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The `B' Line . . . October 17, 2002

Oct. 17, 2002

This is another "B" Line column, a periodic collection of news items of particular interest to members of the Baylor "B" Association. Contribute news about you or your teammates via e-mail to Lee Harrington (, Dutch Schroeder (, Reba Cooper (, Kyle Penney,( or Jack Loftis ( The mailing address is Baylor "B" Association, P. O. Box 8120, Waco, TX 76714

AND THE WINNERS ARE - Dr. Jerry Marcontell, the retired physician now residing in the Rye community north of Houston, and Houstonian Ken Dunlap are the first recipients of the newly sanctioned Schroeder-Bradley Award. The award, named for longtime "B" Association execs Dutch Schroeder and Bunk Bradley, will be presented each year to one or more "B" members who contribute "outstanding volunteer service" to the organization. Marcontell was honored for chairing the Long-Range Planning Committee and revising the association's constitution. Dunlap's award was presented in gratitude for his successful efforts in verifying and locating Baylor letter winners from years past. Both awards were handed out at the organization's annual business meeting on Oct. 5. While the new constitution already has been approved by the membership, it may not take effect until Jan. 1, depending on how association officers interpret Roberts's Rules of Order. Among new officers elected for 2003 are President Ronnie Goodwin of San Angelo and President-elect (2004) David Lacy of Waco . . .

NEW RULES FOR OLD - In summarizing the most significant changes to the constitution, Marcontell lists the following:

  • Three types of memberships (regular, honorary and emeritus) are defined.
  • All officers will be elected directly by the membership.
  • The duties of the executive director and assistant director are defined.
  • The board of directors expanded from 12 to 15 in an effort to make the governing body more representative of all sports.
  • Nominating criteria for officers and directors are explained.
  • Selection criteria for honorary members are codified.
  • A compensation committee will determine benefits and compensation of all "B" Association employees.
  • Provisions established for board meetings to be conducted via telephone/video conferences when necessary.
  • Methods of meeting notices, settings of quorums, descriptions of voting right, the filling of vacancies (officers and board members) and procedures for resignation/removal (officers and board members) are codified.

    REUNION LEFTOVERS - To clear the "B" Line notepad used in covering the Oct. 4-6 reunion of Baylor's 1957 Sugar Bowl champions, perhaps we should pass along an opinion held by more than one of the honorees: The Bears' offense was enriched when they added a number of trap plays to their running game. And it was rumored that the fueling of the offense came after athletic director George Sauer sat down with BU head coach Sam Boyd. "Sam was a great coach and a terrific motivator, but X's and O's were not his strong points," said one 1956 team member . . . Dan Miller was an outstanding guard on Baylor teams in 1954 and 1955 before a disciplinary action cost him his senior season. But in recalling his Baylor days, Dick Baker told those at the reunion that Miller, a native of Corpus Christi, was one of the toughest guys he ever dealt with. "He knocked me down in practice one day, then looked at me and asked, 'Anyone for tennis?'" . . . "B" Association executive director Lee Harrington says he would appreciate some help in attempting to locate El Paso native Dugan Pierce, a guard on the Sugar Bowl team. "We simply can't find him," Harrington said . . . . Dave Campbell, the legendary Waco scribe, mentioned at the reunion that Jack Pardee and John David Crow, two of the best ever to suit up for Texas A&M, each told him that the 1956 game against Baylor was the toughest they could remember. The Aggies prevailed, 19-13, but missed a Cotton Bowl appearance due to NCAA sanctions . . . You might remember that TCU beat Syracuse 28-27 in the 1957 Cotton Bowl. The winning extra point was kicked by former Itasca standout Harold Pollard whose toe also gave the Horned Frogs a 7-6 win over Baylor in 1956. And who missed an extra point for Syracuse? Only the legendary Jim Brown. But he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame for his running, not kicking. . .


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