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Compliance Question of the Week


May a coach send a Christmas card to a recruit or a recruit's coach?


It is not permissible to send holiday cards to a prospective student-athlete (including signees) or the prospect's coach.

It is permissible to send a holiday greeting to a prospect or the prospect's coach in the following manner:

· On an institutional note card or a post card issued by the US Postal Service (i.e., blank cards),

· As an attachment to general correspondence provided it is printed on plain white paper with black ink, or

· As an attachment to an email (which may include color) provided the attachment contains no animation or audio/video clips and there is no cost (e.g., subscription fee) associated with sending the item attached to the email correspondence.

Remember ... In the sport of men's basketball, general correspondence may not be sent until the conclusion of the sophomore year in high school AND in all other sports, general correspondence may not be sent until September 1 of the prospect's junior year in high school.