Ian Answers Your Questions - Nov. 16

Nov. 16, 2005

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    Thank you so much for everything you have done so far for our university. I was wondering why Baylor does not sell more athletic items (sweatshirts, t-shirts, etc.) on the online bookstore or on this website. It seems like all other major universities have that kind of thing available. I am in California and wanted to get some new Baylor gear, but it is hard when I do not have much of a choice.

    Thank you again.


    Nathan Prange
    Orange, Calif.


    I suggest that you go to the on-line store at BaylorBears.com. The Baylor Bookstore has added some new inventory recently and has indicated to us that more is on the way.

    Our staff has been brokering a deal between the Baylor Bookstore and Nike to increase the quantity and quality of merchandise that is available. Although this has been a longer and more difficult process than expected, we are beginning to notice an improvement in this area.

    Thank you for the e-mail.



    My question is, does Baylor have any plans to develop a training table run by a dietician and working with both Mike Sims and John Williams for all of her athletes? Not just for football but all sports? Our athletes could really use the help of a trained professional when it comes to eating habits. That way they can be the best they can be and compete with the other Big 12 schools.

    Thank you.

    Trey Miller
    San Antonio, Texas


    This year we reinstituted an athletic training table for football that is located on campus at the corner of University Parks and the I-35 Service Road. The menu has been developed by the university nutritionist in concert with the dining services staff to provide student-athletes with meals that are both enjoyable and nutritious. A number of football players have used the training table along with a few other student-athletes. Per NCAA rules, this facility must be open to all Baylor students.

    I have also been impressed with a number of our coaches inviting nutritionists to speak to their teams about proper eating habits along with ideas about preparing nutritious and enjoyable meals.


    Dear Ian,

    I am curious to know why so many tickets were sold to Texas fans for the game on November 5. It seemed to me that the Baylor athletic department created a big disadvantage for the Bear's football team by allowing so many tickets to be sold to Longhorn fans. It almost felt like a home field advantage for the visiting team.


    Cameron Weldon
    Waco, Texas


    I appreciate the question, but I am not able to give you an accurate answer.

    We do have a visitor's section where we sold tickets specifically to Texas fans. However, the demand for this game was so great that Texas fans purchased tickets throughout Floyd Casey Stadium once the visitor's area was sold out.

    I agree that it does negate Baylor's home field advantage when an opposing team brings so many fans. The only way to prevent this from happening is for Baylor fans to buy more tickets, wear gold and cheer on the Bears!



    When will the holes in the non-conference schedule for the next few years be finalized? What schools are you considering? Also, I personally like the green helmets. I think they add variety.

    John Ferrell
    Hurst, Texas


    We are working on filling the remaining open dates in our future football schedules. The Big 12 Conference has recently affirmed that we will continue to play eight conference games each year. With this affirmation, we can move forward and finalize a number of our future dates.

    Thank you for the comments about the green helmets.



    In April, the NCAA voted to allow Division I-A schools the option to schedule a 12th regular season game, however, the NCAA did not indicate whether a 6-6 season record would be sufficient to garner bowl eligibility. I was curious to know whether you had heard anything from the NCAA regarding 2006 bowl eligibility? If not, when do you believe the NCAA will make such an announcement?

    Waco, Texas


    This is a great question. My understanding is that a 6-6 record makes a football team bowl eligible for one of its conference contracted bowls. However, an institution needs to be at least 7-5 to be eligible to earn a bowl bid that does not have a conference tie-in.

    With that, a six-win Baylor team will be eligible for any of the Big 12's eight bowl slots beginning in 2006.


    Closing Comments

    We are grateful to the many first-time season ticket holders in football and women's basketball that have allowed us to break sales records in both sports. Bear Force One established a new record with more than 2,000 season tickets in football and basketball.

    Home football attendance has been terrific heading into our final game against Oklahoma State. There is a great ticket promotion for this game where a family of four can purchase a family pack of 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, and 4 Dr Pepper's for only $60.00! I hope that all of you will come out and be a part of senior day as we send off a group that has played a large role in the resurgence of Baylor football.

    The season high attendance game in football against Texas two weeks ago represented the largest revenue game Baylor has had.

    Lady Bear basketball season tickets have been selling at a torrid pace. As of this writing, we have sold more than 4,800 and have a realistic chance to reach our goal of 5,000 season tickets in 2005-06.

    Friday will be a special night as we host a reception to honor all former Lady Bear basketball players prior to the game against UCLA. Beginning at 7 p.m., we will have a ceremony to unfurl the 2005 Lady Bears National Championship banner. Following the game, the men's basketball team will hold a 45-minute scrimmage. It will be a night that everyone will want to be in the Ferrell Center!

    We received some more great news from Collegiate Licensing regarding the response of our fans to Baylor merchandise. Our recently completed third quarter licensing royalties were the third best quarter ever for Baylor. Baylor's 85 percent increase when compared to the same period last year was the highest percentage increase in the Big 12. This growth has moved Baylor from 69th to 56th in the CLC royalty rankings. This represents Baylor's highest ever ranking.

    Finally, I want to commend our coaching staff on the great job they are doing with all of our sport programs. Last week was special on many counts, but most notably, the early signing classes when considered across the board have to rank as the best ever at Baylor. Several coaches believe that this was the best recruiting class in their program's history while others rank it among the best they have ever had. A number of programs had recruiting classes that ranked among the best in the Big 12 and nationally!

    Baylor Athletics is enjoying incredible momentum at this time and the future looks very bright!

    Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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