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Baylor Athletics Announces New Strategic Plan

Oct. 16, 2012

2012-13 Baylor Athletics Strategic Plan

WACO, Texas
- After enjoying one of the most successful all-sports years in history by any NCAA Division I program, Baylor University Director of Athletics Ian McCaw released an updated five-year strategic plan for the school's 19-sport intercollegiate athletic department Tuesday. The department's most-recent strategic plan, "Above & Beyond," was released on Sept. 15, 2004, and today's plan builds upon that plan's success.

"Baylor Athletics will continue to support, promote and reflect the University's Christian educational mission as outlined in Pro Futuris (University's strategic plan) through its staff, student-athletes and nationally competitive intercollegiate athletics programs," McCaw said. "We strive to be the nation's premier Christian intercollegiate athletic program, one that is recognized nationally and within the Big 12 Conference as a program of excellence through its integrity, academic and athletic achievements."

The department's goals continue to focus on five key areas:

Student-athletes will be afforded the highest quality academic, athletic, spiritual and social experience.

Every sport program shall achieve competitive success, and Baylor will be recognized as one of the nation's premier athletic programs.

A Christian environment where promotion of trust, good sporting conduct, compliance, service, equity and diversity will be established and maintained.

Revenue streams shall be enhanced and operational efficiency shall be increased in order to fund excellence.

The visibility of Athletics will be used to strengthen the Baylor brand and engage constituents in the University's life.

In addition to offering action items to be carried out over the next five years in support of the above-mentioned goals, a detailed description of the plan's implementation is included. The Director of Athletics and his staff will continue to conduct annual evaluations of the strategic plan and assess progress made in achieving the individual action items. The effect of the actions on the program's overall goals will be measured annually by the standard assessment items assigned to each goal.

"We will regularly review this plan and update it as change and new ideas occur," McCaw said. "This plan remains consistent with Baylor's mission and our vision for the future. These goals and action items are designed to provide the very best experience for Baylor's student-athletes."

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