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Appearance Requests

1st Row: Caroline E, Casey D*, Abby L*, Halasi F

2nd Row: Amy S, Zoe S, Caroline F, Karla J, Taylor M, Kayli C, Cathlyn J

3rd Row: Arianna A, Reese H, Jenna J, Jentry V, Kierra B, Delaney S, Ashton P, Madison P

* Denotes Captain
Coach: Kristen Hankins

In 1975, the Honey Bears became the first official dance team at Baylor University. The name was changed in 1981 to the Songleaders. The Songleaders Dance Team serves as great Baylor ambassadors on and off campus. The Songleaders are known for their technique and ability to perform jazz, pom, and hip hop during games, events, and pep rallies. You can find the Songleaders dancing at all home football games, all home basketball games, Big XII basketball games, NCAA/NIT tournaments, as well as the opportunity to travel to some away football games.

The Songleaders are also given the opportunity to travel to the Big 12 Basketball Tournament, NIT, and NCAA Tournaments to cheer on our basketball teams. Although the Songleaders are not a competitive squad, you can always find them dancing on the sidelines as well performing at special events throughout the year, including homecoming (www.baylor.edu/homecoming) University pep rallies, and community appearances.

The Songleaders typically practice twice a week in the evenings.

To help ensure that our spirit squad members remain healthy mentally/physically as well as help prevent injuries, our squad lifts weights and works out with two certified athletic trainers twice a week in the new Simpson Athletic Building.

Auditions are typically held in mid-April each year. All interested applicants will be required to attend at least ONE of our college prep clinics prior to auditioning for next season's team.

Please stay tuned for more info and details on both our auditions and college prep clinics.

Basic Skill Requirements for Auditions:
    • Submit Application, Fees, and forms
    • Attend ONE college prep clinic
    • Double/Triple Pirouette (right and left)
    • Right/Left Jete
    • Right/Left Center leaps (Leap in second)
    • Right/Left Switch Leaps
    • A la Second Turns
    • Fouette Turns
    • Calypso
    • Spinning Disc

Performance Ability:
    • Ability to execute Pom, Jazz, and Hip hop
    • Baylor University Fight Song (Taught prior to auditions)
    • Audition Routine

The Songleaders dance team will consist of no more than 16 members

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