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Competitive Cheer Falls to No. 1 Oregon in National Semifinals

April 9, 2011

EUGENE, Ore. - Baylor Competitive Cheer lost to top-seeded Oregon, 280.29 to 276.873, in the NCATA championship tournament semifinals Friday night at the Matthew Knight Arena.

"Oregon is an amazing team," head coach Karry Forsythe said. "They're ranked No. 1 for a reason. We wish them all the best tomorrow. It's a hard way to end our season but I'm proud of the team and the way they pulled it off tonight."

Oregon led after the first two events, outscoring the Bears 38.81 to 38.18 in Compulsories and 29.29 to 28.253 in the Stunt Event.

Oregon maintained its lead, winning the Pyramid event 29.15 to 28.7, leaving Baylor trailing, 97.25 to 95.133, at halftime.

The Ducks also took the Basket Toss, outscoring Baylor 28.1 to 27.25, but the Bears rallied and won the Tumbling event 50.25 to 49.82.

Baylor was outscored by the Ducks 105.120 to 104.24 in the Team Routine, after freshman Crysten Timbes suffered an injury in the first 15 seconds of the event, forcing the Bears to make several changes during a five-minute time out.

"They went in and regrouped and got almost as good of a score as they did yesterday," Forsythe said. "We made over 10 changes in the time-out period. We got a lot of comments from the crowd on how well the girls handled this. I am really proud of them."

Oregon sealed their win by taking the Team Routine to produce a final score of 280.290 to 276.873.

The Ducks will compete against No. 2 seed Maryland in the NCATA championship round Saturday at 8 p.m. Maryland defeated sixth-seeded Quinnipiac 280.512 to 276.873 in the semifinal round Friday night.

Baylor will compete in the Skill Event National Championships at 6 p.m. Saturday.

"After watching everything the last two days, I think we have the chance to take a couple of stunt heats," Forsythe said. "I think we can probably take pyramid event. There's a lot of fight going into tomorrow from these girls. They're a great group of athletes and I'm really proud of this team."

The four highest scores earned throughout the regular season (including the four skill events and the team event) at NCATA sanctioned meets qualified for event finals at the championship.

Compulsories 38.18 38.81
Stunt Event 28.253 29.29
Pyramid Event 28.7 29.15
Basket Toss 27.25 28.1
Tumbling 50.25 49.82
Team Routine 104.24 105.12
TOTAL 276.873 280.290



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