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Dec. 4, 2003

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    Editor's Note:
    We appreciate the overwhelming response we have received to our new feature, Ask Ian, and encourage Baylor fans to continue forwarding their questions and comments. Because of time constraints and the heavy volume of feedback, Ian is not in a position to answer every email. Your ideas are important, though, and all questions submitted are read by Ian. He then selects the questions he wishes to answer in a given week, and prepares his responses which are then posted at BaylorBears.com.

    I'm a Baylor alum and was wondering why it's so difficult to find Baylor accessories in stores as well as online. I would be really interested in purchasing a replica Baylor football/basketball jersey among other things, but I have not been able to find these items anywhere. Could you tell me where to look for these items and if they are not for sale yet then will be available anywhere?

    Fahad Amin
    Austin, Texas

    Many fans have begun their Christmas shopping and Baylor items are a great gift idea. A great place to start is the BaylorBears.com website where fans can purchase Baylor merchandise on-line. In Waco, fans may also purchase Baylor merchandise at the school's bookstore, the spirit shop, Rother's University Book Store, and at our men's and women's basketball games.

    In 2004, we will be unveiling a retail program where we will publicize those stores around the state and region that carry Baylor apparel. Also, please be certain to purchase only officially licensed Baylor merchandise to insure that the royalties are returned to the University and support Baylor Athletics!

    We appreciate your support!


    Dear Ian:
    Will Baylor commit to the funding for a world class on-campus field house with an enclosed artificial surface practice field and all the necessary facilities (similar to the complex at Brigham Young University)? I believe such a facility would enhance the relationship Baylor football has with students and faculty, while also helping the program and serving as a major recruiting tool.

    Harley Spoon
    Palm Springs, Calif.

    Thanks for your question. We are in the process of studying the proposed on-campus football facility. This project is one that will be included within an overall athletic master plan that we are in the process of developing.

    As you point out, there is considerable interest and support for having football student-athletes better integrated into the student body at Baylor and enjoying an enhanced experience by way of this facility.

    Thank you for your interest and support!


    First, I want to thank you for your willingness to answer questions and for your availability to the fans!

    Second, the live streaming basketball package is an excellent idea!! However, it won't have much effect personally as I'll be attending the home games, so my interest regards the away games. I noticed that five other Big 12 teams have the New Media Networks technology.

    We play four of those five teams on the road this year and perhaps you could work with these schools and the company to develop a package with them for BU fans to watch the AWAY games that BU plays rather than have to join another school's site and pay the $7 a game - maybe a four-game BU package for $20...maybe that sounds like more trouble than it's worth - especially to save fans less than $10, but we need to have as many people behind the Bears as possible and a small "deal" may get people to buy in...just a thought, thanks!

    Blair Browning
    Hewitt, Texas

    Thank you for your question about video streaming. We believe that this is a feature that local Baylor fans will enjoy and it will afford us an opportunity to reach fans outside of our traditional media footprint.

    Per your question, we are working with the Big 12 and member institutions on developing a reciprocal relationship whereby away games may become available to subscribers as well. As you know, this is a new endeavor for most Big 12 members.

    We will keep you posted as we make progress along these lines.


    As a former Baylor student athlete, and current Bear Foundation Member, I am a strong proponent of former Baylor players giving back to the program. How do you plan on getting our athletic alumni to support the Baylor program going forward?

    Jonathan D. Davison
    Houston, Texas

    I have had several very productive meetings with the leadership of our letterwinners group, the B Association. All of us are interested in better engaging our former athletes and building strong relationships. It is clear that we do not enjoy the level of relationship with our former student-athletes that we desire.

    Beginning June 1, we will have a full-time athletic department staff member who will serve as Executive Director of the B Association. This individual will be responsible for building these relationships, expanding membership in the association, enhancing communication and serving as a spokesperson for Baylor Athletics.

    We will post this position early in 2004 and are excited about the prospect of attracting an exceptional individual to serve in this capacity.

    Thank you for your support of the B Association and Bear Foundation!


    What improvements are planned this off season for Floyd Casey Stadium? Do you see any major changes coming soon for the football facilities? What about talk of an on-campus stadium in the future (next 10-15 years)?

    Phil Warner
    Allen, Texas

    We are interested in making a series of improvements at Floyd Casey Stadium during the off-season to enhance our presentation for recruiting and make the facility more fan-friendly.

    Thanks to a generous gift from an alumnus, we expect to complete the Grant Teaff Plaza project (continuing the improvements around the stadium). In addition, we are committed to improving the quality of the roadways and parking areas around the facility.

    We are also studying issues related to the field surface at the stadium and may make some improvements in this regard as well.

    I appreciate your questions.


    Welcome to Baylor. We are very happy to have you aboard and helping to right the ship. My question or suggestion to improve attendance at football and even basketball games is to run charter buses to Waco for the alumni living here in the Houston area. I'm from the class of '63 and a lot of us just dislike that three plus hour drive to Waco and back. I think this has been tried maybe once with little result as there was not much notice given to the people. Only takes 46 people to fill a bus, surely we can do that and everyone would have fun. Just something you and your staff can work on for us here in Houston. Thanks.

    Sandy Peyton
    Missouri City, Texas

    Thank you for the question. I will have our staff look into the bus issue and determine if that is a viable endeavor to pursue.

    Over the past several weeks I have had an opportunity to meet with Baylor alumni and friends around the state at approximately 10 different events. I have really been encouraged by the positive outlook and enthusiasm of Baylor fans. We realize that there is a great deal of work yet to be done, however, there seems to be tremendous confidence regarding the direction of the programs and coaching leadership in place.

    Thanks for your question and support!


    Has any thought been given to trying to foster student athletic booster groups. Back during the Darryl Johnson basketball days there was a (mostly) student group called the Caveman Club that was at every Baylor home game and in smaller numbers every road game. They stood (didn't sit) on the bleachers on the floor and they really got the crowd involved. They wore togas and painted their faces and were sort of like a Baylor version of the Cameron Crazies.

    Derek Tonkin
    Waco, Texas

    Our top marketing priority is to attract more Baylor students to our games. Students bring tremendous excitement and enthusiasm to our games and make a dramatic impact on the atmosphere. We will be working with student organizations to build this type of support and possibly create a designated student fan group that would receive special privileges as a result of membership.

    Sic 'em Bears!


    Dear Ian:
    I really like having the opportunity to "Ask Ian" questions regarding to Baylor's Athletic programs. I do however believe that it needs to be a weekly part of baylorbears.com. If the page is updated on a set day every week it will give Baylor fans a reason to log on every week. Is that a possibility? I would like to see more and more additions to the web site where coaches answered fan questions (posted in season between games). There are so many possibilities for this web site lets make it a focal point for Baylor fans!

    Philip Warner
    Allen, Texas

    There has been an overwhelming response to the Ask Ian feature on the BaylorBears.com website. At present, we are answering about 8 "Ask Ian" questions out of the heavy volume that we are receiving each week. We plan on making this a weekly feature on the website and encourage fans to review previous questions and answers.

    I have focused on answering a representative sample of the questions that are being asked by Baylor fans. In addition, we are looking at other website improvements and are committed to making BaylorBears.com more interactive. It will be a focal point of all of our outreach and marketing efforts.

    I appreciate your questions and comments!


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