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Timeout With Lauren Hagans

Jan. 25, 2008

Timeout With ARCHIVES


What did you do in order to prepare for this years season?

This summer I trained in northern Florida and here in Waco. I ran anywhere from about 50 to 60 miles to develop a mileage base that I could rely on during the actual season. I basically either ran really early in the morning or in the evening close to around 7 p.m. or so because it was so hot. I also did a little bit of conditioning work, like abs and pushups, and some weights.


What is your role as a leader on the team this year?



I approached my role as Team Captain this year as an encourager. I decided to just be there if anyone needed a pick-up or if anyone was feeling down. Encouragement really helps in a sport like cross-country where it is a team sport, but it can be somewhat individualized as well. Being a senior, I known how it feels to be a younger person on the team and wanting to represent Baylor as honorably as I could and do well in the sport, so I just wanted to be there for anybody. 


What is your team's greatest challenge this year?

As the track season approaches, I just want the team to have a really fun season. If you take care of business and do what you are supposed to do while training hard, you are going to have fun. I think the greatest challenge this year will be just to come back from the Christmas break in good shape, which I think everyone is capable of doing. Another challenge is to just be mentally tough this year. Our conference competition, not to mention national competition, just gets harder every year, so its important that we have that camaraderie and good work ethic to fall back on.


What are your goals for this season?

My goals for this season are to be best runner and student-athlete that I can be. That means having fun, getting faster and stronger, and kicking some major tail along the way.


If you were asked to give some advice to an incoming athlete what would it be?

I would say to them that you only have so many races, meets, events, whatever sport you are in; use them to your best advantage. The time has just flown by for me at Baylor, and I have had a blast running for the team. Don't wake up a senior a few years from now and have so many what-ifs?. I would say use the meets to glorify your God, teammates, and family. Demonstrate what you can do by the grace of God. Just know that when you put that Baylor jersey on, you are no longer running for yourself anymore.



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