Drake Relays Quotes

April 24, 2010


APRIL 21-24, 2010


Senior Trey Harts
On winning the 4x200-meter relay again...
"We like keeping little streaks alive. It's kind of a competition with ourselves competing with our former selves. We just want to keep winning and keeping on running faster than what we ran the year before."

On running after the delay in the 4x400:
“We act like every meet is our last one, but at the same time we look forward to that national championship in June. You have to go out and be aggressive with every single race. We couldn’t let that rain get in the way and mess up our focus. We want to be back on top and leave with another title and this race right here is going to help us with that step.”

On the Baylor 4x400 legacy:
“It is a great feeling, we come from a very deep background of well distinguished quarter-milers, and we want to continue the tradition and extend it throughout the years.”

On running at Drake:
“The fans are always great. They are always out here in rain, sleet or snow. They stay out with us and cheer us on, and that really helps us and gives us motivation to go out and perform for the people staying out in the inclement weather.”

On the rain delay:
“The hardest part was staying kinda warm and not getting too tight.”

Senior Courtney Thomas
On his leg on the 4x200-meter relay...

"Once I put everything out there and gave my all, I knew I was passing to Whitney Prevost, which is a strong leg we have for us. Once I gave it to him, I was like, it's all in his hands now. I knew that he was going to come through for us. He was giving it to another quarter miler, which is another strong leg we've got. Watching Marcus coming around that 200 mark, I was like, well, hopefully we've got it if he'll get a good enough handoff for Trey Harts, national All-American, everything like that. It was a good feeling in your hat."

Sophomore Whitney Prevost
On the team's performance in the 4x200-meter relay...
"I don't feel like it was just me. I feel like it's a team effort. The coaching, us, we just put it all together on this day. When we hand it to Trey Harts, we expect good things."

Junior Marcus Boyd
On his carry in the 4x200-meter relay...
"This is a lot shorter distance for me, so I really wasn't as nervous because I knew I wasn't going to feel the pain like I will tomorrow (in the 4x400). All I had to do is go out there and give it my all. Any position I give it to Trey, he's going do work and come across in first place."

On this year’s 4x400 team:
“We won the race last year with the same margin and we thought we had an unbeatable team and to come out here and run a little faster with a team everyone thought was not as good is a nice thing.”

Sophomore Zwede Hewitt
On the performace today in the 4x400:
“My team did well, we got to stick around and everyone did their part. We go out there, we do whatever we have to do to support each other and we bring it home.”

Senior Tiffany Townsend
On her win in the 100-meter dash...
"I didn't get out like I wanted to, but I tried to stay in there and exectue the best I could to stay in the race. It's my second 100 of year, well third with the prelims. But I've been out for two months. I'm just trying to get back in the swing of things after my injury."

On running at Drake...
"It's great. I love it. They treat us like we're family here. Of course I love it. I love the atmosphere here. I love everything about it. I love everything about Drake."

On having to wait through the weather delay for the 4x400:
“It killed me, but our coach just told us to keep relaxed. He let us sit down for a little bit, but then he made us get up and keep doing stuff to keep our bodies fresh for later on. My injury is doing better. I’m not feeling it right now. I’m keeping with my treatment and hopefully it’s not going to bother me anymore.”

Senior Tiana Hood
On waiting through the weather delay:
“I don’t think that was a challenge for us at all. We’re so used to dealing with different weather conditions. We did not lose our focus at all, not one bit. It was amazing that we ran 3:33. We’ve been working very, very hard at practice and I’m just happy to be a part of this as my last year.”

Junior Brittany Bruce
On the race:
“I felt really good. We have been struggling lately trying to get all four of us healthy and running together. This is real encouraging for us as far as the rest of the season to see us all come together, especially with this weather and these type of conditions to come together and pull a good time. We’re all real happy with what we did.”

On waiting through the rain delay:
“It was a little tough, but us Baylor Bears had an advantage because last week at our home meet we came across the exact same conditions -- thunderstorms. We were forced to wait, so when this happened today I looked at everybody and said we need to come together because we have an advantage over the rest of these teams. That really helped us a lot.”

Sophomore Diamond Richardson
On having to wait through the weather delay:

"We’ve been having a lot of difficulties with people injured and people sick. So to come here and do well at a meet like this is really exciting. We were all talking about how excited we were. We know we have a lot left to come this season.”



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