world of athletics nationwide. He will be a strong asset to Baylor because of his national involvement in understanding and addressing the challenges facing intercollegiate athletics."

Grant Teaff
Executive Director
American Football Coaches Association

"Ian McCaw has a great understanding of what it takes to partner with coaches in building a top-level program. I have known him for many years, and found him to be a great problem-solver, always accessible, a man of high integrity and an excellent administrator. Baylor, he's a good one!"

Lisa Stockton
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Tulane University

"I am really excited about having Ian McCaw in the Big 12. He has tremendous character and integrity and is known for strong administrative and compliance and leadership skills. His reputation is outstanding and he will be a great addition to our conference."

Lew Perkins
Athletic Director
University of Kansas

"Ian was instrumental in bringing me to Tulane as head baseball coach. He is a shining star in the business. Quality through and through. He was an advocate of our baseball team in regard to facilities and resources. He is an outstanding fundraiser. His ethics are impeccable and hiring him is a major coup for Baylor. A grand slam."

Rick Jones
Head Baseball Coach
Tulane University

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