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The Baylor Leadership Academy provides comprehensive leadership development programming for student-athletes. The purpose of the academy is to develop student-athletes as effective and vocal team leaders for today and successful worldwide leaders for tomorrow. With the scope and depth of the leadership training, the Leadership Academy distinguishes Baylor University as having one of the finest leadership development programs targeted to student-athletes.

About the Leadership Academy

Leadership development programming for student-athletes targets three specific groups based upon their classification as well as their readiness to assume leadership roles:

Freshmen Leaders
Leadership training begins in the freshmen year. All freshmen student-athletes are taught the essential first step in leadership training - self leadership. Training consists of weekly meetings featuring keynote speakers and small group discussions. Special focus is on character building and making good choices.

Emerging Leaders
The Emerging Leaders program is designed for a select group of high potential sophomore and junior student-athletes who are selected by their head coach. The academy programming provides these prospective leaders with the insights, strategies, and skills necessary to become effective leaders on their team, on campus, and in the community. Through on-going workshops, interactive exercises, and various readings, the Emerging Leaders program provides a strong foundation for student-athletes to develop into effective team leaders.

Veteran Leaders
The Veteran Leaders program is designed for team captains and veteran student-athletes appointed by their head coach. The program provides these team leaders with advanced leadership training and support. The program assists student-athletes in developing the skills and knowledge critical to be an effective and vocal leader as they navigate the day-to-day responsibilities and challenges of team leadership.

In addition to the education, the Veteran Leaders program also provides these student-athlete leaders with a strong peer network to lean on and learn from throughout the program. These leaders will have the opportunity to share their lessons and experiences with one another. Graduates of the Veteran Leaders program will also receive special recognition from Baylor Athletics upon completion of the program to honor them for their service and commitment.


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