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Appearance Requests

First Row: Deanna S, Marie A, Donald M

Second Row: John H*, Colby H*, Garrett S, Ashton H

*Denotes Captain
Coach: TBD

The Bear tradition began when Baylor chose the Bear instead of the ever popular Bookworm to represent the school as its official mascot in 1914. The start of Baylor's 1981-1982 basketball season showcased the bear costume that we have come to know and love today as Bruiser the Bear. Bruiser has brought school spirit to an all time high, entertaining Baylor fans young and old across the state of Texas and the country!

Our mascots are given the opportunity to travel to the Big 12 Basketball Tournament, NIT, and NCAA Tournaments to cheer on our basketball teams. In addition to games, they make appearances at events such as homecoming (, University pep rallies and community events throughout the year.

The mascots typically practice twice a week in the evenings.

To help ensure that our spirit squad members remain healthy mentally/physically as well as help prevent injuries, our squad lifts weights and works out with two certified athletic trainers twice a week in the new Simpson Athletic Building.

Bruiser the Bear Bruiser the Bear Bruiser the Bear

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