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Director of Spirit/ Head Coach:

Rachel Levetzow serves as the Director of Spirit and Athletic Tradition as well as the coach of the yell leaders, all-girl yell leaders, and the songleaders. In her role as Director and coach, she oversees the spirit squads while creating and implementing spirit throughout Baylor University and Waco, TX.

Ms. Levetzow is a former Missouri State University Sugar Bear, a former top head instructor in the Midwest for Universal Dance Association, and she is also a judge for local, regional, state, and national competitions across the country.

Rachel Levetzow is blessed to be working with such a great group of outstanding individuals as well as working within one of the most prestigious Universities in the country!

Contact Info:
Rachel Levetzow's office is located in the Simpson Athletic Building on the second floor.
Physical Address: 1500 University Parks Drive Waco, TX 76706

Jennie Farmer is the Spirit Coordinator as well as the coach of the all-girl yell leaders.

Jennie is a former all-girl cheerleader for Sam Houston State University. Also, she is a current staff instructor for Universal Cheerleaders Association where she serves as a judge for local, regional, and state competitions.

Jennie has had the privilege of training UCA's staff for the past three years. Furthermore, she has received "Vet of the Year" as well as "Best of the Southwest Region".

If you are interested in more information regarding the all-girl yell leaders or would like to schedule the Baylor Spirit Squads or Bruiser for an appearance, please feel free to contact Jennie at

Daniel Saenz is the coach of the Baylor Yell Leaders.

As a graduate of Baylor University and former member of the Yell Leaders, he hopes to share his passion and knowledge with this very talented team and program.

After receiving his Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Baylor, Daniel continued to pursue other cheer related opportunities. Some of his accolades include competing internationally on the USA Spirit Team, choreographing and coaching competitive all-star, high school, and college squads, and judging competitive cheer competitions.  Daniel also owns a local cheerleading and gymnastics gym with his wife, Kristen.

If you are interested in more information regarding the Yell Leaders, please feel free to contact Daniel at

Visiting Spirit Squads:

Email for information and details regarding your upcoming trip to Baylor University.

Appearance Requests:
Would you like to have the Baylor Spirit Squads or Bruiser at your next event? Please make your request via email at least four weeks prior to your event. All requests need to be emailed to Jennie at Please include the following: date, location, start and end time, how many spirit squad members you would like to have present, contact info for the event (number and email of contact person), and any special instructions. All appearances for the spirit squads and Bruiser will be based on availability, game day schedule, etc.

The Spirit Squad "off season" will begin April 1 and end the first day of fall classes as stated on the Baylor Academic Calendar. Appearance requests will not be accepted during our "off season".

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