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Baylor Football Car Give Away

Looking for a great way to show your Baylor spirit? If so, here's your chance to win the ultimate vehicle for the Baylor fan!

Keep an eye out on campus and around town for one of two Baylor "wrapped" cars over the next few weeks. They will be driven and parked in various locations around Waco. If you see one of these cars, take a picture of it and share it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #BaylorWheels. If you don't see one of the vehicles or you live outside of Waco, you can still enter the contest by sharing a picture of your own vehicle showing its Baylor spirit. Be sure to use the same hashtag #BaylorWheels. On August 27th, four finalists will be selected at random from those using the hashtag, and one fan will drive off with the Chevy Blazer pictured here at the Wofford game.**

Baylor students will also have the chance to win a second Baylor car at the Buffalo game. Again four finalists will be randomly selected from those students who have picked up a free student ticket from the Bill Daniel Student Union Building by Friday, September 6th. One student out of the four finalists will leave Floyd Casey Stadium after the game with a new set of wheels.

Baylor Nation, be on the lookout for these two vehicles this month and you may roll into the football season with a sweet, new ride. Please see the link below for a full description of the rules and regulations.

**Fans without access to Twitter or Instagram my enter by sending a picture with contact information to: Baylor Athletics, Att. John Garrison, 1500 S. University Parks Drive, Waco, TX 76706.


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